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Examples of "xunit"
Many xUnit frameworks exist for various programming languages and development platforms.
All xUnit frameworks share the following basic component architecture, with some varied implementation details.
fUnit is a unit testing framework for Fortran, in the style of other xUnit testing frameworks.
A test runner is an executable program that runs tests implemented using an xUnit framework and reports the test results.
Developers may use computer-assisted testing frameworks, such as xUnit created in 1998, to create and automatically run the test cases. Xunit frameworks provide assertion-style test validation capabilities and result reporting. These capabilities are critical for automation as they move the burden of execution validation from an independent post-processing activity to one that is included in the test execution.
The PHP Unit Testing Framework is one of the xUnit family of unit testing frameworks. A variety of assertions are available.
In generic xUnit, a "test fixture" is all the things that must be in place in order to run a test and expect a particular outcome.
ABAP Unit is the xUnit adoption for the ABAP language. ABAP Unit is directly embedded into the ABAP development environment and into the ABAP runtime environment.
This page is a list of tables of code-driven unit testing frameworks for various programming languages. Some but not all of these are based on xUnit.
pFUnit is a Fortran framework for unit testing following the xUnit model. Capabilities include parallel execution using MPI and OpenMP. Development began at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in 2005. The framework makes extensive use of modern standard features of Fortran (2003, 2008), like support for object oriented programming. A python-based preprocessor provides directives reminiscent of other xUnit testing frameworks (e.g. @assert), as well as support for parameterized test cases. pFUnit can be built using either a GNU make or CMake process.
Many types of tests are automatable. At the component level, one of the xUnit packages can be a helpful tool. Or an organization can create its own unit testing framework. At the GUI level, Watir or iMacros are useful.
NUnit is an open source unit testing framework for Microsoft .NET. It serves the same purpose as JUnit does in the Java world, and is one of many programs in the xUnit family.
Unit testing is the cornerstone of extreme programming, which relies on an automated unit testing framework. This automated unit testing framework can be either third party, e.g., xUnit, or created within the development group.
csUnit follows the concepts of other unit testing frameworks in the xUnit family and has had several releases since 2002. The tool offers a native GUI application, a command line, and addins for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.
A test runner produces results in one or more output formats. In addition to a plain, human-readable format, there is often a test result formatter that produces XML output. The XML test result format originated with JUnit but is also used by some other xUnit testing frameworks, for instance build tools such as Jenkins and Atlassian Bamboo.
PHPUnit is a unit testing framework for the PHP programming language. It is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks that originated with SUnit and became popular with JUnit. PHPUnit was created by Sebastian Bergmann and its development is hosted on GitHub.
Beck pioneered software design patterns as well as the commercial application of Smalltalk. He wrote the SUnit unit testing framework for Smalltalk, which spawned the xUnit series of frameworks, notably JUnit for Java, which Beck wrote with Erich Gamma. Beck popularized CRC cards with Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the wiki.
Unit testing lacks some of the accessibility of a diagrammatic specification such as a UML diagram, but they may be generated from the unit test using automated tools. Most modern languages have free tools (usually available as extensions to IDEs). Free tools, like those based on the xUnit framework, outsource to another system the graphical rendering of a view for human consumption.
SUnit is a unit testing framework for the programming language Smalltalk. It is the original source of the xUnit design, originally written by the creator of Extreme Programming, Kent Beck. SUnit allows writing tests and checking results in Smalltalk. The resulting tests are very stable, but this method has the disadvantage that testers must be able to write simple Smalltalk programs.
A growing trend in software development is the use of testing frameworks such as the xUnit frameworks (for example, JUnit and NUnit) that allow the execution of unit tests to determine whether various sections of the code are acting as expected under various circumstances. Test cases describe tests that need to be run on the program to verify that the program runs as expected.