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olarte              zabalza              banegas              isaza              urmeneta              bienzobas              fredes              tellechea              orbegozo              sarasola              villatoro              cruchaga              grijalba              morillas              torreblanca              cancino              figuerola              ohaco              grisales              aulestia              villela              zambrana              barrutia              mendivil              alzate              gallinal              piamonte              panizo              condori              joxemari              ortigosa              saldarriaga              urquiaga              colmenero              molero              tamariz              egoitz              aguerre              curado              hervas              arvelo              masip              valdovinos              vicencio              regueira              hernanz              rencoret              pizzaro              reguero              isasi             

Examples of "yarza"
Members: Archbishop Antonio Arregui Yarza of Guayaquil.
Msgr. Antonio Arregui Yarza (born June 3, 1939, in Oñate) is a Roman Catholic Archbishop.
Outstanding (Spanish: Sobresaliente) is a 1953 Spanish comedy film directed by Luis Ligero and starring Miguel Ligero and Rosita Yarza.
Archbishop Arregui Yarza was Auxiliary Bishop of Quito and Titular Bishop of Auzegera from January 4, 1990, to July 25, 1995.
He was born in Bella Vista, Montevideo to Giuseppe, an Italian immigrant from Esino Lario (near Milan), and María Jacinta Yarza from the Basque Country of Spain.
José Nasazzi Yarza (24 May 1901 – 17 June 1968) was the Uruguayan footballer who captained his country when they won the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930.
Yarza is an alumnus of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas "Angelicum" in Rome where he earned Doctorate in canon Law.
Rosita Yarza (5 November 1922 – 13 October 1996) was a Spanish film actress who appeared in around thirty films including "The Man Who Wanted to Kill Himself" (1942) in which she played the female lead.
The front was constructed in the 18th century in an Italian-Baroque style that was clearly of a neoclassic aspect. It was entrusted by the Archbishop Añoa to Julian Yarza, a disciple of Ventura Rodríguez.
For more information on Beatus of Liébana or on the Beatus Apocalypse manuscripts, see the studies carried out by John Williams, Mireille Mentre, José Camón Aznar, Wilhelm Neuss and Joaquín Yarza Luaces.
The band spent the majority of 2011 composing and recording what would become their sophomore album "Mentiras En Estéreo", once again collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Carlos de Yarza and Henry A. Otero under the BinaryStar Music label.
Two Degrees of Ecuador (Spanish: A dos grados del ecuador) is a 1953 Spanish adventure film directed by Ángel Vilches and starring José María Seoane, Rosita Yarza and Ángel Picazo.
Caride recruited his two partners at Bayside Records, Mike "In The Night" Triay and Carlos de Yarza, to remix the original song. The new, English-language lyrics were written by Yarza and Triay. The trio, known as the Bayside Boys, added a new dance beat specifically targeted to American and British audiences with English-language lyrics sung by Carla Vanessa. The finished version was called "Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)." The Bayside Boys remix hit number one on the "Billboard" Hot 100 in August 1996 and remained at the top of the chart for fourteen weeks.
Movilla returned to Zaragoza for the 2012–13 campaign, signing for one year. On 4 January 2013, after appearing in a 1–2 home loss to Real Betis, he became the club's oldest player to appear in an official match at the age of 37 years and 332 days, surpassing Enrique Yarza as the season went on to end in relegation.
The Palacio Legislativa y de Justicia (Legislative and Justice Palace) is the work of architects Xavier Yarto and Alberto Yarza. It is a modern design. Its interior contains a mural entitled “La Universialidad de la Justicia” by Gabriel Portillo del Toro.
The draw to divide the 16 teams in four groups of four was conducted on 5 July 2011 in Rome, Italy, which was conducted by FIFA Beach Soccer Committee members Joan Cuscó and Jaime Yarza. 1998 FIFA World Cup winner Christian Karembeu and beach soccer legend, Ramiro Figueiras Amarelle assisted the draw.
There are many theories on the origin of the figure of Christ. It was Professor Joaquin Yarza who assumed that its origins were northern European, although he did not deny its Sevillian origins. The latest studies conducted by Professor Francisco Galante Gomez confirm that the figure came from the flourishing workshops of Antwerp, thus making it of Flemish-Brabanzon origin, and it was sculpted by Louis Van Der Vule around 1514.
Origen began collaborating and recording in 2007 with Grammy-nominated producer Carlos de Yarza and Henry A. Otero. They signed a record deal with their producer's independent label BinaryStar Music and in 2008 released their self-titled debut album "Origen". "We come from different countries and cultures and it reflects in our compositions." ..."It gives our music an original flavor." Creating the album was a collaborative effort, with all members writing music and lyrics.
This album was produced by René L. Toledo, Joel Someillan, Carlos Ponce, Freddy Piñero, Jr., Gustavo Arenas, Carlos Alberto de Yarza, Javier Díaz, John M. Falcone and was released by Sony BMG Norte and Columbia Records in late September 2005 on three formats: standard, enhanced (with bonus materials) and DualDisc (including the same track listing and bonus materials). It debuted at number one in the "Billboard" Top Latin Albums chart, replacing "Fijación Oral Vol. 1" by Shakira and being replaced one week later by "Más Capaces que Nunca" by K-Paz de la Sierra.
In 1877 Lieutenant Kitchener, of the Palestine Exploration Fund survey team, reported the village deserted "owing to the heavy demands for taxes and conscription," while in 1881 Tayasir was described as a small village in a secluded and fertile valley, with good soil and arable land. To the south of the village there were old olive trees. The villagers cultivated the soil as far east as Wady Maleh, and had also good land near Yarza. Conder and Kitchener speculated that this village may have been the ancient site of the biblical Tirzah.