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Examples of "xxt"
On 15 March 2011 The Darkness announced that they would reform. The day after Toby MacFarlaine posted on Stone God's official forum, "" Lack of malice. Traces to follow. Love all of y'all. Let's do it again some time. xxT "
Adonias Fonseca (born 1994) is a Brazilian player of Freestyle football. Fonseca was born in the Miraí city, Minas Gerais. He has made many presentations on Rede Globo and SBT, and also on the Criança Esperança. He is sponsored by XXT Corporation.
Nova Era da Stronda is the first studio album of the carioca group Bonde da Stronda released on August 9, 2009 by the label "Galerão Records". Already containing some of the old hits of the duo as "Nossa Quimica", "XXT" among others. On April 11, 2010 they released the video clip for the song "Playsson Raiz". Later, in September 18, 2010 they released a video clip for the song "Mansão Thug Stronda", and currently spends more than 35 million hits on YouTube.