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Examples of "witzigmann"
Since then, Witzigmann has published many cooking books.
Copeland received the German Gala award in 2010 for his environmental engagement. He received the Global Green USA Founder's Award in 2010. He received the Eckart 2016 Award from Eckart Witzigmann and BMW for environmental leadership.
After his chef-apprenticeship in the Hotel Straubinger in Bad Gastein (1957–60), Witzigmann moved on to numerous positions in prestigious restaurants around the world, among others as a student of Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.
Carlo received many awards and rewards including: Communicator of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London; Sicco Mansholt Price in the Netherlands; honorary degree in cultural anthropology from the University of New Hampshire; Eckart Witzigmann Science and Media Prize from Germany.
Tantris is a restaurant in Munich, Germany. Opened in 1971, it is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Germany. It was voted 44th best in the world in the Restaurant (magazine) Top 50 2009. Chefs have included Eckart Witzigmann and Heinz Winkler. Since 1991, the chef has been Hans Haas.
Many hunting parties used the villa, including the German Crown Prince William, who in 1908 was the first motorist in the Bregenzerwald. Other prominent guests over the years included Queen Elizabeth II. From 1995 to 2007 the Vorarlberg artist and campaigner Paul Renner lived in the Villa Maund. Among his guests were Zaha Hadid, Daniel Spoerri, Ferran Adrià, Günter Brus, Franzobel, Heinz D. Heisl and Eckart Witzigmann.
Bocuse has made many contributions to French gastronomy both directly and indirectly, because he has had numerous students, many of whom have become famous chefs themselves. One of his students was Austrian Eckart Witzigmann, one of four "Chefs of the Century" and the first German-speaking and the third non-French-speaking chef to receive three Michelin stars. Since 1987, the "Bocuse d'Or" has been regarded as the most prestigious award for chefs in the world (at least when French food is considered), and is sometimes seen as the unofficial world championship for chefs. Bocuse has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the medal of Commandeur de la Légion d'honneur.
Silvio Kuhnert began his career as cook with the apprenticeship at the hotel „Fichtelberg“ in the small town Oberwiesenthal in the Saxon region Erzgebirge (the ore mountains in English). In 1989 he was in the restaurant „Rock Crystal “already the youngest chef de cuisine of the region Vogtland . In the following years, he passed different placements at prestigious restaurateurs, for example at the restaurant “Aubergine“ of Eckardt Witzigmann in Munich. In 1993, he passed in Passau (Bavaria) the examination for the formal title “Küchenmeister” (the master of kitchen in English) and became in the same year the executive director of kitchen at the IFA holiday hotel, Hohe Reuth“ in Schöneck, a famous tourist location in Vogtland.
Vincent Klink (born 29 January 1949 in Gießen) is a German chef, restaurateur, author and publisher of culinary literature, jazz musician and media personality known for his food-focused television shows. In 2010 Klink was awarded the "Internationalen Eckart-Witzigmann-Preis". With this award the jury praised "his outstanding achievements in integrating in a delightful way the culinary craftmanship with the art of writing, of making music and of TV-entertainment". In 2014, Klink received the Order of Merit of Baden-Württemberg. Klink was founder member of the Deutsche Akademie für Kulinaristik, which takes care of the scientific exploration of the culinary art and customs. Supporting quality food, Klink participated in the Internet-initiative against Genetically modified food.