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Examples of "yanomam"
Yanomaman (also Yanomam, Yanomáman, Yamomámi, Yanomamana, Shamatari, Shirianan) is a language spoken by about 20,000 Yanomami people in southern Venezuela and northwestern Brazil (Roraima, Amazonas).
There is a distinction between alienable and inalienable possession, again a common areal feature, and a rich system of verbal classifiers, almost a hundred, they are obligatory and appear just before the verb root. The distinction between inclusive and exclusive 1st person plural, a feature shared by most Native American languages, has been lost in Yanam and Yanomam dialects, but retained in the others.
Greenberg proposed a broader conception of Macro-Chibchan, one dismissed by linguists working on the families in question. It included Yanomam, Purépecha, and Cuitlatec in addition to Chibchan–Misulmalpan–Xinca–Lenca. Greenberg (1987) included Paezan languages in a Chibchan-Paezan stock with Barbacoan, Chibchan, Chocoan, Jirajaran, and the isolates Betoi, Kamsá (Sibundoy language), Yaruro, Esmeraldeño, Mochica, Cunza, Itonama, and Yurumanguí.
The Sanumá, also referred to as "Sanema, Sanima Tsanuma, Guaika, Samatari, Samatali, Xamatari" and "Chirichano" in the literature, are an indigenous people of Brazil and Venezuela They are related to the Yanomami. They number about 1500 and live on both sides of the border. In Venezuela they are found in the Caura River and Ventuari River basins where they live alongside the Ye'kuana. The Sanumá language is a Yanomam language.