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Examples of "wsdc"
The station started as WSDC in 1951, then WDOG and later became WSMA with country music.
The World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) is an annual English-language debating tournament for high school-level teams representing different countries.
In 2010, Team Israel with Cohen-Idov as coach was the first ever Israeli team in any sport to compete in Doha, Qatar, where they ranked 9th overall in that year's WSDC.
A notable difference between WSDC and the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships – the other major international competition of its type – is that WSDC's primary focus is on ranking each country's team as opposed to its individual participants.
It also houses Web and Software Development Cell (WSDC), a team of students which develop the institute website, semester registrations, online feedback, online attendance, online mess and hostel allotment (OMAHA) among many other things.
The 2nd AWSDC will be held once again in Bangkok, Thailand from 31 July- 4 August 2014 at Anglo Singapore International School. It is the official pre-tournament of World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Thailand 2014.
The Badger State Games are a set of annual Olympic-style competitions for amateur athletes from the state of Wisconsin. It is a member of the National Congress of State Games. The Badger State Games began in 1985 and hold both summer and winter games annually. In August 2011, the Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation (WSDC), the manager of the Games, decided to discontinue the summer and winter events. The WSDC stated that the Games had served its purpose and that the current market for amateur athletic events had become saturated, which had lowered participation in recent years. In October 2011, it was announced that the WSDC had reached an agreement to sell the Badger State Games brand to the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). Instead of accepting a cash payment, the WSDC asked that the CVB provide $5,000 athlete scholarships for the Winter Games for the next three years. It was agreed that the Winter Games would be held in the Wausau area, and the Summer Games would continue to be held in the Fox Cities for at least the following three years. The CVB announced that the following events would be held in the February 2012 Winter Games: Alpine Skiing, Billiards, Bowling, Curling, Figure Skating, Indoor Archery (last two weekends in January) and Nordic (Cross Country) Skiing. Additional events would be considered based on athlete participation and facility availability.
All teams coached by Sixto Ramos except for WSDC in Peru 03 and Canada 05. As of 2012, Sixto Ramos is no longer the official coach of the national team as he retired due to personal problems. For the WSDC 2013, the chosen Coach through vote by the PDA is Jorge Gallo, former speaker. For 2014, Luis-Enrique Zela-Koort coached the team. For 2016, a four-person coaching team was assembled from Peruvian ex-debaters (Jorge Gallo, Sebastían Salomón, Luis Enrique Zela, Sebastián Dasso).
During the NSDC, five outstanding individual debaters are selected by the chief adjudicators to form the National Schools Team which represents Australia at the World Schools Debating Championships. Australia has a record of exceptional performance at the WSDC, at which it has won a record eight Championship titles.
WHLX went on the air on December 10, 1951 with the call letters WSDC, operating from its transmitter facility at 5300 Marine City Highway, on the outskirts of Marine City. Doing business as Radio St. Clair, Inc., Jerry Coughlin served as the station's first president and general manager.
WSDC (88.5 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a gospel music format. Licensed to Sneedville, Tennessee, USA, the station is currently owned by Duck Creek Baptist Church. The station has obtained a construction permit from the FCC for a power increase to 5,000 watts.
Peru sent a team to the WSDC for the first time in 1993 to Medicine Hat, Canada. A brief pause was taken until 1997, then a team was sent to participate in the championship in Bermuda. Ever since Peru has sent a team to compete every year.
The club engages in English debates both in and out of the campus with motions chosen from a variety of topics. The members have represented Korea at the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) held annually. In 2009, a team won the European Schools Debating Championships (ESDC) tournament held in Stuttgart,Germany. In 2011, teams from EDS have won a number of tournaments in Korea, namely the National Schools Debating Championships (NSDC) as well as the Gwangju Youth Debating Championship.
Bo H. Seo is a senior concentrating in Social Studies at Harvard University. He is a two time world debating champion, having won the 2016 Thessoloniki World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) as a part of Harvard A along with his teammate Fanele Mashwama. He was also a part of Team Australia that won the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in 2013. Seo writes for the Harvard Crimson.
The EFL award was instituted in 2005. Prior to that, there was just one award for teams from non-English-speaking countries. Before 2005, the WSDC rules stipulated that teams who reached the semi-finals or Grand Final of the championship were not eligible to receive the ESL award. After the EFL award was introduced, the rules were changed so that there was no restriction on teams reaching the semi-finals or Grand Final being able to receive the ESL or EFL award.
The WSDC normally takes place over the course of ten days. Each national team competes in eight preliminary debates: four prepared debates (the motion having been announced a few weeks before the start of the tournament) and four impromptu debates (for which teams have one hour to prepare). Once the eight preliminary rounds have been completed, the 16 best teams compete in knock-out debates (known as the Octofinals) culminating in a Grand Final. For each debate, three judges (or more in later rounds) mark each debater on his or her style, content and strategy.
The Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 1951 by the Milwaukee Arena (now UWM Panther Arena). It was created to "honor outstanding sports figures whose achievements earned them special acclaim." The Hall of Fame plaques were originally available only to paying customers at the Milwaukee Arena; however for the 50th anniversary in 2001, the Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation (WSDC) constructed a Wisconsin Athletic Walk of Fame outside of the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee so the plaques could be on permanent public display at no cost.
Eurasian Schools Debating Championship debates use a special format known as 'World Schools Style Debating' as most of the teams esteem the tournament as a preparation for WSDC. World Schools Style is a combination of the British Parliamentary and Australian formats. In each debate there are eight speeches delivered by two three-member teams (the Proposition and the Opposition). Each speaker delivers an eight-minute speech; then both teams deliver a "reply speech" lasting four minutes, with the last word being reserved for the Proposition. Between the end of the first and the beginning of the last minute of an eight-minute speech, the opposing party may offer "points of information". The speaker may refuse these, but should take at least one or two points during his or her speech.
The 15th World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) was hosted in Lima by Colegio Roosevelt in August 2003, the only time the prestigious tournament has taken place in Latin America. 2003 was a notable year for Peruvian debate, as it also marked the first change in coaching. After competing in the 2000, 2001, and 2002 championships as a speaker, Fernando Rodrigo returned as a coach. Under the then Harvard freshman's guidance, the 2003 team made a strong showing by winning as many rounds in the competition as the 2002 and 2001 teams combined. Following in Fernando’s footsteps, three of the debaters also made the Top 50 Speakers list that year. Though he was no longer coach, Fernando’s continued influence and contribution became even more apparent when the 2004 team made the Quarter-Finals in Stuttgart. This proved to be a stark contrast to previous years, in which Peru was consistently ranked as one of the lowest scoring countries.
While the society has played host to several intervarsity competitions, the Cork IV in its current incarnation has been hosted since the mid-1990s. The IV is traditionally held on the first weekend of December, though semesterisation in other Irish universities led to consideration of a move to an earlier date in recent years. It is the last Irish IV before the World Universities’ Debating Championships and the first Irish IV of the year for Ireland’s largest University, UCD, facts which add to the large numbers of teams that enter. Interestingly, until 2007 the Novice Final had only ever been won by teams with at least one former Irish World Schools’ (WSDC) speaker on the team.