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yoon              yoo              kang              jeong              joo              seung              choi              hwang              jae              chae              jang              soo              hyun              jin              yun              ahn              baek              jeon              suk              kwon              kyung              yong              jung              seong              myung              seok              chul              kwang              joon              chun              hee              hwan              hyung              hyeon              yeong              byun              chung              hwa              hye              kwan              eun              cheon              hyuk              kim              cheol              dong              chan              gyu              taek              koo             

Examples of "woo"
Woo, WoO, WOO, W.O.O. and variants may also refer to:
The song "Woo Woo Woo Woo" was released as a single, and a music video for the song was filmed by Roy Knyrim. In both instances, the song is identified as "Woo Woo Woo", even though it is referred to as "Woo Woo Woo Woo" on the album itself, and in the chorus. Although the video aired in rotation on BET and MTV 2, Esham decided to direct his own music videos because he disliked the way this video turned out.
Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers (born October 31, 1941) is a longtime Chicago Cubs fan and local celebrity in the Chicago area. He is known to Wrigley Field visitors for his idiosyncratic cheers at baseball games, generally punctuated with an exclamatory "Woo!" (e.g., "Cubs, woo! Cubs, woo! Big-Z, woo! Zambrano, woo! Cubs, woo!") Longtime Cubs announcer Harry Caray dubbed Wickers "Leather Lungs" for his ability to shout for hours at a time.
      "Like Woo Woo Ginsberg at the juke box joint/
Beethoven composed mandolin music and enjoyed playing the mandolin. His 4 small pieces date from 1796: Sonatine WoO 43a; Adagio ma non troppo WoO 43b; Sonatine WoO 44a and Andante con Variazioni WoO 44b.
There were at least 3 "best of" albums and a single "Love Is/Woo-Woo".
A Woo Woo is an alcoholic beverage made of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.
Sun-woo, also spelled Seon-woo, is a Korean surname and given name.
Woo was married three times, to Sonia Flournoy, Tricia Ernst Woo, and Martha Shirk. He and his wife, Martha Shirk, a former Post-Dispatch reporter and author of four books, were the parents of three sons (Thomas Woo of San Francisco, California; and Bennett Woo and Peter Woo, both of Palo Alto). Woo often wrote about his children in a column that appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1986 through his retirement.
To forget Hye-won, Min-woo decides to leave for Italy indefinitely, but only after seeing her one last time. At Hye-won's wedding, Min-woo casts one last glance at her and then leaves. With Min-woo near, Hye-won's heart once more signals his presence, and thus alerted, she sees Min-woo leaving. Desperately trying to catch Min-woo, Hye-won collapses. Min-woo rushes Hye-won to the hospital with Jung-jae arriving a little later. Jung-jae, angry at Min-woo for having caused Hye-won's collapse, tells him to leave for Italy but Min-woo agrees to leave only after Hye-won has regained consciousness. Soon, Hye-won wakes up and a deeply angered Jung-jae forbids Min-woo to see her, ordering him to leave on the spot. However, Min-woo agrees to leave only after Hye-won promises him to undergo heart surgery, for not having the operation would mean her certain demise.
In geometry, the Woo circles, introduced by Peter Y. Woo, are a set of infinitely many Archimedean circles.
Hyo-Won Woo (also Hyowon Woo, Hangul: 우효원; hanja: 禹孝元, born 1974) is a South Korean composer
Woo-ri ends up at a library and meets a former classmate Seo Hyun-woo, while they both pick up the same book for the same interview, they study the whole night but Woo-ri ends up sleeping. Hyun-woo looks at her presentation and modifies it a bit to make it just perfect. The next day the two wake up in library late for the interview and rush to the office without changing. During her presentation, Woo-ri gets nervous on seeing a new presentation but boosts up on the very next slide. Both Hyun-woo and Woo-ri get selected for Gaha Entertainment at different positions.
Its typical call is a fast repetitive "ch-woo-woo". Another call is said to be a frog-like croak.
On November 24, 1903, Woo Beom-seon was assassinated by Go Yeong-geun (高永根; 고영근), leaving five-year-old Woo Jang-choon fatherless. His brother, Woo Hong-chun (禹洪春; 우홍춘) was born when Woo was six. Although Woo Jang-choon was part Japanese and held Japanese citizenship, his Japanese mother taught him to honor his Korean heritage. Sakai Naka left Woo in the care of a Buddhist temple orphanage so she could find work and raise funds for his education. Food at the temple was limited to potatoes, and Woo was ostracized by other Japanese children for being part Korean. Woo's mother returned for him after three years away.
Kim Si-woo (born 28 June 1995), also known as Si Woo Kim, is a South Korean professional golfer.
He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife Angelica Woo, and their 3 daughters, Caeley, Megan, and Erin Woo.
In 1998, Peter Y. Woo of Biola University, published Schoch's findings on his website. By generalizing two of Schoch's circles, Woo discovered an infinite family of Archimedean circles named the Woo circles in 1999.
In August 2008, Chace Crawford criticized Woo Media after his picture was used without permission one of the Woo Media properties. Woo Media removed the picture, issued an official apology to Crawford for the oversight, and introduced screening measures.
Besides leaving behind wife Martha, he also left behind two half brothers (Robert C. Woo of St. Louis and John Woo of New York City); stepbrother Willie Woo of New York; half-sister Wendy Woo of San Mateo, California; and stepsister Elizabeth Li of Hong Kong.