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Examples of "yabloko"
Since 2006, he was member of the Yabloko Party, co-chair the human rights group in the party Yabloko.
Yabloko-United Democrats was a coalition between Yabloko party and the Union of Right Forces formed for the Moscow municipal elections on December 4, 2005.
Plans to merge with Yabloko were shelved in late 2006.
She joined the Yabloko party in 2003. She ran for the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia in 2006, but the Yabloko slate was annulated by the republican authority.
The Yabloko and the Republican Party of Russia – People's Freedom Party are members of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party. The Yabloko is also a member of Liberal International.
Until 2008 he was the leader of Yabloko party's youth wing, organizing mass protests and speaking to the media about its causes. However, when he became an active member of the Solidarnost, Yabloko expelled him for "causing political damage".
On 17 December 2006, Moscow city authorities prohibited approximately 300 members of the political party Yabloko and their supporters from marching in memory of killed journalists. Yabloko was allowed to meet, however, but was refused a permit to march.
In the Russian legislative election, 2007, Yabloko lost its representation in the State Duma.
On 4 December 2005 Yabloko-United Democrats, a coalition formed by Yabloko and the Union of Rightist Forces, won 11% of the vote in the Moscow municipal elections and became one of only three parties (along with United Russia and the Communist Party) to enter the new Moscow City Duma. This success was seen by Yabloko leaders as a hopeful sign for the 2007 Russian parliamentary election, and reinforced the view that Yabloko and the Union of Rightist Forces need to unite in order to be elected to the State Duma in 2007.
On 4 July 2016 he was announced as a candidate for federal legislative election from Yabloko.
During the campaign the coalition declared its opposition to the policies of President Vladimir Putin and called for the restoration of political and media freedoms, curtailed by the Putin administration. Yabloko-United Democrats won 11% of the vote and became one of only three parties (along with United Russia and the Communist Party) to enter the new Moscow City Duma. Its deputies in the Duma are Yevgeny Bunimovich (Yabloko), Sergei Mitrokhin (Yabloko) and Ivan Novitsky (Union of Right Forces).
August 23 "Yabloko" and "Patriots of Russia" claimed that collected the required number of signatures to check their lists
The RPR-PARNAS cooperates with Yabloko, A Just Russia, Civic Platform, Alexei Kudrin, Vladimir Milov and others.
June 7, 2012, was elected chairman of the Kaliningrad regional branch of the Russian political party "Yabloko"
Under the same pseudonym in 2004–2006 was a member of a number of opposition organizations (NBP, youth "Yabloko" ("Apple")).
On July 4, 2016, she was officially announced as the candidate for federal legislative election from Yabloko.
The Yabloko is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party and Liberal International.
After Yabloko again failed to secure representation in the Russian legislative election, 2007, there was some possibility of Yavlinsky running again for presidency in 2008. However, most Yabloko members and Yavlinsky himself supported the long-shot and largely symbolic candidacy of émigré dissident Vladimir Bukovsky who in the end failed to clear legal obstacles to his registration.
The Communist Party, Yabloko, and the Union of Rightist Forces are considering filing a joint complaint with the Russian Supreme Court against the official results of the Duma elections. The parties also said they will likely appeal the election results to the European Court of Human Rights, even though a Yabloko-filed case contesting the results of the 2003 elections is still pending there.
Outside of his career in the State Duma, Arbatov served as vice chairman of the Russian United Democratic Party (Yabloko)--social liberal political party—from 2001 to 2008. Arbatov has served as a member of the Yabloko Political Committee from 2008 to the present.