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Examples of "yahyakhel"
Yahyakhel District (, ) is a district of Paktika Province, Afghanistan.
In 1998, the district had an estimated population of over 75,000. However, by June 2004 the post-Taliban government separated off three new districts from the large Zarghun Shahr District. The new districts were Janikhel District, Yahyakhel District and Yusufkhel District. The district population in 2004 of the reduced district was 38,024.
On 23 November 2014, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a volleyball match being held in the Yahyakhel District of Afghanistan's southeastern province Paktika. The explosion immediately killed at least 50 civilians and injured another 60. Many children were among the dead and wounded. By the next day, the death toll had climbed to 61.
Zafar Khan is the son of Lt. Haji Shah Alam, an ethnic Pashtun, and was born in 1953 in Yahyakhel District of Paktika Province. His father moved him to Kabul and admitted him to Harbi Shownzai to train him to be an army officer. He passed out from Harbi Shownzai and began studies at Harbi Puhantun. He achieved a scholarship to attend a Soviet military academy in Moscow and completed his further studies for 6–7 years. On his return from Moscow he enrolled himself in paratroop course of Afghanistan and then commando course of Maslak-e-Commando.