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chunhua              yingxiong              jiali              weicheng              yongqing              jiaxi              xiwen              nangong              yuzhen              fangfang              shihui              baohua              dayou              yuting              anqi              jingyu              yuhuang              zhiqing              chongren              yihe              gaofeng              zhijie              shuxian              qiwei              lihua              xiaowan              xifu              yuping              zhixing              tonghe              xiaowei              wenyu              qianli              ningli              xiaoying              haoran              zhongtian              jixiang              haodong              zhihua              yumei              yinji              xiaoxialiu              zhui              songlin              jianxing              xiaoyang              guoqing              qingtang              jinguang             

Examples of "xiufeng"
Wu Xiufeng » Zhao Fujiang » Many students in China.
Xiufeng District is a district of Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Guilin city.
Ye Xiufeng (; 1900 – 8 February 1990) was a Kuomintang politician of the Republic of China.
Wu Xiufeng » Tian Jinzhong » Shen Jiarui » Zhou Jingxuan » Many students in China and abroad.
Wu Xiufeng (1908–1976) is the "grandfather" of many modern Baji lineages. The following lineages came down from him.
Mao Yuanxin is married to Quan Xiufeng (全秀凤), a former factory worker. They live in Shanghai and have one daughter, Li Li (李莉), born in January 1977.
Yang Xiufeng (Chinese: 杨秀峰; Pinyin: "Yáng Xiùfēng"; February 24, 1897 – November 10, 1983) was a Chinese politician and the President of the Supreme People's Court of China.
Baishazhou () is a subdistrict of Wangcheng district, Changsha, China. It is located on the western bank of Xiang river. The subdistrict is bordered by Dazehu subdistrict to the south, Jinshanqiao subdistricts to the west, Wushan subdistrict to the north, Xiufeng subdistrict of Kaifu District and Dingziwan subdistrict across the Xiang river to the east.
Xiangfeng Station () is a metro station of Line 1 of the Fuzhou Metro. It is located on Xiufeng Road and Manyang Road intersection in Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China. The station is also a northern terminus of Line 1. It started operation on Jan 6, 2017.
The story is based on the backdrop of the Chinese Civil War and the Second Sino-Japanese War with character Zhang Ga in the middle of the chaos along with the Eighth Route Army. The real story is based on the actual person Yan Xiufeng, whose childhood name was Gazi. He was born in Baiyangdian in the Hebei Province.
Guanwen (, clan name Wangjia 王佳, courtesy name Xiufeng; created Count Yiyong of the First Class 勇毅一等伯) (1798 – 1871) was a Manchu official, Grand Secretariat, military general, Viceroy of Zhili, Huguan and commander of the Army Group Central Plain during the late Qing Dynasty in China.
Yang Xiufeng was born in Qian'an, Hebei in 1897. He was educated in the Beijing Normal School in 1916. He was the President of the Supreme People's Court of China from 1965 to 1975, and Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from 1980 to 1983.
Ye Xiufeng was a member of the CC Clique of the Kuomintang. He was acquainted with Chiang Kai-shek and Chen Lifu via his education at the Whampoa Military Academy. After graduating, he pursued a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in 1925.
The category was introduced in 1995, at the 2nd Star Awards ceremony; Zhu Xiufeng received the award for her role in "Chronicle of Life" and it is given in honour of a Mediacorp actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in a supporting role. The nominees are determined by a team of judges employed by Mediacorp; winners are selected by a majority vote from the entire judging panel.
After graduating from college in 1970, Hung took the Bar Exam, but did not pass in her first attempt. That year, the Ministry of Education extended mandatory public education to nine years and Hung began her ten-year career in education. Hung first taught at the Xihu High School of Industry and Commerce, and the following year she started teaching at the Taipei County Municipal Xiufeng Senior High School, also serving as Director of Student Affairs.
Yueliangdao () is a subdistrict of Wangcheng district, Changsha, China. It is located on the western bank of Xiang river, the subdistrict is bordered by Dazehu subdistrict to the north, Huangjinyuan to the west, Wangyue and Guanshaling subdistricts of Yuelu district to the south, Xiufeng subdistrict across the Xiang river to the east. Yueliangdao has an area of with a population of 30,061. the subdistrict has 4 residential communities and 3 villages under its jurisdiction.
Qingzhuhu () is a subdistrict of Kaifu District, Changsha, China. Located on the east bank of Xiang River, Qingzhuhu is bordered by Dingziwan Subdistrict of Wangcheng District and Beishan Town of Changsha County to the north, Shaping Subdistrict to the east, Xiufeng Subdistrict to the south, Baishazhou and Dazehu Subdistricts across the Xiang river to the west. It covers about with rough 42,000 of population (as of 2016). The subdistrict contains 11 communities, its administrative center is at Qiaotouyi.
As many of the Peranakan characters in the series (such as most of the Huang family, as well as Charlie Zhang and son Robert) are antagonists (Jincheng, Xiufeng and Huangyuan are part-time antagonists), many viewers think that the series will negatively stereotype Peranakans as being ruthless. In response, the show's writer, Ang Eng Tee, said that ruthlessness and petty politicking, which are basic human interactions, appears within any culture, and is not an exclusive trait of the Peranakans.
Rumours indicate that the role of Xiufeng was initially offered to May Phua, who turned the offer down due to her pregnancy at the time of filming. Huang Biren was said to be a prime candidate for the role of Tian Lan, although the actress' decision not to renew her contract with MediaCorp ultimately resulted in Xiang Yun obtaining the part. It was also rumoured that Zoe Tay had expressed interest in portraying a role in the series, although there were no suitable roles for her. Andrew Seow was first choice to play Robert Zhang but he declined due to scheduling conflicts and the role went to Zzen Zhang.
"The Little Nyonya" has been critically acclaimed. However, despite being lauded as a drama that provides an insight into the unique Peranakan culture, the show has received criticism in local media over portrayals and promotion. Issues that were raised early included the castings of Pan Lingling and Cynthia Koh to portray teenage girls albeit being already in their thirties. This issue was counter-argued by being tantamount to ageism, as well as the fact that it was raised only three episodes after the show began airing. The character development of Xiufeng has come under fire due to the character's exhibitions of violence.