Synonyms for woges or Related words with woges

shapeshifts              goads              guilts              shoehorned              guilted              forayed              shapeshifted              snowballed              goaded              cajoles              coerces              segued              barged              metamorphosized              goading              brainwashes              metamorphosised              snuck              blackmails              cajoled              devolves              foraying              inveigled              parlayed              delved              intimidates              sneaked              filmdubbed              coaxes              transmogrified              segueing              bluffed              woge              cajole              bellevan              cursoroutofrange              blundered              dragooned              deceives              lulled              inveigles              filmentered              clattered              suckered              coaxed              sauntered              seguing              hypnotizes              slaughterpen              conned             

Examples of "woges"
Back to the tribunal, the Wesenrein begins, first accusing Monroe of two charges: marrying a different Wesen and befriending a Grimm. Monroe woges, hits the guards and escapes into the forest but is quickly caught by Jonah (Nick Krause) but kills one of the members before being brought back to the tribunal. The Wesenrein are shown photos of his wedding and state that a witness testified that saw him with a Grimm. Meanwhile, Wu talks with Acker, putting pressure on him in order to showcase his lies. Acker eventually woges into a Bauerschwein and Nick furiously interrogates him to reveal Monroe's location. He is stopped by Renard, who orders Acker to be jailed.
Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) have been investigating the kidnapping of a girl named Donna Reynolds. They have a suspect, Adrian Zayne (Michael Maize). They question him but he panics, woges into a Schakal and attempts to escape but Nick and Hank apprehend him.
Beau Childs (Gary Kraus), CEO of a company named C&E, finds that the company has too much money gone and informs clerk Paul Wemlinger (Jonathan Slavin) of the issue. Before Childs informs the police, Wemlinger woges into a Gila-like Wesen and kills him before calling the police to report the incident as a troubled witness.
In the Mount Hood, a geologist, Jill Prembrey (Nicole Santora) retrieves rocks near a fumarole. Then, she is attacked by Markus Hemmings (Gill Gayle) who tries to get back the rocks but she manages to escape. He then woges into a Taureus-Armenta. Later, Jill is killed at her home by a creature covered in lava called Volcanalis.
Diego arrives at the house and attacks Bélem. They manage to fight off Diego and handcuff but Wu is so shocked at what he sees that he drives off. Nick and Hank bring Diego and Bélem to the spice shop where Rosalee only manages to do a syringe, which Diego injects in Bélem, saving her. Diego states to Nick that he has to kill him and when he refuses, he woges, forcing Hank to kill him. Wu makes a chaos in a bar and is arrested. Nick and Hank have an officer watch out Monroe and Rosalee until they depart. Seeing that the officer is staying all night, Rosalee makes him a snack and Monroe goes out to give it to him. He turns it over and finds him wearing a mask and is then captured by another Wesenrein member. In Nick's house, Juliette suffers a headache and somehow, woges into a Hexenbiest, screaming in shock.
A man named Andre (Kieren Hutchison) arrives at a support group meeting where he talks with a girl named Molly (Megan Henning) and takes her to her house. He then woges into a fly-like Wesen named Jinnamuru Xunte and releases a red powder on her, blinding her. He then consumes her tears and leaves. As she can't see, she accidentally brings down a shelf onto her, killing herself.
Lazure is now following Vincent and Jocelyn to a cottage but Nick, Monroe and Rosalee get there first. Rosalee aids her to give birth but Lazure arrives. Nick attacks him and kills him while still he is woged. Vincent and Jocelyn leave for Alaska where many Glühenvolk are residing. Knowing he is still woged, Nick calls the police to find his corpse, shocking them at first sight. He then woges back to his normal form.
Wu (Reggie Lee) and Sgt. Franco (Robert Blanche) are called to the scene to investigate, whom Wu recognizes as a friend that suggested to move to Portland. Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are also called and while trying to regain consciousness, Dana whispers "Aswang". Dana's husband, Sam (Alain Uy) calls his brother in Manila to inform about the events and then he woges into the creature that attacked Dana.
Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are sent to investigate while discovering that Molly left with Andre, who is possibly of South African offspring. In Vienna, Adalind (Claire Coffee) meets with a woman, Frau Pech (Mary McDonald-Lewis), a Hexenbiest who agrees to help her with the baby. At night, Renard (Sasha Roiz) wakes up to find Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) in his bed, who then woges into a creature, seemingly into a dream or a message from Frau Pech.
Suddenly, she gets up, woges and kills a man telekinetically. The target's bodyguards quickly pull their guns, forcing Nick to get involved and put them down. By the time the cops arrive, Nick has handled the situation — and Juliette/Eve is gone. Meisner phones Nick and explains the meeting was a setup: Hadrian's Wall needed Nick's help to take out an important Black Claw organizer. The meeting was a test and Nick passed.
