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haiping              anqi              jiasheng              xinyue              xiaohong              yanfei              jianan              chenglong              xiaoxuan              jiaxiang              jingyao              yuanyuan              yanmei              yuhuang              xianying              aiying              zhixi              yufei              yuqing              lingwei              jingjing              jiaqi              jiaxi              yanbin              yinghui              guowei              yafei              guizhen              yufen              yingying              xiaoxialiu              chunli              ningli              zhixian              xiaojuan              jialin              yuxuan              ziquan              haochen              jingyu              weiying              leilei              huiqin              shiyue              xiaoyang              qingge              chunyuan              shixiang              jingwen              renliang             

Examples of "xiyao"
As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. In the case of Xingxing, she increasingly finds that Xiyao lacks the drive and ambition to make it big. Thinking that Xingxing has found a new love interest, Xiyao leaves without a word. Without his help, the reckless Xingxing makes a rash and fatal decision that leads to the closing down of her chain of shops. Her wealth dwindles swiftly and in the end, she has to file for bankruptcy.
Although Xingxing has the drive and guts, she is too quick-tempered and is not detailed-oriented. Xiyao, on the other hand, is the opposite of Xingxing. Meticulous and frugal in nature, Xiyao’s strength makes up for Xingxing’s shortcomings.
Chen XiYao 陈希垚 (pronounced Chun She Yow) born 1984, is a Chinese-born classical musician. He is an award-winning guzheng (Chinese zither) player and pianist. He currently lives in New Zealand.
Xiyao, who is nursing a broken heart, binges and travels around the world. He puts on so much weight that he is akin to an over-bloated balloon. When he decides to put his past behind him, including his feelings for Xingxing, Xiyao discovers that she has not betrayed his love in the past. He decides to resume their relationship when he finds out about Xingxing’s present financial predicament. However, given his pathetic appearance, he is hesitant to approach her. He also realizes that he now has a love rival in Ma Da.
Bai Xingxing (Zoe Tay) is smart and has always done well in her studies. She is steady, driven and dares to take up a challenge. When all her peers are busy with romantic pursuits, Xingxing and her boyfriend Tang Xiyao (Zhang Wenxiang) devote their time and efforts to prepare for their careers after graduation. Xingxing is at the peak of her life - at the young age of 26, she makes her first one million dollars. She sets up franchises, drives a luxury car, and invests in stock and property, however, she owes a large part of her success to Xiyao.
Over 80% of the area of Meiling town is hilly. Meiling town's most abundant crop is rice, and is green with Mao bamboo and cedarwood. The beauty spots of Meiling town include Hongya Dan wells, Meiling Dragon pond, Bamboo Sea Pearl, XiYao Lake, and Lion peak. Meiling town is also known as "the little Mount Lu".
XiYao lake is located in Luohan mountain, the highest peak of the scenic area in Meiling in Nanchang, 841 meters above the sea level, and the average temperature is 8-10 degrees lower than the urban area of Nanchang, is one of the thirteen summer resort in China.
At age six, Li followed her father's footsteps and started playing badminton, which honed her reflexes. Just before she turned eight, Li was persuaded to switch to tennis by coach Xia Xiyao of the Wuhan youth tennis club. Her instructors taught tennis through negative reinforcement, which affected Li's confidence in later years. Li joined China's National Tennis Team in 1997. The following year, Li, sponsored by Nike, went to John Newcombe Academy in Texas to study tennis. She studied there for 10 months and returned to China. Growing up, her favourite tennis player was Andre Agassi. She turned professional in 1999 at the age of sixteen.
In December 1722, the Kangxi Emperor died and Yinzhen ascended the throne as the Yongzheng Emperor. He granted an audience to Nian Gengyao early in 1723 and awarded him a minor hereditary rank and the title of Grand Guardian, and made his elder brother Nian Xiyao (年希堯) Governor of Guangdong. A few months later, as reward for his help in ejecting the Dzungars from Tibet, Nian was elevated to a duke of the third class. The emperor was uncharacteristically informal with him and promoted friendship between Longkodo and Nian.
In 1726 Nian Xiyao was appointed by the Beijing court as controller at Jingdezhen, the first centrally-appointed official since 1680. He was also appointed controller for a customs barrier 400 miles to the north at Huai'an on the Grand Canal, which resulted in Nian only being able to visit Jingdezhen once a year. In 1728 a member of the imperial household staff, Tang Ying, was appointed resident assistant at Jingdezhen. Tang replaced Nian in 1735 when the latter was accused of corruption, and he became one of the most influential of the superintendents.
As the Ming dynasty declined, with serious military and financial crises, the imperial court ceased to support the official Jingdezhen kilns, which were largely left to find their own funds from other markets. This situation lasted from 1620–1683, when the new Qing dynasty, after some decades struggling with Ming forces, finally resumed large-scale use of Jingdezhen for official wares under the Kangxi emperor (r. 1662–1722). The larger kilns and a major part of the town were destroyed in 1674 by Ming forces after the Revolt of the Three Feudatories had become a civil war. From 1680 to 1688 the reconstruction of the industry was under the control of Zang Yingxuan from the Qing Board of Works. Organised production of court porcelain had resumed by 1683, and the institution of forced labour replaced by waged employment. Succeeding controllers were appointed by the provincial administration up until 1726, when Beijing appointed Nian Xiyao.
In 935, there was an incident where Shi, then with the Hedong army at Xin Prefecture (忻州, in modern Xinzhou, Shanxi) to defend against a potential Khitan incursion, was present with an imperial messenger, who was delivering Li Congke's edict issuing the soldiers summer clothing. As the messenger read the edict, the soldiers instead were chanting, "May you live 10,000 years!" at Shi — a blessing that should have been reserved to the emperor. Shi, in fear that he would be seen as contending to the throne, considered what to do. At the urging of the staff member Duan Xiyao (段希堯), Shi had Liu arrest 36 of the leading chanters and execute them. Still, these executions did not calm Li Congke's apprehension of Shi.
After Shi's return to Hedong, there were repeated incursions of Later Tang's northern circuits by Later Tang's northern rival Khitan Empire. Both Shi and Zhao Dejun repeatedly requested reinforcements, and they were allowed to amass troops and supplies at their circuits. As Shi was still apprehensive that Li Congke might be suspicious of him, Shi maintained an information network at Luoyang to keep himself informed of the emperor's actions — the network included two of Shi's own sons, who served in the imperial guards (whose names were variously recorded, and one of whom might have been a brother whom he adopted as a son), and the servants of Empress Dowager Cao. (The two sons were recorded in the "New History of the Five Dynasties" as Shi Chongying (石重英) and Shi Chongyin (石重胤), and in the "Zizhi Tongjian" as Shi Chongyin (石重殷) and Shi Chongyi (石重裔).) In 935, there was an incident in which, when the imperial envoy was at the front to review Shi's army and to deliver the imperially-bestowed supplies to the army, the soldiers began to chant, "May you live 10,000 years!" at Shi — a chant that should be reserved for the emperor. Shi became fearful, and under the advice of his staff member Duan Xiyao (段希堯), had Liu Zhiyuan behead 36 of the soldiers leading the chant, to try to alleviate the suspicion might be cast on him, but that did not stop Li Congke from suspecting him of having greater ambitions upon receiving the report from the imperial envoy. As Shi was formally the commander of the army to the north, Li Congke commissioned the general Zhang Jingda to serve as his deputy to divide his command.