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Examples of "wittaker"
Superintendents of the Fulton County Home included O.B. Verity (1874), John Wittaker, S.S. Atkinson, Charles Harmen, H.B. Smith, W.S. Egnew, B.J. Jones, and Harold and Leah Guilford. The last of the superintendents were Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Turpening.
The hot-rodding friends find that Junell (with suitcase in hand) wants to travel with them. Their adventure on the road with Junell turns dangerous after a misunderstanding at a grocery store, where Junell is trying to raise funds for Bo and Harley's entrance fee to the drag race. Sgt. Wittaker (Robert Viharo) becomes obsessed with catching them, which leads to tragic results.
Woodbridge married twice. His first marriage was to Caroline Bergen (who died in 1861) in February 1845; the couple had one daughter, Caroline Woodbridge (born in 1845). On December 20, 1866 he married his second wife, Anna Wittaker Dayton (1823–1920), with whom he had two daughters, Anna Dayton Woodbridge (born in 1869) and Mary Elizabeth Woodbridge (born in 1872).
The four south windows, dedicated in 2006, are in memory of Frank Lang (d. 2003) and his wife Hilda (d. 1988), with the western window containing the dove crest of the Lang family. Each has the monogram of the designer Helen Wittaker, the calligrapher Charles Smith and the studio of Keith Barley of Dunnington.
In 2010, Seattle police named Alcala as a "person of interest" in the unsolved murders of Antoinette Wittaker, 13, in July 1977, and Joyce Gaunt, 17, in February 1978. Alcala rented the Seattle-area storage locker, in which investigators later found jewelry belonging to two of his California victims, in 1979. Other cold cases were reportedly targeted for reinvestigation in New Hampshire, California, Arizona and New York.
Root was one of the founders and original contributors to National Review, famously squaring off against Wittaker Chambers in reviews of novels by Ayn Rand in which Root defended her as a brilliantly gifted artist against Chambers' complaint that as a militant atheist she should be driven from the nascent conservative movement. In retirement, Root withdrew from the masthead of National Review and became an editor of the monthly
Reviewers had different opinions on the atmosphere and the fog. Matt Wittaker said the fog is not much of a nuisance if the player's character was built to mitigate radiation. Dan Stapleton commended the majority of the content except the fog, which "got annoying". Christopher Livingston ("PC Gamer") said that "you can literally taste [the atmosphere]". David Ambrosini ("IGN") liked the atmosphere. Reviewers were also divided over the storyline: The writers for "Game Revolution" admired the story and new characters, while Peter Brown found it uninteresting.
Reviewers highly praised the addition of new quests but disliked the puzzle sections. Dan Stapleton said the "Far Harbor" expansion contained some of the strongest quest content in "Fallout 4". Peter Brown ("GameSpot") commended the addition of "hours of side quests driven by curious characters". Matt Wittaker ("Hardcore Gamer") appreciated the quests, praising the main questline for its focus on "moral ambiguity and tough choices", stating that was what "Fallout" fans were seeking. Jack de Quidt ("Rock, Paper, Shotgun") abhorred the puzzles, regarding them as "very frustrating" despite considering it "a small part of the release". He also considered the engine insufficient for the intricate puzzle sequences. The reviewer for "Game Revolution" similarly expressed distaste for the puzzles, stating that it negatively tested the limits of the control scheme. The writers for "Metro" liked the DLC and how it added "dozens of hours" through the means of side-quests and other activities but disliked the puzzle sections.
The babies who initially portrayed Leo were Theo Tasker and Harry Whittaker (nephew of actress Jodie Whittaker). Tasker's mother, Dee, told the "Ballymoney and Moyle Times" that she was delighted her 12-week-old baby was helping to send out a positive message about down syndrome. She said: "It is great that Theo can help people see that a baby born Down's syndrome is just the same as any other child who laughs, smiles and is a great wee character." Tasker revealed that a woman at the Child Development Unit said "Emmerdale" were looking for a Down syndrome baby to play the role of Leo and they were invited along to meet the crew. Tasker explained that she and her husband did not want to get involved initially because they were unaware of what the storyline would be. "Emmerdale" explained the storyline and said that they would be portraying the issue "positively and sensitively", so the Taskers agreed to Theo appearing. The role was taken over by Wittaker solely until May 2012 when Harvey Rogerson was cast as Whittaker's back up.