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bagapsh              chernomyrdin              medvedchuk              yuschenko              ardzinba              yushchenko              kuchma              ryzhkov              yavlinsky              lukashenko              glazyev              yanukovych              podgorny              primakov              chernovetskyi              chubais              rykov              nemtsov              zyuganov              azarov              shevardnadze              zakharchenko              bakiyev              lakoba              andropov              luzhkov              kiriyenko              ankvab              bulganin              vyshinsky              shamba              zhirinovsky              yeltsin              suslov              stanishev              vyhovsky              sanakoev              gryzlov              lukashenka              tibilov              postsoviet              kokoity              agrba              arseniy              lakerbaia              rutskoy              malenkov              sanakoyev              skrypnyk              yekhanurov             

Examples of "yanukovich"
A pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovich, was elected in 2010 and Russia felt that many ties with Ukraine could be repaired. Prior to this, Ukraine had not renewed the lease of Black Sea Naval base at Sevastopol, meaning that Russian troops would have to leave Crimea by 2017. However, Yanukovich signed a new lease and expanded allowable troop presence as well as allowing troops to train in the Kerch peninsula. Many in Ukraine viewed the extension as unconstitutional because Ukraine's constitution states that no permanent foreign troops shall be stationed in Ukraine after the Sevastopol treaty expired. Yulia Tymoshenko, the main opposition figure of Yanukovich, was jailed on what many considered trumped up charges, leading to further dissatisfaction with the government. In November 2013, Viktor Yanukovich declined to sign an association agreement with the European Union, a treaty that had been in development for several years and one that Yanukovich had earlier approved of. Yanukovich instead favored closer ties with Russia.
On 18 June 2015 Yanukovich was officially deprived of the title of President of Ukraine.
After Victor Yanukovich had taken the office (February 2010), persecutions were executed almost exclusively against the Tymoshenko's political team as well as the ministers of her Cabinet. Victor Yanukovich collaborates with the part of the opposition — Victor Yushchenko's closest associates have been offered top positions :
With 100% of the ballots counted, the tally was 12,481,268 votes for Yanukovich (48.95%) and 11,593,340 votes for Tymoshenko (45.47%), giving Yanukovich a lead of 3.48%. There were 1.19% invalid votes and 4.36% of voters chose to vote "Against all" (candidates). In Kiev, the number of voter choosing "Against all" was close to 8%. 25.5 million Ukrainians voted in the second round.
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich declared "We... understand that this is another challenge to us, to the whole country. We will think how to respond accordingly. Speaking in Dnipropetrovsk on 28 April, Yanukovich offered 200.000 euro to citizens able to provide the authorities with useful information on the authors of the attack.
According to political science professor Olexiy Haran, Right Sector's role in Ukrainian politics was "extremely exaggerated" by Ukrainians associated with Yanukovich.
Minister of Defence Mykhailo Yezhel was sacked by President Yanukovich on 8 February 2012 and replaced by Dmytro Salamatin the same day
Mr. Shevchenko was an active participant of Euromaydan - mass protests of 2013-14 that brought down the regime of Victor Yanukovich.
However, during the 2010 president elections Adelaja decided and called all affiliated churches to vote for Victor Yanukovich, the opponent of the "Orange" leaders (Tymoshenko and Yushchenko).
18 March 2010, according to Decree of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich No.384/2010 Vilkul was appointed Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.
Sikorski was the leading European politician during the Maidan crisis in February 2014, which was sparked by refusal of signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement by Yanukovich.
Viktor Yanukovich has claimed to be the legitimate president of Ukraine stating that the events of the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution amounted to a coup and that the impeachment process has not been properly carried out. However, on 3 October 2014 several news agencies reported that Viktor Yanukovich accepted Russian citizenship while in exile, if confirmed this likely suggests he has given up his claims for presidency as Ukrainian law does not allow for dual citizenship.
On December 24, 2012, Klymenko was appointed, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 739/2012, to the new position of Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine in the Azarov government of President Viktor Yanukovich.
Condolences on the death of Chernomyrdin were voiced on 3 November 2010 by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and other state figures in Russia.
During the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 the city was the scene of riots against president Yanukovich during which the main Lenin statue of the city was toppled by protesters. After the revolution the city became relatively calm.
For 2012 Yanukovych predicted "social standards will continue to grow" and "improvement of administrative services system will continue". Yanukovich announced $2 billion worth of pension and other welfare increases on 7 March 2012.
In February 2015, he performed his play "Hotel Europa" at the Kiev opera house on the first anniversary of the Euromaidan's toppling of the pro-Russian government of Victor Yanukovich.
In 2007 he was a head of electoral headquarter of the Party of Regions and in 2010 - electoral headquarter of the candidate for Presidency of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich at Dnipropetrovsk Region.
Since Ukrainian independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, there have been 13 Ministers. Leonid Kozhara, under President Yanukovich, has been heading the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2013.
The treaty is "de facto" defunct since Russia has halted its purchase of Eurobonds since the ousting of President Yanukovich of 22 February 2014 and in April 2014, the Russian natural gas discount was cancelled.