Synonyms for wook or Related words with wook

seok              joon              chul              woong              seung              cheol              hyung              kyung              gyu              beom              jae              hyuk              hwan              byung              deok              joo              joong              hyun              hye              seong              hyeok              yeong              taek              kyu              kwang              gook              baek              shik              suk              geun              hyeon              eun              sook              ryul              heon              seon              soo              yeon              hee              myung              heemoon              myeong              keun              ryong              seol              kyeong              byun              pyung              chae              hyeong             

Examples of "wook"
In-wook returns home to see Young-joo waiting for him. She asks In-wook to be her lover. In-wook takes Young-joo into his apartment and starts to take off his clothes. Young-joo asks In-wook what he is doing, and he retorts: “Isn’'t this what you want?” He leaves the apartment in a fury. Young-joo leaves as well. In-wook's mother visits In-wook and finds the apartment empty. She leaves food with Soo-jung and Mi-hee for In-wook. Soo-jung could not sleep and decides to take the food over to In-wook’'s apartment. In-wook return to his apartment and finds Soo-jung there. He confesses to Soo-jung that he likes her and gave her a kiss. Soo-jung lies on In-wook's bed, and he bends over to kiss her. But all is interrupted when they hear Jae-min knocking at Mi-hee's door asking for Soo-jung.
Jae-min finally announces his determination to have a divorce and abandon everything for Soo-jung. He asks Soo-jung to wait for him. Jae-min’s father sends some men to take Soo-jung to him but was intercepted by In-wook. Soo-jung takes refuge at In-wook’'s apartment. In-wook asks Soo-jung to leave Korea with him. Soo-jung accepts In-wook’'s offer and they left for Bali to start a new life.
One day, Jae-sung answers a phone call to Hyung-wook and meets with people who ask him why Eun-joo is still alive and when to kill her. Jae-sung realizes that Hyung-wook is actually an assassin hired to kill Eun-joo. After a picnic with Lina's family, Hyung-wook recovers his memory and finds Jae-sung and Eun-joo in his own apartment. Hyung-wook reveals to Jae-sung that he is not a real assassin and that he has been trying to give a new life to assassination victims by faking their death and sharing the money he makes. Hyung-wook, Jae-sung, and Eun-joo devise a new plan for themselves so that they can start a new clean life. Hyung-wook also tells Lina that they cannot be together and leaves. Heartbroken, Lina follows him to a place where Hyung-wook, Jae-sung, and Eun-joo are trying to fake their own death in front of the people who hired Hyung-wook. Lina's unexpected interference almost ruins the plan but they manage to succeed. People believe that they are all dead and leave. Later, Hyung-wook tells Lina who he really is and apologizes. Lina, not sure what to do, takes him to the set of the TV show to finish the final scene. On the set, Hyung-wook goes against a script and confesses his feeling to Lina who accepts it. At the final scene, Jae-sung and Hyung-wook are starting a fight in a new TV show.
Byun Jae-Wook (Hwang Jung-min), is a short-tempered prosecutor who only pursues the truth. He is notorious for his rough and tough investigations. A suspect who is a small-time criminal, under the interrogation of Byun Jae-Wook, is then found dead. All the evidences indicate Byun Jae-Wook as the criminal. Byun Jae-Wook is prosecuted and gets 15 years in prison.
Lee Hyun-wook (Rain) is the CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols. Hyun-wook lives in great difficulty as he is unable to let go of his ex-girlfriend who died in an accident 3 years ago, which he witnessed first hand. His ex-girlfriend's sister, Yoon Se-na (Krystal), moves to Seoul in order to pursue her music-composing career and meets Hyun-wook who helps her achieve it. As Hyun-wook replaces his father (Park Yeong-gyu) as the president of ANA Entertainment, he faces challenges in his career. In the midst of healing each other through music, Hyun-wook and Se-na fall in love.
In-wook asks Soo-jung to leave Young-joo’'s employment and Soo-jung asks In-wook whether he is ashamed about her job. She tells In-wook that she is used such treatment and it is ok to be working in such a cushy environment even though it is under such humiliating circumstance.
Five years later, Kang-wook finishes his sentence, but Yeol-joo is now engaged to Tae-hyun. Still unaware that she is the real killer, both Kang-wook and Tae-hyun work together to protect her from the truth. Later learning what sacrifice he has made for her, Yeol-joo wants to return to Kang-wook, but this time Kang-wook is not alone—Ja-kyung, his former classmate and currently a radio program host, is beside him. The circumstances hamper Yeol-joo from loving Kang-wook, but she is desperate to help him recover the lost five years and become a top-notch cook.
