Synonyms for xfree or Related words with xfree

opensolaris              amigaos              phpbb              freedos              minix              slackware              systemd              cygwin              openindiana              openoffice              abiword              owncloud              yast              gplv              freedesktop              mingw              neooffice              coreutils              libreoffice              nextstep              agpl              openwrt              xulrunner              openjdk              opensuse              trueos              illumos              zend              xbmc              wordstar              sourceforge              dosbox              koffice              reactos              openzfs              busybox              winnt              ncurses              etherpad              shareaza              xfce              appleworks              morphos              pkgsrc              autoconf              ultrix              staroffice              icedtea              bitbucket              xenix             

Examples of "xfree"