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xiaoxuan              yanfei              jiaqi              guowei              renliang              xiaojuan              xiaoyan              xianying              weiguo              xiaohong              yanfeng              leilei              guojun              zhihao              xiaoying              siqi              xinyue              yufen              yajun              xufeng              yongqing              meifang              jianhua              zhengxin              jiasheng              baohua              chenxin              wenbin              xiaoguang              yuqing              fengying              zhiguang              yanyu              yueqi              jingyu              weiqing              anqi              junliang              haiqi              yuting              hongxia              yafei              zhixian              yuanyuan              yujiexu              jiachen              shixiang              aihua              guoping              junjie             

Examples of "xiaoyang"
Zhong Xiaoyang is a modern Hong Kong writer currently residing in Australia.
The Mid-lake islands (), also known as "Xiaoyang Island" (), was built in 1963 with four islands, occupying of land area.
Xiaoyang 梟羊 is a variant of the mythic "xiaoyang" 梟楊 "owl-poplar", which David Hawkes (1985:268) describes as "an anthropoid monster whose upper lip covers his face when he laughs. His laughter was sinister, it was said, being an indication that he was about to eat human flesh."
After the government unveiled the procedures for the LegCo vote, deputy secretary general of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, Qiao Xiaoyang, defined 'universal suffrage' as:
The well was called “” and belonged to PetroChina's Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch (). It was located in the Chuandongbei gas field () in Gaoqiao's Xiaoyang village ().
Qiao Xiaoyang (born 1945) is the former chairman of the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Committee of the 11th National People's Congress.
Xiaoyang or Hsiao-yang (lit. 梟楊 "owl poplar") is a final example of Chinese mythological "xiao"s. This "xiao" is an archaic name for "owl" ("maotouying" 貓頭鷹 "cat-head hawk" in modern usage), and the "Yang" clan in southwestern China were supposedly descended from monkeys (Eberhard 1968:53). The variant transcription "xiaoyang" 梟羊 "owl goat" names the legendary "feifei" 狒狒 "a man-eating monkey with long hair", which is the modern Chinese name for "baboon".
After a few years, Lin Tianjiao is a famous astronomer. She gave up on her mother's plan for her to study finance in Tsinghua University, but decided to follow her own dreams of doing astronomy. She plans a trip to Africa, hoping to meet Gao Xiang in Africa. Meanwhile, the rest of the group meet at Huang Tao's wedding, with Li Tao as his best man. Lu Tiantian and Ou Xiaoyang are still courting, and Ou Xiaoyang is intending to propose to her.
Qiao Xiaoyang, chairman of the National People's Congress Law Committee, was quoted as accusing the "opposition camp" of "fuelling" the Occupy Central plan. Qiao said the plan was only "partly truthful", "complex" and a "risk-everything" proposition.
Shanghai Dreams () is a 2005 Chinese film directed by Wang Xiaoshuai and starring Gao Yuanyuan, Li Bin, Tang Yang, Wang Xiaoyang, and Yao Anlian. The film was produced by Stellar Megamedia, Debo Films Ltd. and Kingwood Ltd.
Following her retirement from competitive skating, she became a coach. Her current and former students include Huang Xintong & Zheng Xun, Guo Jiameimei & Meng Fei, Yu Xiaoyang & Wang Chen, and Qi Jia & Sun Xu.
The town is divided into 1 villages and 16 community, the following areas: Mianduxu Community, Xiaoli Village, Shangguan Village, Huayuan Village, Pankeng Village, Xiaguan Village, Cangbei Village, Ruikou Village, Shanglao Village, Xiaoyang Village, Changjiang Village, Shitou Village,Longxiang Village, Suzhou Village, Dongli Village, Shiqiao Village, and Dajiang Village.
Meanwhile, Lin Tianjiao's good friend, Lu Tiantian (Wang Herun) is courting Ou Xiaoyang (Ding Guansen). However, due to his poor academic standing, Lin Tianjiao ignores him completely. Classmate Huang Tao (Li Hongyi) is secretly in love with Lin Tianjiao, but is too shy to express it. As a result, he and his best buddy, Li Tao (Zhao Wenlong) are at loggerheads with Gao Xiang.
The "Bencao gangmu" entry for "feifei", identified as the "golden snub-nosed monkey, Rhinopithecus roxellanae" and "baboon" "Papio hamadryas" (Liu 2003: 4129), lists other synonyms of "xiaoyang" 梟羊 "owl goat", "yeren" 野人 "wild man; savage" (see Yeren), and "shandu" 山都 "mountain capital".
Wang Chen (; born June 19, 1986 in Harbin, Heilongjiang) is a Chinese ice dancer. He competes with Yu Xiaoyang. They are four-time Chinese national champions (2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013), as well as two-time bronze medalists at the Asian Winter Games. Their best score at the Four Continents Figure Skating Competition is 7th place, and at the World Championships is 18th.
Yu Xiaoyang (; born June 6, 1986 in Harbin, Heilongjiang) is a Chinese ice dancer. She competes with Wang Chen. They are four-time Chinese national champions (2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013), as well as two-time bronze medalists at the Asian Winter Games. Their best score at the Four Continents Figure Skating Competition is 7th place, and at the World Championships is 18th.
The eighth general meeting was held in November 2013 in Beijing. Liu Dawei was re-elected chairman, with Wang Mingming, Wei Ershen, Feng Yuan, Xu Jiang, Xu Qinsong, Li Xiang 李翔, Yang Xiaoyang, Wu Changjiang, He Jiaying, Fan Di'an, Shi Dawei, Huang Gesheng and Zeng Chenggang as vice-chairs.
Many mythological simians were also alleged to exist in medieval China. Some of their taxonomical descriptions defy modern zoology, and even some of the more wild speculations of cryptozoology. Often these mythological simians have features of birds, humans, or other creatures. Examples include the xiao, shanxiao, and xiaoyang.
Unfortunately, she misses Gao Xiang. She (plus her brother, Lu Tiantian and Ou Xiaoyang) run into Gao Xiang's friends from the auto-ship, and hitch a ride to the local radio station, where Lin Tianjiao uses the programming to say farewell to Gao Xiang (singing the Beatles' song "Hey Jude").
The new national capital of Myanmar called Nay Pyi Taw, a joint capital with Yangon (Rangoon). Secession of St-Barthelemy and St-Martin from Guadeloupe. New World Heritage Sites. Opening of the 1118 km Golmud to Lhasa railway in China, the highest railway in the world. Opening of the 32.5 km cross sea Donghai bridge, in China, linking Shanghai to the deepwater port on Xiaoyang Shan island.”