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riedlingen              lenningen              grafenau              wunsiedel              hausach              krumbach              brackenheim              kronach              ehingen              neuenkirchen              osterholz              kreuztal              schwarzach              baiersbronn              oppenau              reichelsheim              kamenz              hornberg              medebach              hochstetten              oelsnitz              wilkau              ochsenfurt              gersdorf              landeck              lichtenau              kenzingen              gunzenhausen              sasbach              osterwieck              attendorn              tiengen              eichsfeld              niederdorf              kemnath              gudensberg              hachenburg              sulz              neuenhaus              treffurt              altenstadt              wadern              sprendlingen              hofstetten              friedrichsthal              seeheim              freinsheim              schwaigern              wittmund              freystadt             

Examples of "wolfach"
Villages within the borough of Wolfach include Kirnbach and Kinzigtal.
The exact foundation year of Wolfach is not known.
The coat of arms of the town of Wolfach displays a golden wolf's rod on blue ground and is based on the "Wolfs-Angel" of the "Herren von Wolfach".
Wolf is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The historical name of the river is Wolfach.
Kirnbach is a village in the municipality of Wolfach in the district of Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg.
The village was an independent municipality until 1974 before it was incorporated into the borough of Wolfach.
Wolfach hotels and bed & breakfast places have an occupancy rate of 128,000 nights each year (year 2000).
The following towns and municipalities border on Lauterbach (clockwise, from N to W):Wolfach, Schiltach, Schramberg and Hornberg
Wolfach is said to be one of the towns rich in tradition of the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht.
Fürstenberg-Wolfach was a county in western Baden-Württemberg, Germany during the Middle Ages. It occupied a region surrounding Wolfach. It was created as a partition of the County of Fürstenberg in 1408. With the extinction of its line of the Fürstenbergers in 1490, it was inherited by the Counts of Fürstenberg-Baar.
Ortenburg is situated in the forested area south of the Danube and north of the Rott. It is one of the main centres of population in the Lower Bavarian Upland. The majority of the municipality is located in the Wolfach Valley and the Wolfach itself runs directly through Ortenburg.
In 1952, Schiltach went to the state Baden-Württemberg. The county of Wolfach was dissolved in 1973 and Schiltach was allocated to Rottweil. The community of Lehengericht was reincorporated into the town of Schiltach in 1974. In 1979 the exclave of Sulzbächle/Fischbach went to the town of Wolfach, in return the area of "Vor Heubach" went to Schiltach.
The district was created in 1973 by merging the districts of Kehl, Lahr, Offenburg, Wolfach and the southern part of the district of Bühl.
The county was partitioned in 1284 between itself and the lower county of Dillingen, and then again in 1408 between Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg and Fürstenberg-Wolfach.
Wolfach is a town in the Black Forest and part of the Ortenaukreis in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). It is a well-known spa town in Germany.
The history of the town Wolfach can be traced back to the year 1084, although some finding even point back to the Roman times.
There is also regional co-operation in the field of tourism with Schramberg and the neighbouring towns in the Kinzig and Gutach valleys (Schiltach, Hornberg, Wolfach).
Thomas Dold (born September 10, 1984, in Wolfach, Baden-Württemberg) is a German track and field and extreme athlete and a tower runner, stair runner, world-record holding champion backwards runner.
Wolfach lies where the two rivers Wolf and Kinzig meet in the Kinzig valley. The mixture of valleys and mountains is a characteristic of the town, which stretches between 250 and 880 m above sea level.
Hausach is located in the Kinzig river valley, approximately 32 km east of the river Rhine between Offenburg and Wolfach. The river Kinzig starts in the Black Forest near Loßburg and meets the Rhine near Kehl just opposite of Strasbourg.