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Examples of "xulrunner"
Mozilla stopped supporting the development of XULrunner in July 2015.
XULRunner is a "technology experiment", not a shipped product, meaning there are no "official" XULRunner releases, only stable builds based on the same code as a corresponding Firefox release.
XULRunner can still be installed separately, and many XULRunner-dependent apps can be switched over fairly easily. However, its disappearance has caused some dependent packages to be removed from package databases.
The fourth version of the video game series Simon the Sorcerer, "", uses XULRunner.
Kiwix, an offline browser for Wikipedia (now extended to Project Gutenberg etc.) uses XULRunner.
The eMusic website has a download application called eMusic Remote that uses XULRunner.
The software is built upon XULRunner, so it is possible to get some Mozilla Firefox extensions to work in it.
The Google AdWords Editor uses XULRunner, as does the Evergreen ILS, an open-source library automation system.
SubTile is a lightweight platform independent Subversion (SVN) client, which runs on all platforms where Mozilla XULRunner is available.
Starting with Lotus Notes version 8.5.1, IBM deployed XULRunner to provide Notes client support for XPages applications.
In January 2014, dropping XULRunner support was discussed by Mozilla developers. In July 2015, Mozilla stopped supporting the development of XULrunner, and the community page has been taken down. As of the beginning of 2016, it had been dropped from the package database of most Linux distributions, including Gentoo, Debian, and Ubuntu.
All XUL-based applications like Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Nightingale, Songbird, Flickr Uploadr, SeaMonkey, Conkeror, Sunbird, Miro, Joost, and TomTom Home 2.0 run on XULRunner. Starting with version 3.0, Mozilla Firefox uses a "private" XULRunner, meaning the framework is installed locally in the application directory.
In addition, the XULRunner package provides access to ActiveX Control functionality previously found in a (now defunct) third-party ActiveX Control built off the Mozilla source code. Applications using this application programming interface (API) may function with XULRunner installed and registered.
XULJet is an open-source JavaScript framework for the Mozilla XULRunner run-time environment. It is intended for writing desktop applications in pure JavaScript.
In September 2008 Daniel Glazman announced a new WYSIWYG HTML editor, BlueGriffon, written from scratch and based on Mozilla Gecko and XULRunner.
Mozilla provides experimental XULRunner builds to let developers build their applications on top of the Mozilla application framework and of XUL in particular.
XULRunner is a runtime that can be used to bootstrap multiple XUL + XPCOM applications that are equal in capabilities to Firefox and Thunderbird.
XULRunner stores a variety of configuration data (bookmarks, cookies, contacts etc.) in internally managed SQLite databases, and even offer an add-on to manage SQLite databases.
XULRunner is a software platform and technology experiment by Mozilla, that allows applications built with the same technologies used by Firefox extensions (XPCOM, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XUL) to be run natively as desktop applications, without requiring Firefox to be installed on the user's machine. XULRunner binaries are available for the Windows, GNU/Linux and OS X operating systems, allowing such applications to be effectively cross platform.
XULRunner is a packaged version of the Mozilla platform to enable standalone desktop application development. A browser isn't required to run these applications, as they have their own executable file. The application is written in XUL(XML User Interface Language) developed by Mozilla. It replaced the "Gecko Runtime Environment", a stalled project with a similar purpose. The first stable developer preview of XULRunner was released in February 2006, based on the Mozilla 1.8 code base.