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Examples of "wlta"
The station went on the air as WLTA on 1991-12-13. On 1994-06-24, the station changed its call sign to the current WBYT.
Salem also operates AM stations WNIV, WGKA, WLTA, and WAFS in Atlanta. Its sister station is KFSH-FM in Los Angeles, California.
This station is not to be confused with the former WLTA FM 99.7, which was an easy listening and later soft rock station covering the same market.
On March 10, 2015, Salem Media CEO Ed Atsinger revealed that Salem will move the WNIV/WLTA programming to WDWD after the completion of the sale.
WLTA is a Christian talk radio station licensed to Alpharetta, Georgia, United States. It is owned by Salem Communications along with its sister station WNIV (AM). WLTA programming is a full-time relay of WNIV (AM)'s programming. WLTA broadcasts at a frequency of 1400 kHz with 1,000 watts of power in a non-directional pattern and is considered a Class C AM broadcasting station by the Federal Communications Commission. The radio station's broadcast antenna and transmitter are located in Alpharetta, Georgia. WLTA's broadcast antenna uses a loaded UHF/VHF mast. The radio station's former call signs were WQRZ, WAZX, WWXX, WRAF, and WVNF ("the Voice of North Fulton"), and was once licensed to the neighboring city of Roswell, Georgia.
WNIV is a Christian talk radio station licensed to Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is owned by Salem Communications along with its sister station WLTA. WLTA (AM) in Alpharetta, Georgia relays the programming of WNIV in that northern Atlanta suburb at 1400 kHz. WNIV broadcasts at a frequency of 970 kHz with 5,000 watts of power during daytime hours and 39 watts during nighttime hours both times using a non-directional antenna pattern. WNIV's single transmitting tower is shared by WAFS (AM) at 1190 kHz using an antenna diplexing system. The Federal Communications Commission considers WNIV to be a Class D AM broadcasting facility.
While in Atlanta, Harper also worked for seven other radio stations, including WPLO, WGST, WLTA-FM, WKLS, WAKY and WSB. Born and raised in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Harper was a die-hard hockey fan and served as a color commentator for Atlanta Flames radio broadcasts.
In 1985, WSB-FM, at the time known as "99FM", sued AC competitor WLTA-FM 99.7 "Warm 99", claiming copyright infringement. Arbitron was docking both stations in the ratings because of the common use of "99". In the landmark case, Cox v. Susquehanna Broadcasting, the judge was handed a digital radio and asked to tune to 100.0 MHz. There was no signal. To find the nearest station, he pressed the Scan button, and it stopped on 101.5 MHz (WKHX-FM). Next, he entered 99.0 MHz, which, again, contained no signal. Scanning from there, the radio hit 99.7, WLTA's frequency. In his precedent-setting decision, the Federal district judge stated that on a radio dial "a radio station's frequency is its address" and one cannot copyright an address. On June 25, he ruled in favor of Warm 99. Soon thereafter, WSB-FM became known as "B98.5FM".
She was Warwickshire county (Warwickshire LTA) and British schoolgirls tennis champion (Lawn Tennis Association) and a finalist in the British Under 21 doubles championship (LTA). She played county tennis, squash (Warwickshire, Devon and South Wales squash associations), and netball (Birmingham Schools and Midlands First teams), captaining the Midlands junior netball side, the Oxford University netball (OUNC) and tennis teams (OULTC) and the Warwickshire senior tennis team (WLTA) for ten years, leading them to the County Championship in 1997. She played in the first British Open women's Rackets Championship at Queen's CLub in March 2010, reaching the semi-finals. She won the Sunday Telegraph Travel Writing Prize for an account of a tennis tour of Ireland and two Catherine Pakenham awards for women journalists and has since broadcast and written widely on sport.