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Examples of "wonderfalls"
The song "New Day" was featured on the movie The Guardian soundtrack and the TV series Wonderfalls. "Lean On Me" was also on Wonderfalls.
A visual nod to "Wonderfalls" was given in the "Heroes" first season episode "Seven Minutes to Midnight" when the smoosh-faced wax lion central to "Wonderfalls" was seen on a bedside table.
"Wonderfalls" was aired by the digital cable network Logo in the summer of 2005. The same summer, the British network Sky1 picked up "Wonderfalls" and aired the series to completion, though not in the original intended episode order.
Taylor's story inspired the plot to the episode "Barrel Bear" of the television show Wonderfalls.
Holland co-created "Wonderfalls" with Bryan Fuller - for which they received a WGA nomination.
As a writer her credits include "Dawson's Creek", "Wonderfalls" and "Cold Case" (also executive story editor and consulting producer).
Wonderfalls is a comedy-drama television series that was broadcast on the Fox television network in 2004.
All 13 episodes of "Wonderfalls" were aired to completion for the first time on Canada's VisionTV beginning in October 2004.
In the DVD for the full series of "Wonderfalls", Finneran said that when asked if she felt nervous about playing lesbian immigration attorney Sharon Tyler on "Wonderfalls" she replied, "I'd rather have people think that I'm a lesbian than a lawyer."
His notable American television credits include a stint on the acclaimed show "Wonderfalls", playing a lovesick delivery man in several episodes of the short-lived show.
Becca is portrayed by Katie Finneran who also starred on the Tim Minear produced shows, Wonderfalls (as Sharon Tyler) and The Inside (as Melanie Sim).
He has also written episodes of "Sleeper Cell", "LAX", and "Wonderfalls". He is developing a series about Civil Rights in Birmingham, Alabama with AMC.
He also took several acting roles in this era, appearing in the films "The Shaman's Source" and "Casino Jack", and episodes of "Wonderfalls" and "Relic Hunter".
In 2013, she was cast as the female lead, Dr. Alana Bloom, in "Hannibal", reuniting her with "Wonderfalls" creator Bryan Fuller.
Anthony's music is featured in the movie "Black Cloud" as well as in the television programs "The Wonderfalls", "Roswell", "Pimp My Ride", and "Making the Band".
Several of the actors on the series have worked with creator Bryan Fuller previously, including Dhavernas, who played the lead role in "Wonderfalls", and Torres, Greene, Esparza and Shannon, who all appeared in the television series "Pushing Daisies". Chelan Simmons reprised her role as Gretchen Speck-Horowitz from "Wonderfalls" in an episode of "Hannibal". Ellen Muth, who starred in Fuller's "Dead Like Me", guest-starred as a character named Georgia Madchen, a nod to her original character and a "reinterpretation of that character".
Marianne Marie Beetle (played by actress Beth Grant) first appears in the "Wonderfalls" episode "Muffin Buffalo", and has subsequently appeared in the "Pushing Daisies" episode "Comfort Food" and in the pilot of "Mockingbird Lane". Similarly, Gretchen Speck-Horowitz (played by Chelan Simmons) first appears in the "Wonderfalls" episode "Pink Flamingos" and subsequently appeared in the "Hannibal" episode "Amuse-Bouche", reverting to her maiden name after her divorce.
Robynn Ragland is a singer and songwriter, based primarily in the American midwest. Her work has appeared on soundtracks for television shows such as Dawson's Creek, MTV's The Real World, Wonderfalls, Wolf Lake, and many others.
Bryan Fuller (born July 27, 1969) is an American screenwriter and television producer. Fuller has worked exclusively as a writer/producer in television, creating a number of critically acclaimed television series, including "Dead Like Me", "Wonderfalls", "Pushing Daisies" and "Hannibal".
Grant played the same character, Marianne Marie Beetle, in the short-lived show "Wonderfalls" and "Pushing Daisies", both created by Bryan Fuller, and portrays the similarly named "Marie" in "Mockingbird Lane", Fuller's re-imagining of "The Munsters".