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xiaoyang              xinxin              guowei              xianying              jiaqi              anqi              xiaojuan              baohua              xiaoyan              yiwen              xinyue              jiasheng              guizhen              jingyao              jinglin              lijia              jingyu              xiyao              peifeng              xiaoxiao              yiqing              ningli              yuping              chunyuan              limei              jiali              aiying              yujia              yujiexu              tingyu              yanmei              qifeng              chunli              yunfei              yingwen              siqi              jingwen              jianan              leilei              zhihao              yumei              guohui              xiangfei              yuqing              fengying              shixiang              xiaohong              cuiping              xiangyu              jingmin             

Examples of "xiaoxuan"
Ji Xiaoxuan (; born 19 March 1993 in Xianju, Zhejiang) is a Chinese football player who currently plays for China League One side Harbin Yiteng.
Bian Xiaoxuan and Liu Kairong (刘开荣/劉開榮) believe the work is a "roman à clef". Accordingly, they attempted to figure out what the allegory and the identity of the basis of Student Zheng.
Kenneth Xiaoxuan Wang (Chinese: 王小选) (born 1955) is Deputy Leader of the ACT New Zealand party. He previously served as member of Parliament to replace Donna Awatere Huata, who was expelled from Parliament in November 2004.
Empress Wang (王皇后, personal name unknown) (died 16 BC), formally Empress Xiaoxuan (孝宣皇后), semi-formally Empress Dowager Qiongcheng (邛成太后, to distinguish her from her daughter-in-law Empress Wang Zhengjun, with the same family name, but otherwise unrelated to her) was an empress during Han Dynasty. She was the third wife of Emperor Xuan.
Xu Pingjun (許平君) (died 71 BC), formally Empress Gong'ai (恭哀皇后) (literally, the Respectful and Lamentable Empress) and sometimes (but not at all times) Empress Xiaoxuan (孝宣皇后) was an empress during Han Dynasty. She was the first wife of Emperor Xuan who was murdered by poisoning—by Huo Guang's wife Xian (顯), presumably at a young age.
Zhou Wei currently lives in Toronto performing at times in the TTC subways, and participating in various musical projects, including teaching. He is known as a flautist. He has two daughters, both musicians. The elder of the two, Zhou Xiaoxuan, is a classical pianist trained at Concordia University and now living in Beijing.
Wu Xiaoxuan (Chinese: 吴小旋; Pinyin: Wú Xiǎoxuán; born 26 January 1958 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang) is a female Chinese sports shooter who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics, where she won the gold medal in the women's standard small-bore rifle 3x20 competition. Wu is the first Chinese female athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.
In spring 529, Emperor Xiaozhuang posthumously honored his father Yuan Xie as Emperor Wenmu and his mother Princess Li as Empress Wenmu, and enshrined them in the imperial ancestral temple, despite opposition by Yuan Yu (元彧) the Prince of Linhuai as being inappropriate since Yuan Xie was never actually emperor. He further also posthumously honored his brother Yuan Shao as Emperor Xiaoxuan and Yuan Shao's wife Princess Li as Empress Wengong, although he did not enshrine them in the imperial temple.
Some scholars who study the culture of the Tang Dynasty perceive the story as, in the words of Tsai, "a relatively straightforward storehouse of social data; for instance, some study the tale for the detailed descriptions of capital city life in the tale." Scholars focusing on the philology include Bian Xiaoxuan (), Dai Wangshu, Wang Meng'ou (), Zhang Zhenglang (), and Zhou Shaoliang (周绍良/周紹良). Nienhauser stated that Wang Meng'ou's "Tangren xiaoshuo jiaoshi" is the best modern annotation of "Li Wa zhuan"" and that "Dudbridge's resonances
The film's score was composed by Ramin Djawadi. Del Toro selected Djawadi based on his works on "Prison Break", "Iron Man", and "Game of Thrones", stating: "His scores have a grandeur, but they have also an incredible sort of human soul." The director also stated that some Russian rap would be featured in the film. The soundtrack was released on digital download from Amazon on June 18, 2013, and CD on June 25, 2013. The physical version of the soundtrack was released on July 9, 2013, by WaterTower Music, three days before the theatrical release of the film itself. Guest musicians Tom Morello and Priscilla Ahn also feature as soloists on the score. Two songs appear in the film which are not included on the soundtrack are "Just Like Your Tenderness" by Luo Xiaoxuan, and the ending theme "Drift", performed by Blake Perlman featuring Rza. The OST received mostly positive reviews. "The Action Elite" rated the album with a perfect five stars, the "Empire" gave four, while MSN and "Filmtracks" also gave the soundtrack four out of five stars. On July 27, 2013, the soundtrack was appeared at peak position number 7 on "US "Billboard" Top Soundtracks."