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kentarō              takanori              tomoaki              shōgo              shunsuke              kousuke              shinsuke              kosuke              nakamaru              takehiro              yoshihiko              yasumi              toshirō              shūji              satou              matsuzaki              tomonori              hideto              fumihiko              mutsumi              toshiki              kenjiro              yōsuke              yōhei              ken_ichi              teruo              sotaro              ryōsuke              kōichi              yousuke              nagatsuka              hidetoshi              morimura              yuichiro              kosugi              junichi              shinichiro              ryusuke              ryoji              tomoyasu              atsuko              sumio              nogami              chinatsu              tatsuhiko              shōta              kenjirō              tamotsu              terashima              kazuyuki             

Examples of "yūsuke"
In March, it was announced that Yūsuke would work with former Porno Graffitti bassist, Masami Shiratama. Yūsuke provided vocals for the joint single entitled "Honnō", the single was released on May 23 featured Yūsuke using what the band describes as his "machine gun vocals".
"Jishin Motte Yume o Motte Tobitatsu Kara" arranged by Yūsuke Itagaki.
The name Yūsuke can also be written using the Japanese syllabary writing systems of hiragana and/or katakana
Yūsuke Tanaka (, born April 14, 1986 in Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese football player who plays for Cerezo Osaka.
Yūsuke Miyauchi's debut collection was nominated for the 147th Naoki Prize and won the 2012 Nihon SF Taisho Award.
Shirakawa, with Kohei Yamamoto, Nobuo Kyo, Ryuichiro Nishioka, and Yūsuke Tomoi, became a member of the clothes brand Anunnaki.
tofubeats (real name: Yūsuke Kawai, ; born 26 November 1990) is a Japanese singer, record producer, and DJ.
He, with Kohei Yamamoto, Yujiro Shirakawa, Ryuichiro Nishioka, and Yūsuke Tomoi, became a member of the clothes brand Anunnaki.
Under his own name and with the pseudonym Yūsuke Maki (, "Maki Yūsuke"), Mita has published a large amount of material. His numerous books are mostly sociological but include one on Kenji Miyazawa. An English translation of one of his books together with excerpts from several others is published as "Social Psychology of Modern Japan."
"Aozora Pedal" was used as the theme song for the movie "Honey and Clover" starring Arashi member Sho Sakurai, Yū Aoi and Yūsuke Iseya.
Yūsuke is a young, orphaned, high school student who was late for class one day. While on his way to school, a girl falls from the sky and lands on his lap. Rouge, the mysterious girl who fell from the sky, suffers from amnesia and remembers nothing except her name. Yūsuke offers her a place to stay until she recovers her memory. After spending many days of playing, shopping, and eventually, falling in love, Yūsuke suddenly encounters two women, Kaige and Meige, who claims to be Rouge's royal sisters and has revealed that Rouge is the oldest daughter of the Underworld's royal family. Now, Rouge and Yūsuke are threatened with separation not only by Rouge's sisters who want to take her back home, but also by enemies of the royal family who wish to capture Rouge.
Former Megalopolis Express Freeway record holder Kyōsuke has retired from street racing and now belongs to a Keiichi Tsuchiya's racing team. One day while performing mountain time trials, a black Toyota Supra (JZA70) hiding inside a tunnel comes from behind and challenges Yūsuke (S13) to a race, but Yūsuke is no match for the unknown Black Supra. Kyōsuke is still haunted by that devastating crash that occurred on the Expressway a few years ago, which caused him to leave street racing. One day while releasing his anger in the snowy mountains, he and Tsuchiya witnessed an accident resulting Tsuchiya (R32) racing down the snowy mountains to get help. After witnessing this, Kyōsuke asked Yūsuke to quit street racing in which the later replied that beating his record was the only thing for him. When Kyōsuke hears his old rival, Yūsuke has crashed on the freeway while racing the unknown Supra, permanently blinding himself in the process, Kyōsuke (R32) returns to the Megalopolis Express Freeway for one last street race to avenge Yūsuke.
The character designer for "Yubikiri no Kioku" is Shizuki Morii. Morii is a new character designer that has not worked on any previous "Memories Off" game. The director of the game is Yūsuke Matsumoto and Tarō Shibata is the producer.
After an initial 2012 advertising campaign featuring "Dr Coco", a suited foreign man, the company changed tack and from later in 2012 launched a series of advertisements using well-known Japanese actor Yūsuke Iseya.
An anime television series adaptation, produced by 8-Bit and directed by Yūsuke Yamamoto, began airing in October 2013. The opening theme is "Un-Delayed" by Miyuki Hashimoto and the ending theme is "MoonRise Romance" by Natsuko Aso.
It was also adapted into a live-action film starring popular actor/singer Tomohisa Yamashita as Yabuki Joe and Yūsuke Iseya as Rikiishi. The movie premiered in Japan on February 11, 2011.
The Paradise Kiss live-action features Keiko Kitagawa as Yukari Hayasaka and Osamu Mukai as George. Other cast members are Natsuki Katō as Kaori Aso, Aya Ōmasa as Miwako Sakurada, Kento Kaku as Arashi Nagase, Shunji Igarashi as Isabella Yamamoto, and Yūsuke Yamamoto as Tokumori Hiroyuki.
It was announced on their official website that guitarist Yūsuke Suga would be leaving the band on December 12, 2010, after the final concert of their "The Fangs of Killer「Seven」Sadness" tour. The band continued with the four remaining members.
In January 17, 2006, Katsumura married to actor Yūsuke Tomoi, the same year in August 7, she gave birth to a girl. She had a maternity leave after her marriage announcement in March 31, 2007, she quit her agency to focus on her child care.
In August 2003, the band went on hiatus for vocalist Yojiro Noda and other members to focus on their school exams. When the band returned in 2004, members Yūsuke Saiki, Kei Asō and Akio Shibafumi were no longer a part of the group, making this album the only with RADWIMPS' original line-up.