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newvalue              liststring              arraylist              xmldocument              xelement              nsstring              xmlelement              objecttype              fname              newname              createelement              objid              tagname              ixmldomnode              nsarray              fieldname              instanceof              typeid              typename              linkedlist              objectname              xmlschema              sqlcommand              arglist              firstchild              classname              typeof              viewname              oldvalue              elementtype              methodname              xmlns              propertyname              dictionarystring              xmltype              itemtype              tablename              nodevalue              myclass              stringbuffer              fullname              pnode              infile              objectid              pname              attrname              xmlattribute              setext              filetype              innerhtml             

Examples of "xmldoc"
.NET Reflector can be used to track down performance problems and bugs, browse classes, and maintain or help become familiar with code bases. It can also be used to find assembly dependencies, and even windows DLL dependencies, by using the Analyzer option. There is a call tree and inheritance-browser. It will pick up the same documentation or comments that are stored in xml files alongside their associated assemblies that are used to drive IntelliSense inside Visual Studio. It is even possible to cross-navigate related documentation (xmldoc), searching for specific types, members and references. It can be used to effectively convert source code between C# and Visual Basic.
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