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hao              xiao              tian              qiu              jing              xiang              zhong              qian              meng              yue              geng              yao              qiao              shao              jian              yan              shen              xiong              jia              guan              zhen              feng              ying              zheng              ouyang              jiang              xue              jiao              rong              xie              zeng              lian              ning              ling              chao              wei              zhu              ting              luo              huo              fang              zhao              zhai              liang              peng              zhi              duan              ding              xuan              yun             

Examples of "xing"
The Legend of Lotus Spring is a graphical adventure computer game co-developed by Women Wise and Xing Xing and released on Valentine's Day in 2000 in North America. It was originally released by Xing Xing in 1998 in China.
"4." Zhongguo hun lian wei ji : xing guo bi xian xing jia
Shang's lineage can be traced along the Xing Yi Quan lineage chart (originally from the Xing Yi page on Wikipedia):
Cosun Group was incorporated in April 1992 as a traditional fixed-line telephone maker in China. Headquartered in Huizhou, the company has two US-listed arms: Qiao Xing Mobile Communication and Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (Nasdaq: XING).
My Lucky Star, known in Taiwan as Fang Yang De Xing Xing, featured a silver-blue X-Type in 2007.
Cosun Group was incorporated in April 1992 as a traditional fixed-line telephone maker in China. Headquartered in Huizhou, the company has two US-listed arms: Qiao Xing Mobile Communication and Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (Nasdaq: XING).
The Jin Xing Show is a Chinese variety show hosted by Jin Xing. Broadcast weekly, it has an estimated audience of 100 million.
Xing Rongjie (traditional Chinese: 邢荣杰; pinyin: Xing Rongjie; 1911 – 20 November 1997) was an army Founding General in China.
Astro Shuang Xing and Astro Shuang Xing HD features Mandarin and Cantonese audio language and Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and English subtitles.
Notable examples include LinkedIn, BEAM, and XING.
Xing enjoyed collecting crafts relevant the tortoise.
Xing is obsessed with the study of dark matter, an unseen substance that he believes shapes the universe, and a theory that conflicts with the Reiser model. Xing makes scientific breakthroughs of his own which improve the Reiser model. Without Professor Reiser's approval, Liu Xing proposes to research dark matter for his doctoral dissertation. Reiser explains to Xing that this type of research is too complicated and suggests that he should pick a simpler dissertation topic.
1. According to the "Yuanhe Xing Zuan", Xing is originated from Ji (), the royal family of Zhou Dynasty in China. The fourth son of the Duke of Zhou, was appointed the ruler of the State of Xing (now Xingtai city of Hebei Province). The year 662 BC saw the State of Xing taken over by the State of Wei, and the noble descendants entitled themselves their former state name as their surnames.
The only record of Cao Xing in history exists in the "Yingxiong Ji" (英雄記; "Records of Heroes"), which stated that when Hao Meng rebelled against Lü Bu in 196, Hao's subordinate Cao Xing refused to join him in the rebellion. Hao Meng and Cao Xing fought, and Cao was injured by Hao but he managed to slice off Hao's arm. Hao Meng was later killed by Gao Shun. Lü Bu later praised Cao Xing for remaining loyal to him.
During the governance of Tian Chengsi's grandson Tian Ji'an (796-812), Tian Xing became the commander of the headquarters guards. It was said that Tian Ji'an was wasteful, uncaring of soldiers, and harsh in punishment, and Tian Xing often spoke to him, hoping to correct his behavior, and that the soldiers often looked up to Tian Xing for support. Tian Ji'an became suspicious of Tian Xing and demoted him out of the headquarters, to be the defender of Linqing (臨清, in modern Xingtai, Hebei), and considered executing Tian Xing. Tian Xing, in order to avoid disaster, pretended to suffer from paralysis. Meanwhile, by 812, Tian Ji'an himself fell ill and behaved erratically. Tian Ji'an's wife Lady Yuan had their 10-year-old son Tian Huaijian designated deputy military governor and acting military governor, and Tian Ji'an died shortly after. Tian Xing was recalled from Linqing to serve as the commander of the soldiers.
Li Xing, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Tsai Ming-liang, Ang Lee
It was described by Xu Xing and colleagues in 2004.
Xingxing 猩猩 or shengsheng 狌狌"a monkey; orangutan" reduplicates "xing", which graphically combines the "quadruped radical" with a "xing" 星 "star" phonetic, or with "sheng" 生 "life" in the variant "xing" or "sheng" 狌. The name is used for foreign simians in modern terminology, "xingxing" means "orangutan", "heixingxing" with "hei-" 黑 "black" means "chimpanzee", and "daxingxing" with "da-" 黑 "large" "gorilla".
Eisenhower Elementary School/Xin Xing Academy (Hopkins, MN),
In 2003, Hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, and XING were launched.