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thow              kingis              fower              callit              quhair              betwene              uppon              owre              zebe              haill              quhilk              quene              kynges              ryght              mistresse              latyn              perpetuall              aour              wolcum              ddaear              hevene              turne              cynnar              wordes              firste              lordis              hearbes              seaven              impius              fyrst              moliant              dreame              oure              kyng              bywyd              kinge              sceal              dicebant              makest              rhyddid              gweddi              murther              gigge              draumar              scottis              psalme              caniadau              damh              niata              nuperrime             

Examples of "wyth"
There is also a Lake-to-Lake State Park Bike Route connecting Pine Lake and George Wyth Memorial State Parks.
The George Wyth Memorial State Park is a state park of Iowa in the United States. The park was dedicated in 1940 as "Josh Higgins Parkway", named for a popular radio character of the day. In 1956, it was renamed George Wyth Memorial State Park after a well-known Cedar Falls businessman and conservationist.
George Wyth has of paved multi-purpose trails created for biking, in-line skating and walking. These trails are linked to a trail network within the cities of Waterloo and Cedar Falls. George Wyth also has of grass hiking trails. In winter, sports such as cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling are also popular.
WYTH (1250 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Traditional and Contemporary Black Gospel format. Licensed to Madison, Georgia, USA, the station is currently owned by Craig Baker and Debra Baker. WYTH is a sister station to WKVQ 1540 AM in Eatonton, Georgia, but does not simulcast.
The park is unique in that it has several water areas: Brinker Lake (120 acres, open for power boating), George Wyth Lake (75 acres, no wake lake with handicap accessible fishing pier and fishing jetties), Fisher Lake (40 acre natural lake), Alice Wyth Lake (60 acres, electric motors only) and the Cedar River. Sailboating and windsurfing are also popular. George Wyth beach is a popular swimming spot in the community. The lakes and river provides anglers a variety of fish. Boat ramps are available on the river and lakes.
“I never longed so muche for [a] thynge as I do to se you and to speke wyth you, the wyche I trust shal be shortely now," and
Verborum bombus, when small & triflyng thynges are set out wyth great gasyng wordes. Example of this have you in Terrence of the boasting souldiar.
The moralitas opens with an observation that the taill is "overheillit wyth typis figurall" (replete with symbolic meanings). It focusses, however, on one basic message, the sin of pride and the dangers of flattery, expressed in forceful alliterative verse:
The Lake-to-Lake State Park Bike Route is a route connecting Pine Lake and George Wyth Memorial State Parks. This route primarily utilizes county highways, and established bike routes and paths once inside Cedar Falls/Waterloo.
Madison was home to one local radio station, WYTH (1250 AM), which played pop standards and oldies. The station took a direct hit during the 2011 tornado that struck Madison.
East Waterloo Township covers an area of and contains two incorporated settlements: Elk Run Heights and Evansdale. According to the USGS, it contains two cemeteries: George Wyth Memorial State Park and Mount Zion.
In England's first printed book, William Caxton's "Game and Playe of the Chesse" the chessmen now known as bishops are described instead as Alphyns, representing judges: "The Alphyns ought to be made and formed in manere of Juges syttynge in a chayer wyth a book open to fore their eyen."
Iowa 27 / Iowa 58 continue north for , crossing the Cedar River near George Wyth State Park, before Iowa 58 ends at a full interchange with U.S. Route 218 and Iowa Highway 57. The US 218 interchange is also the eastern end of Iowa 57. The Avenue of the Saints highway continues north with US 218 towards Waverly.
Perhaps the first mention of Sparganium in the English language was made by William Turner (1562). Turner noted that there was no name for the plants in English, and suggested bede sedge or knop sedge. Further, he noted, "the virtues of Sparganium: The roote is good to be geven wyth wyne agaynste the poyson of serpentes."
WKVQ (1540 AM) is a radio station broadcasting an Christian teaching and preaching format. Licensed to Eatonton, Georgia, USA, the station is currently owned by Craig Baker. WKVQ is a sister station to WYTH 1250 AM in Madison, Georgia, but does not simulcast.
The returning English army burnt a number of settlements. The destruction was described by Walter Lynne in his appendix to Johann Carion's "Cronicles", (1550); "burnyng and destroyeng the countrey about, sparyng nether castel, towne, pyle nor vyllage, untyll they had overthrowen and destroyed many of them, as the borough and towne of Edenborough with the Abbey called Holy Rodehouse, and the kynges Palice adjoyned to the same. The towne of Lyth also with the haven and peyre. The castell and vyllage of Cragmyller, the Abbay of Newbottell, and parte of Muskelborowe towne, the Chappel of our lady of Lawret. Preston towne, and the castell Hatintowne wyth the Freres and Nunery, and castell of Oliuer Sancklers, the towne of Dunbar, Laurestone wyth the Graunge, with many other townes, castels, vyllages and pyles."
Her name was changed by Wynkyn de Worde to "Dame Julyans Bernes" in his edition. There is no such person to be found in the pedigree of the Berners family, but there is a gap in the records of the priory of Sopwell between 1430 and 1480. De Worde's edition (fol. 1496), also without a title-page, begins: "This present boke shewyth the manere of hawkynge and huntynge: and also of diuysynge of Cote armours. It shewyth also a good matere belongynge to horses: wyth other comendable treatyses. And ferdermore of the blasynge of armys: as hereafter it maye appere." This edition was adorned by three woodcuts, and included a "Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an Angle", not contained in the St Albans edition.
James III was brought back to Edinburgh on 22 July 1482. There were now three clear factions in Scotland; Albany's party, the loyalists, and the Lauder mutineers. The Queen at Stirling with Prince James may also have had independent influence. A London merchant, George Cely, wrote a letter with exaggerated news of the campaign in July;"the Dewke of Albany ys comyn ynto Ynglond and he has sworne to Kyngys good grace, and the King hasse sent hym ynto Scottland wyth 60,000 men yn iii battelles and many lordys of Ynglond wyth hym, ... Wythyn an monyth ther hasse ben about 44 townus and velagys brent en Scottlond and many lordys takyn and slayne, Donfryss ys brent."
WHEN Mary Orvis Marbury died in 1914, the English Fishing Gazette acclaimed her as "the most famous but one female angling author." (The other was Dame Juliana Berners, an Englishwoman who wrote "A Treatyse of Fysshying Wyth an Angle" in 1496.) Marbury's "Favorite Flies and Their Histories," which became a best seller among anglers after it appeared in 1892 and went through nine printings by 1896, has recently been reprinted by the Wellfleet Press.
Calf Crag is bounded by Wythburndale to the north and by its upper gathering grounds to the west. Far Easedale lies to the south while the head of Greenburn forms the eastern face, both of these sides being craggy. The Wyth Burn flows north east into Thirlmere while Far Easedale Gill and Green Burn descend to the River Rothay and ultimately to Windermere. Calf Crag thus stands on the main north-south watershed of the Lakeland Fells.