Synonyms for xammes or Related words with xammes

soncourt              rodelinghem              lourdoueix              roggenhouse              jalesches              brenthonne              franvillers              bermerain              pontcharraud              fourdrinoy              vittoncourt              ymare              ayencourt              luzay              courlon              gemaingoutte              chalancey              fontenois              mayronnes              valmestroff              piblange              venesmes              gueutteville              hypercourt              quercamps              keffenach              xirocourt              concremiers              vendelles              coulomby              courtefontaine              pfalzweyer              schirrhoffen              bourseville              hurbache              sunhar              lanans              blangermont              canettemont              gerponville              nouzerolles              blaignac              yaucourt              lestanville              relanges              liencourt              scientrier              guerstling              bazinval              serrouville             

Examples of "xammes"
On the morning of 12 September, after a fierce artillery barrage, the regiment advanced 20 kilometers capturing the villages of Euvezin, Boullionville, Beney, and Xammes along with a large number of prisoners and much war material. The unit stayed on the line until 8 October when it was relieved by elements of the 37th Division. They were given a much needed rest, received replacements, and were moved to the Argonne sector in preparation for another push.