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Examples of "wisehart"
Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok is a Fox Interactive puzzle video game, which is based on the Don Bluth-directed Fox Animation Studios film "Anastasia". It was released in 1997, and produced by David Wisehart. Wisehart also served as voiceover director. The game has an estimated budget of US$800,000.
Gee, T (2012) The children of the children of the revolution. In: Coatman, C. & Shrubsole, G. [Ed] "Regeneration" Lawrence & Wisehart: London, UK 109-116
The Middletown Commercial Historic District is national historic district located at Middletown, Henry County, Indiana. It encompasses 17 contributing buildings in the central business district of Middletown. It developed between about the 1852 and 1916, and includes excellent examples of Italianate, Romanesque Revival, and Classical Revival styles of architecture. Notable buildings include the Hedrick Block (1891, 1995), Hedrick Block (1880), Tykle Building (1873), Masonic Building (1899), Farmers State Bank (1914), Wisehart Building (1916), and Summers Building (1868).
The field was re-designated an advanced pilot school (twin-engine) on December 29, 1943. As basic pilot training ended on January 7, 1944, no time was lost converting to advanced pilot training by the newly redesignated 3027th Army Air Forces Base Unit (Advanced 2-Engine). Col. Olin C. Bushey relieved Colonel Wisehart as commander on August 28, 1943, and was succeeded in turn by colonels Harry B. Fisher (August 19, 1944) and Harold D. Smith (March 3, 1945).
Clinton Downtown Historic District is a national historic district located at Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana. The district encompasses 46 contributing buildings, 1 contributing site, and 1 contributing object in the central business district of Clinton. It developed between about 1880 and 1935 and includes representative examples of Italianate, Romanesque Revival, and Bungalow / American Craftsman style architecture. Notable contributing resources include the C. & E. I Passenger Station (c. 1910), Bogart Park and Claude Matthews bust / memorial, Scott-Martin Block (1907), H.H. Wisehart Building (1915), Mark W. Lyday Building (c. 1910), Ford Agency Building (c. 1910), and C. & E. I Freight Depot (1912).
Designated as Pecos Army Airfield (PAAF), the field was activated on 11 July 1942 while still under construction. It was assigned to the United States Army Air Forces Western Flying Training Command, 38th Flying Training Wing as a primary (level 1) pilot training airfield. The first commander, Col. Harry C. Wisehart, arrived on June 28, 1942, as project officer. The first military units to arrive were the 744th School Squadron (100 men) and the 341st Air Base Squadron (18 men). A week later five more school squadrons, each with 80 men, arrived from Lemoore Army Air Field, California, as the vanguard of the eventual population of 4,000. It first was used as a basic pilot school. Pilot training aircraft included the Cessna AT-17 and the North American BT-14.
Pete Schulberg of "The Oregonian" wrote, "Forget all the commotion about "NYPD Blue". "Homicide" delivers without the lewd language and skin shots. It depicts violence in a most compelling way: You don't see it. You just feel it." Bob Wisehart of "The Sacramento Bee" said, "The bottom line is that while "NYPD Blue" is a fine show – it was on my 10-best list for 1993 – "Homicide" is better. There's been nothing like it since the heyday of "Hill Street Blues"." Elaine Liner, television critic with the "Corpus Christi Caller-Times", who called "Homicide" "as rewarding an hour of serious, quality television as you could ask for", praised it for highlighting quality writing rather than gimmicks like the nudity from "NYPD Blue", and praised it for fleshing out not only the detectives and victims, but the suspects too, like in "Bop Gun". Ed Siegel of "The Boston Globe" wrote, "If [the nudity] is what it took to get you to watch "NYPD Blue" and you decided to stay because it was grittier, better written, directed and acted than any other drama on TV, be advised that "Homicide" is so far superior to "NYPD Blue" in all those categories that if you're not [watching it], you're missing the best hour of episodic television since "Hill Street Blues" and "St. Elsewhere" left the air."