At a carnival, a ringmaster named Hedig (Carlo Rota) is presenting to the public four Wesen that act as freaks, taking the excuse of magic. One of the Wesen, Max (Sam Witwer), who is also a Blutbad, leaves the carnival when two girls show up as they want to meet him. They invite him for drinks and although he is hesitant, they take him. The girls take him to their house and after discussion, he woges into a Blutbad and attacks them.
Kolt steals the coins and returns to the hotel but Nick catches him and gets back the coins. He hides the coins in his aunt's trailer and watches the reel from the hotel. The film is revealed to be a black-and-white footage of Hitler delivering a speech. During a close-up, he sees that he's wearing the coins in his coat and then Hitler woges into a Blutbad.
Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Renard bring Xavier to the precinct and throw him into a cell until he can be placed in protective custody. Their plan is foiled when Lucien Petrovitch (Bailey Chase), Black Claw's leader, sends a hitman to kill Xavier. The assassin poses as a drunk and gets thrown in a jail cell alongside Xavier. He woges and kills Xavier in plain sight. A cop witnesses the woge and shoots him dead before Nick, Hank, Wu (Reggie Lee) and Renard can intervene.
After leaving the humans, Nick and Eve return to the stone pillars where they arrived to find the symbols carved in the pillar and in the sky. They inspect the pillars and find that they may be in Zerstörer's temple. The Blutbad returns and attacks Eve until Nick kills him. While talking about how to beat it, Zerstörer appears and uses his staff to attack Nick and Eve. Nick uses the remaining bullets he has on him, with no success. Zerstörer shows knowledge of Nick's Grimm powers and has his staff shine as Eve woges into a Hexenbiest.
Acquiring a map, Nick and Hank find that the sewers connect to all the robberies in the area. They travel to the sewers where they are attacked by a Gelumcaedus. Hank manages to knock him with a rifle and it woges back to his human form, revealed to be Gregorek, who says: "Dēcapitāre". In Vienna, Renard, Meisner and Sebastien arrive at the meeting with Frenay, who is executing a man for betraying them and tells Meisner to kill him. In the station, Nick and Hank try to make Gregorek confess but he refuses. Nick learns from Rosalee that the word "Dēcapitāre" means "he who decapitates" in Latin.
Finding that the man in the top hat took the woman, Nick and Hank discover he is a Cracher-Mortel. This Wesen have a spit that can make a deathlike experience, like a zombie. In a bus, the man woges and kills many people, planning to make an army of zombies. Eric arrives at Portland, calling Renard to taunt him. He then meets with Baron, who is revealed to be the man with the top hat. The episode ends with a title reading, "To be continued".
Nick and Hank interrogate the suspect's wife, Lily (Rebecca Wisocky), who admits that his husband was dead 5 years ago. She woges into a Scharfblicke and Nick tells her to reveal more. She reveals that the person on an image of the video is in fact Stetson (Derek Phillips), Patty's husband, who killed Theo for the affair and is also an eel-like Wesen named Matança Zumbido. They find in the trailer that the only way to stop the Matança Zumbido is to pierce the opponent's ear and rub a special paste from a poison in the piercing.
Somewhere in Portland, a man named Lawrence Anderson (Brian Letscher) is standing outside a house while memories begin to circulate in his head. He knocks on the door and Henry Slocombe (Rodney Sherwood) opens. They begin talking about a colleague's accident when Lawrence woges into an octopus-like Wesen and attacks him with the tentacles in his head. He ends up leaving him confused and tries to leave with his things when Slocombe's girlfriend arrives, forcing him to kill her and escape. Back to the house, Trubel begins to tell Wu (Reggie Lee) and Sgt. Franco (Robert Blanche) about what happened in the house when FBI agents arrive.
While discussing where is the tree, Bud (Danny Bruno), while denying Krampus' existence, deduces that the tree may be in Council Crest Park. They go to the forest and find the people in the tree but Krampus (Derek Mears) arrives and attacks Nick. Although he is stronger than Nick, Nick manages to knock him out. They debate what to do with him as the police won't have evidence linking him to the kidnappings and he could disappear for another year. To their surprise, they find that Krampus woges into a human form (Darius Pierce).
Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) is introduced to Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and Nick (David Giuntoli) states that she will live with them for a time in order to introduce her to the Wesen world. In a store, a group of women distract the clerks so they can steal clothes. One of them, Cammy (Kiah Stern) does not meet them at their point of meeting. The rest of the girls meet at a warehouse with a man named Ken (Michael Graziadei). Cammy eventually meets them there but Ken is upset at Cammy's arrival, woges into a Lebensauger and kills her by sucking her blood.