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Examples of "wyte"
The album was produced almost entirely by Wyte Music producer Big BOI Beats, with few tracks produced by Lex Luger, Wyte Music Rec and 2Tall. Although Lil Wyte confirmed in an interview that Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul and Juicy J had produced some tracks, they didn't make the final cut. This is the first Lil Wyte album and the first album under HCP not to have any production done by DJ Paul and Juicy J.
Rittz, Lil Wyte, Haystak & JellyRoll, Project Pat, Lil Jon
Lil Wyte passed up the opportunity of writing the song It's Hard out Here for a Pimp because he couldn't relate to the lyrics of having more than one woman. Lil Wyte is very sensitive.
B.A.R. (Bay Area Representatives) is a collaboration album by American rappers Lil Wyte and Frayser Boy. It is the eighth album by Lil Wyte and fourth album by Frayser boy. The album was released February 4, 2014. This is the second collaboration album by Lil Wyte that was recorded in 2013.
Patrick Lanshaw (born October 6, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wyte, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a member of the rap collective Hypnotize Minds and owner of the independent label Wyte Music.
Wyte described "Still Doubted?" as an "old-new Lil Wyte." The album features the usual drug and party-themed songs, as well as tracks on personal topics, which were rarely heard on his previous albums.
Lil Wyte used three strains of marijuana to create his own strain of medical cannabis called OG WYTE Kush. It's available in 11 states. The three original strains are Og Kush, White Widow and Grand Daddy Purp.
Every Three 6 Mafia and Hypnotize Minds artist album except Still Doubted? by Lil Wyte
The One and Only is the third studio album by Memphis rapper, Lil Wyte.
Lanshaw dropped out of high school twice due to truancy. After the third time of dropping out, he went to a different school and eventually earned his high school diploma. Lil Wyte is now rapping for Hypnotize Minds, and also his own music label Wyte Music Including rappers such as Partee, JellyRoll & $hamrock. The Tennessee rapper is known for his high energy smoking tunes and also strong lyrical presence. Lil Wyte has worked well with other artists within his HCP and Wyte music label frequently with rappers Project Pat, Frayser Boy, Chrome Korleone, Three 6 Mafia & ex-Hypnotize Minds rapper Lord Infamous but also with many other artists such as Insane Clown Posse, Josey Scott from Saliva, Dirtbag, Cutthroat, Lil Flip and Young Buck, Bubba Sparxxx & Georgia legend Pastor Troy. Lil Wyte has been included in many of Juicy J's singles such as songs Stupid High and I'm Gutta Bruh.
Russett Burbank, Critical Bill, Kung Fu Vampire, Blue Felix, Sid Wilson, Vanilla Ice, Psychostick, Villebillies, Wolfpac, Lil Wyte, Hed PE
Rapper Lil Wyte sampled the song on his song "Comin' Yo Direction" off his album "Doubt Me Now".
A chopped and screwed version of the track appears on the chopped and screwed version of the Trill O.G.. Another remix which became popular but isn't official features the vocals of the song placed on the instrumental version of Bun B's song "Countin' Money".Southern rapper Lil Wyte did a freestyle for his mixtape Wyte Christmas II.
Growing up in Frayser, Lil Wyte discovered his rapping talent at a young age as he could rap Sir Mix-a-Lot's entire song "Baby Got Back" completely. He participated in freestyle battles at high school when he was in ninth grade. Lanshaw rapped with his friend "Lil Black", who inspired him to use the pseudonym "Lil Wyte" and write songs instead of freestyling.
No Filter 2 is the 10th studio album by rapper Lil Wyte and his second collaboration album with rapper JellyRoll. The album is set to be released on the 18th of November 2016. The album was announced on twitter by both Lil Wyte and JellyRoll. The first single for the album was "Demons" and was released on the 7th of October.
Still Doubted? is the fifth studio album by rapper Lil Wyte, released on June 19, 2012. It was mostly produced by Wyte Music producer Big BOI Beats and features guest appearances from Young Buck, Frayser Boy, Lord Infamous and Liquid Assassin from Grave Plott, among others. It is Wyte's first album to not feature any production by HCP's DJ Paul and Juicy J.
Jelly Roll has released numerous mixtapes including the "Gamblin' on a Whiteboy" series and the "Therapeuitic Music" series. He has also released only one solo studio album, the independently released "The Big Sal Story", two collaboration albums with Haystak, one collaboration album with Lil Wyte, and one album under the group SNO with Lil Wyte and BPZ.
"Still Doubted?" is Wyte's first album since 2009's "The Bad Influence". It is a follow up to his debut album "Doubt Me Now" and was released 10 years after it. Wyte spent three years touring and releasing mixtapes in preparation for his next album. He also founded his own record label Wyte Music and started signing and promoting new artists, such as Miscellaneous (who appears on the single "Sike"). Unlike his previous releases under HCP, which were crafted by DJ Paul and Juicy J, "Still Doubted?" was executively produced by Wyte, who wanted to make an album on his own.
The album was first mentioned on Lil Wytes album Phinally Phamous on the song "Big Ass Guns" back in 2004. Not much was known about it except that it was a collaboration album by Lil Wyte and Frayser boy and that it was previously said to be released sometime in 2005. The album never materialized though and wasn't mentioned again until 2012. On January 24, 2012, Lil Wyte posted on Twitter that he and Frayser Boy were starting work on B.A.R. Though nothing else was said about it afterwards, later on in 2013 August after releasing No Filter with JellyRoll the idea resurfaced on Twitter after Lil Wyte confirmed his new solo album No Sick Days and his album with Frayser Boy having the same title as it originally had. On the 10th of October they pre-released their first song from the album called "Moment Of Truth". On October 24, Frayser Boy confirmed that the album would be released in November though on November 19, Lil Wyte confirmed that the album is finished and it would be released in January. On November 25, Lil Wyte posted a snippet of a track from the album on Facebook called "Fake Rappers". On the 3rd of December Lil Wyte confirmed that the release date of the album is January 21. On December 7, Lil Wyte uploaded part of the album's track list on instagram. The album cover was revealed on the 9th of December. On December 24, Lil Wyte confirmed on Facebook that the release date was pushed back to February 4. On January 1, 2014, a video was released for "Moment Of Truth".
The song "Who I Iz" by Three 6 Mafia featuring Lil Wyte and Trillville was featured on the PC game Saints Row.