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klettenberg              gersdorf              meschede              burladingen              volkach              schrozberg              trochtelfingen              wasungen              stollberg              stukenbrock              eggenfelden              freystadt              neuenkirchen              altenstadt              hartmannsdorf              herzogtum              marsberg              grafenau              perleberg              alsbach              herbolzheim              witzenhausen              braubach              dittersbach              kipfenberg              herten              immenhausen              langenau              friedrichsthal              gransee              leichlingen              rastenberg              treffurt              buseck              petershagen              malchin              vatterode              loxstedt              wesenberg              albstadt              westerstede              lichtenau              holzen              stolpen              bretzfeld              herdorf              kranichfeld              neidenstein              torgelow              oberfrohna             

Examples of "wolfhagen"
The entrance stones, the animal mandibles and copies of a variety of other finds are on display in the Wolfhagen Country Museum ("Regionalmuseum Wolfhager Land") in Wolfhagen.
Three places, all established in 1778 and incorporated into Wolfhagen in 1971, are named after Philippine:
Operations between Kassel and Wolfhagen, through Ahnatal and Zierenberg, began on 10 December 2006 on RegioTram Line 4 (RT4).
Staden died, in either Wolfhagen or Korbach, probably in 1579. The exact date of his death is unknown.
Erhard Hofeditz (born 7 December 1953, in Wolfhagen) is a retired German footballer who played as a centre forward.
Vilhelm "Wolle" Wolfhagen (November 11, 1889 in Copenhagen – July 5, 1958 in Frederikshavn) was a Danish amateur football player, who scored 14 goals in 18 games for the Denmark national football team, and won silver medals at the 1908 and 1912 Summer Olympics. Wolfhagen played his entire career with Kjøbenhavns Boldklub (KB), with whom he won several Danish football championships.
Theodor Kleinschmidt (6 March 1834 in Wolfhagen – 10 April 1881 in Utuaia, Bismarck Archipelago) was a German trader, explorer and naturalist.
Wolfhagen was also a good bandy player. He played bandy for Fredriksberg Skøjteløberforening 1902-1922 and took part as a bandy player at the Nordic Games in 1909 and 1917.
The modern federal state of Hesse was founded after 1945. This state reformed its districts in the 1970s. In 1972, the previous districts of Kassel, Hofgeismar and Wolfhagen, were merged to form the newly established district of Kassel.
Langballe was born in Copenhagen as the son of physician Mogens Marquard Langballe and housewife Agnete Langballe, née Wolfhagen. He is the cousin of Søren Krarup, another MP for Dansk Folkeparti.
Weiler joined the Bundeswehr in 1969, and was assigned to Battalion 44 in Arolsen. He started his training as an armored officer and in 1974, he became a tank platoon leader. He continued his service as an intelligence officer (S2). In 1976, Weiler became the company commander of the 2nd Company of Panzer Battalion 54 (later 64), in Wolfhagen.
Wolfhagen is a town in the district of Kassel, in Hesse, Germany. It is located 12 km southeast of Bad Arolsen, and 23 km west of Kassel on the German Timber-Frame Road. In 1992, the town hosted the 32nd Hessentag state festival.
Devious is metal band from Hengelo, Overijssel (NL), founded by Frank Schilperoort (drums) and Guido de Jongh (guitar). Devious has toured throughout Europe with Krisiun in 2006 and with Entombed and Merauder in 2009. Devious is currently working on their new release "Wolfhagen".
At age 17, he attained his first position as a choral director and religious teacher in Wolfhagen. Subsequently he held a similar position in Gudenberg, where he came into contact with Rabbi Mordechai Wetzlar. Wetzlar had a strong influence on Japhet's development and outlook.
In the City Chronicle of Limburg by Tilemann Elhen von Wolfhagen, written before 1402, John was referred to as the "Blind Lord." What is this name means, however, is unclear, because no sources refer to John being physically blind. Probably John had an eye disease in his old age and was thereby visually impaired.
Volkmarsen borders in the north on the town of Warburg (Höxter district in North Rhine-Westphalia), in the east on the community of Breuna and the town of Wolfhagen (both in Kassel district), in the south and west on the town of Bad Arolsen and in the northwest on the town of Diemelstadt (both in Waldeck-Frankenberg).
RegioTram operates using 28 tramcars from Alstom RegioCitadis delivered in 2004. There are two versions of these tramcars: 18 dual voltage tram-trains for use on the electrified network in and outside of Kassel, and 10 hybrid tram-trains (DC/diesel) for use with a diesel engine outside Kassel on the section around Wolfhagen. Similar vehicles of the same model are also in use on RandstadRail in the Netherlands.
Waldeck borders in the north on the community of Twistetal, in the northeast on the town of Bad Arolsen (both in Waldeck-Frankenberg), in the east on the towns of Wolfhagen and Naumburg (both in the district of Kassel), in the south on the community of Edertal, and in the west on the community of Vöhl and the town of Korbach (all three in Waldeck-Frankenberg).
Limburg Chronicle, or Festi Limpurgenses, is the name of a German chronicle that was probably written by Tileman Elhen von Wolfhagen after 1402. It is a source for the history of the Rhineland between 1336 and 1398, but is perhaps more valuable for the information about German manners and customs, and the old German folksongs and stories which it contains. It has also a certain philological interest.
Another force of about 1,200 rebels and rebels of the 1st Cuirassier heavy cavalrymen to the west met a similar fate at Wolfhagen where they were opposed by GB Philippe de Rivet Comte d'Albignac and the 1st Squadron of Garde Chevauxlegers largely of Polish soldiers. In the aftermath, the leader of the rebel Cuirassiers claimed to have only been pretending to join the rebels to avoid being captured by them. He also later fled.