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jianhua              wenbin              xiaohong              xiaoguang              yanming              limin              yanfeng              xiaonan              xiaoyang              guowei              xiaojun              yufeng              yijun              yongqing              xiaodong              lirong              zhihong              yuping              zhimin              weiping              jianping              haibin              jingyu              yumei              hongwei              jiawei              jiaqi              dongdong              zhiyong              haiying              jianmin              xiaoxuan              xiaomei              weiguo              xiaojuan              chunli              xianying              wenjun              yonggang              xiaolong              jiali              weili              xiaohui              xuesong              weiyi              aihua              guorong              guoqing              yuqing              chunhua             

Examples of "xiaoyan"
Cheng Xiaoyan (; born December 20, 1975) is a retired female Chinese shot putter.
Zhuang Xiaoyan won China's first judo gold medal in "women's +72kg".
Xiaoyan or Hsiao-yen () is a Chinese-language feminine given name. It may refer to:
Xiaoyan Town () is an urban town in Anhua County, Yiyang, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China.
The wheat cultivars have greatly enhanced productivity of wheat. Among them, Xiaoyan 6 has been widely grown in China.
Yang Xiaoyan (; born 3 March 1980) is a Chinese sailor who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
In 1981, he was accepted to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he studied music under Tan Bingruo () and Zhou Xiaoyan ().
Shenyang was born in Tianjin, the son of professional musicians, but did not start singing until the age of sixteen, after his voice broke. He took inspiration from recordings of the German Lieder singer Hans Hotter. At age nineteen, he entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Zhou Xiaoyan at the Zhou Xiaoyan International Opera Center.
With Dai Yuqiang and Hong Kong born Warren Mok he has performed abroad as "China's Three Tenors." He studied with Zhou Xiaoyan at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
Wang Xiaoyan (; born November 13, 1970 in Zhengzhou, Henan) is a female Chinese softball player who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
Katherine Wei-Sender (born 4 October 1930), born Yang Xiaoyan (), is a Chinese American contract bridge player. She won major tournaments primarily as Kathie Wei.
Zhang is married to Kang Jie (), whom he met while working in the oil company in Maoming. They have one son, born c. 1989, who was, as of 2013, serving in the army as a junior officer. He also has an adopted daughter Zhang Xiaoyan (), who was the biological daughter of his cousin. According to Hong Kong-based "Apple Daily" and "Takungpao", Zhang Xiaoyan is married to Li Shengpo (), the son of Hong Kong businessman Li Xianyi of Xinyi Glass.
Most of the main cast from "Li Wei the Magistrate" returned, except the 3 actresses Chen Hao, Li Qian and Wen Bo. Their roles were filled by Sun Feifei, Shu Chang and Tan Xiaoyan respectively.
Zhang twice competed for Asia at the IAAF World Cup and was a silver medallist in 1989. She represented her home area of Tianjin at the 1993 National Games of China and was runner-up to Ha Xiaoyan.
, the members of the board of directors of NovaBay Pharmaceuticals were: Paul E. Freiman, Xinzhou LI (Paul Li), Gail Maderis, T. Alex McPherson, M.D., Ph.D., Massimo Radaelli, Ph.D., Mark Sieczkarek, Mijia WU (Bob Wu) and Xiaoyan LIU (Henry Liu).
"The Variety 100" (綜藝100) was hosted by veteran Chang Hsiao-yen (Zhang Xiaoyan). It was one of the earliest prime time variety shows on CTS and 1979 to 1984.
The Xiaoyan Formation is a geological formation in Anhui, China whose strata date back to the Late Cretaceous. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation.
Liao Xiaoyan (; born 8 January 1987) is a Chinese track and field athlete who competes in the hammer throw. She was the gold medallist at the 2007 Asian Athletics Championships.
Xuhui High School () is a secondary school in Xujiahui, Shanghai. Founded in 1850 by Jesuit missionaries, its original name was Collège Saint Ignace (). The principal or headmaster is Xiaoyan Liu. After the Chinese Civil War, St. Ignatius High School moved and rebuilt in Luzhou, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
"Super Sunday" (超級星期天), the most popular Sunday night variety show program ever, was first originally hosted by Chang Hsiao-yen (Zhang Xiaoyan) and Harlem Yu Cheng-ching (Yu Chengengqing). Originally shown on the TTV network from 1994 to 1996, it was transferred to the CTS network in 1996 and stayed for seven years.