The Handmaiden" – Seo-Kyung Chung and Chan-wook Park
The series reunites writer Joo Hwa-mi and PD Song Hyun-wook of "Marriage, Not Dating" after 2 years. Song Hyun-wook also directed the 2016 hit drama "Another Oh Hae-young.
As an architectural major in Yonsei University, Kim Dong-ryool formed the duet, Exhibition with his close friend, Seo Dong-Wook. Dong-ryool composed their songs and played the piano while Dong-wook played bass guitar.
In-wook calls Jae-min and asks him whether he is with Soo-jung. Jae-min passes the phone to Soo-jung and In-wook is upset that she stood him up for dinner.
Cha Ye-ryun and actor Joo Sang-wook confirmed that they being in a relationship since March 2017, and they plan to marry in May. Cha met Joo Sang-wook on the set of 2015 TV series "Glamorous Temptation".
Woo-joo is Hye-shin's daughter. She vents her misplaced anger about her parents' divorce at Jin-wook. But after she learns about her father's ongoing relationship with his mistress, she starts to open up her heart to Jin-wook.
Jo Yeong-wook (, occasionally romanized as Cho Young-wuk) is a South Korean film music composer. He is arguably most widely known for his collaborations with director Park Chan-wook.
Jae-sung (Lee Joon), an aspiring actor who hit rock bottom, wants to commit a suicide but decides to clean himself first at a public sauna. Hyung-wook (Yoo Hae-jin), a notorious assassin, just killed a man and tries to clean himself at the same sauna. Hyung-wook slips on a soap Jae-sung accidentally dropped and passes out. Remembering Hyung-wook's luxurious look, Jae-sung switches his locker key with Hyung-wook's and steals his car and money. Feeling guilty, Jae-sung later tries to return everything to Hyung-wook who was in the emergency room but finds that Hyung-wook does not remember anything due to a concussion. He decides to leave without telling Hyung-wook anything. While Jae-sung enjoys Hyung-wook’s money and his fancy apartment, Hyung-wook struggles to find his identity. After Hyung-wook realizes that he is bankrupt, Lina (Jo Yoon-hee), who was a paramedic and paid emergency room bill for Hyung-wook, asks him to work at her mom's small restaurant so that he can pay her back. With his extreme knife skill, Hyung-wook becomes the main chef drawing many customers for the restaurant. He later finds a marked date on a calendar with a location information and learns that he (Jae-sung in reality) is an actor who is supposed to appear in a gangster-themed TV show as an extra. Hyung-wook excels in action scenes thanks to his real life skills and experience he does not know. His role in the show becomes more significant with Lina's help as the show progresses. Hyung-wook and Lina also find themselves liking each other. Meantime in Hyung-wook's apartment, Jae-sung discovers a secret room and thinks that Hyung-wook is an undercover cop protecting a witness named Eun-joo (Lim ji-yeon), who lives in the same building. Jae-sung tries to make up to her and they eventually fall in love with each other.
Five years later, Byun Jae-Wook meets young fraudster Chi-Won (Kang Dong-won), in prison. Chi-Won knows details about Byun Jae-Wook’s case. Byun Jae-Wook trains Chi-Won to carry out his plan outside of prison. Using his knowledge as a former prosecutor, he gets Chi-Won free. Byun Jae-Wook prepares a counterattack on those who framed him. Chi-Won though takes the chance to get away from Byun Jae-Wook but the other prisoners whom Byun Jae-Wook has helped getting an early release doesn’t let Chi-Won get away. Byun Jae-Wook and Chi-Won get together and starts planning against Jong-Gil (Lee Sung-min) who was the Asst. Prosecutor General during Byun Jae-Wook trial period and the person who had convinced Byun Jae-Wook to defend himself in a self-defense manner which resulted in his jail time. It is revealed Jong-Gil, who is running in an upcoming election now, was then working with a Builder, to encroach an ecologically significant land. The rest of the film follows how Byun Jae-Wook through Chi-Won piles up evidences against Jong-Gil and gains his freedom.
Choi dated her "Air City" co-star Lee Jin-wook from 2009 to 2011.
Park Sang-wook (; born 30 January 1986) is a South Korean footballer.
Kim Tae-Wook (; born 9 July 1987) is a South Korean footballer.
Meanwhile, Young-joo continues to stalk In-wook at his apartment seeking reconciliation. She tries to call off the engagement, where Jae-min happily agrees. Young-joo is puzzled at Jae-min's willingness to call it off, and starts to feel unwanted. However, In-wook is not willing to take Young-joo back as he feels that she does not love him but rather wants to possess him out of her own selfish reasons. In-wook also starts to work with Jae-min's brother closely on the investment plan. Jae-min's brother in turns introduces In-wook to participate at the senior board meetings.