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Examples of "yachts"
Majesty Yachts is a brand of superyachts and yachts manufactured by Gulf Craft, a global manufacturer of luxury yachts and fiberglass boats. Majesty Yachts is one of four international brands - namely Silvercraft, Oryx, Majesty Yachts and Gulf Collection - that make up the Gulf Craft range of yachts and boats. All Majesty Yachts are manufactured by Gulf Craft in the United Arab Emirates.
Some of the users are Baltic Yachts and Cathay Yachts.
Tiara Yachts is known for building mid-sized luxury yachts.
This is a list of the world's longest motor luxury yachts, with a length of and up. These boats are often known as super-yachts, mega-yachts and giga-yachts, usually depending on length. It has been generally accepted by naval architects and industry executives that super-yachts range from 120 ft (36m) up to 200 ft (60m), and mega-yachts are over 200 ft (60m). The only legal distinction is between yachts above 24 meters and below as those above 24 meters are viewed as a yacht and therefore must have a permanent crew on boat. Yachts over 300 ft (90m) have been referred to as giga-yachts.
It owned the Aquasport, Carver Yachts, Champion Boats, Crestliner, Glastron, Hatteras Yachts, Larson Boats, Lowe Boats, Scarab Boats, Trojan Yachts, and, Wellcraft brands.
Codecasa Yachts was awarded “Best Design” in the large motor yacht category by Yachts Magazine for their 164-foot range of yachts.
This article lists active sailing yachts in excess of 110ft in sparred length. Entries were either privately owned yachts originally or converted into sailing yachts.
Hodgdon Brothers specialized in building wooden yachts. The 1960s began a transition to fiberglass yachts.
X-Yachts is a Danish yacht manufacturing company, specializing in sailing yachts for cruising and racing.
Canadian Vickers also manufactured luxury yachts and vessels that were later converted as yachts:
This is a list of all the yachts built by Alloy Yachts, sorted by year.
Crosley owned a number of yachts. The Crosley boats were luxury yachts with powerful engines, not sailing vessels.
Bowman Yachts is a brand of the British premium yachtbuilder Rustler Yachts, which is based in Falmouth, Cornwall. They are known for handbuilding traditionally styled glassfibre composite ocean cruising yachts, with a high quality of workmanship.
Rustler Yachts is a British yachtbuilder based in Falmouth, Cornwall, with a reputation for handbuilding high quality, semi-custom yachts. The yachts are primarily cruising-orientated designs, built from glassfibre composite, with traditional hull forms and heavily built construction.
Royal Denship constructed yachts across six ship yards, constructing motor, expedition and sailing yachts. Among Royal Denship’s partners were Assens Shipyard, Danyard Aalborg Yachts, Fredericia Shipyard, Tuco Yacht Vaerft and Aarhus Shipyards.
Motor yachts typically have one or two internal combustion engines that burn diesel fuel or gasoline. Depending on engine size, fuel costs may make motor yachts more expensive to operate than sailing yachts.
Wasa Yachts AB is a Swedish Shipyard and Boat builder, known for producing high quality fast racing and cruising sailing yachts since late 1970s. The Wasa Yachts yard is located in Södertälje, Sweden.
Ted then started another independent yacht design company, Ted Hood Yachts, LLC, located in the Hinckley Yachts complex of the Melville Marina in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Ted Hood Yachts has eight power yacht designs, including two Coastal Explorers and six Expedition series yachts, as well as two motor sailor designs on the market all with ocean-going capabilities. All of Ted Hood's yachts are currently under production in Xiamen, China.
As an engineer, Horacio Carabelli does not only integrate his engineering skills while sailing, he has also carried out projects, constructions and designs regarding different types of vessels: yachts, motor yachts, schooners, monohull ships and multihull yachts.
Sunseeker regularly updates its yacht collection with new yachts, or improved versions of already released yachts. Below is a description of one the yachts in the Sunseeker collection, their specifications and where they can be chartered.