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yousuke              suguru              tasuku              sachio              eisuke              shunichi              takehiro              tatsuhiko              hisayoshi              junya              mitsuhiro              hiroto              yumiko              tomonori              yohei              kentarou              hisae              kyoji              toshiya              tamotsu              hiromichi              katsuhito              katsuji              sotaro              rikiya              chiharu              mitsuru              masayo              katsuhisa              mieko              rieko              michiyo              seiichiro              shozo              miwako              harumi              katsuhiko              kyoichi              mitsugu              hachiro              ryohei              hiroe              yurie              katsuo              takamasa              haruhiko              masatsugu              hidemi              kunihiro              yasufumi             

Examples of "yasuaki"
Saegusa's brother is businessman Yasuaki Miyashita.
Yasuaki Hosaka (保坂 康昭 "Hosaka Yasuaki") Boy #13; teamed with Mayu Hasuda. He has invaded with the others the headquarters, but then died in a "shooting spree" with the Wild Seven Members.
Onishi Yasuaki (Japanese, 大西康明) is a Japanese artist working in the mediums of installation, sculpture and painting.
"Happy Hustle High" follows the exploits of Hanabi Ozora. Hanabi is an assertive 16-year-old who protects her less assertive friends. The all-girls school that Hanabi attends, Uchino High School, is merged with Meibi High School, an all-boys school. Once there, Hanabi meets Yasuaki Garaku, a student council member who is also a surfer. Yasuaki expresses the fact that he has no interest in girls. When the Girls' council and the Boys' council start to fight, Hanabi jumps in, hoping that she can convince Yasuaki to change his mind.
Tsukada Special (塚田スペシャル "tsukada supesharu") is a Floating Rook variant of the Double Wing Attack shogi opening developed by professional Yasuaki Tsukada in the 1980s.
Mayu Hasuda (蓮田 麻由 "Hasuda Mayu") Girl #13; teamed with Yasuaki. She managed to survive until the very end.
Tsukada Special (塚田スペシャル "tsukada supesharu") is a Floating Rook variant of the Double Wing Attack opening developed by professional Yasuaki Tsukada.
In 2016, Yasuaki did a large installation for the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair, Tel-Aviv's largest and most influential annual art event in Israel.
In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about Aida Yasuaki, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 50 works in 50+ publications in 1 language and 50+ library holdings.
He captured the DEEP Lightweight Championship against Yasuaki Kishimoto and defended it before Pancrase veteran Takafumi Ito, but he lost it to fellow Pancrase exponent Satoru Kitaoka.
A light novel adaptation titled , written by Yasuaki Mikami and illustrated by AIC and Naoto Ayano, was published on August 21, 2012 by Shogakukan.
Producer and star of the film Yasuaki Kurata wanted to make a film with a female protagonist which led to an idea about making a vampire film.
Tsukada Special (塚田スペシャル) is a Floating Rook variant of the Double Wing Attack opening developed by professional Yasuaki Tsukada.
Members of the band included pianist Pii♪ (a.k.a. Yoko Shimomura), keyboardists Bunbun (a.k.a. Yasuaki Fujita) and Pakkun, guitarist Uppi (a.k.a. Kazushi Ueda), bassist WOODY, and drummer Tatsui, amongst others.
Yasuaki Onishi studied sculpture at University of Tsukuba and Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan. His sculptures are made from a mix of materials, including tree branches, wire, hot glue and urea.
Yasuaki (written: 保昭, 泰秋, 泰明, 靖晃, 康明, 安明 or 賢明) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
The first issue, published in January 2011, included articles by leading Asian scholars and practitioners such as Hisashi Owada, Xue Hanqin, B. S. Chimni, Tommy Koh, Onuma Yasuaki, and Michael Hwang.
In a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, Onishi Yasuaki did a sculptural installation based on the CLA model of Mercedes-Benz, the video Shaping Air was directed by German director Björn Fischer.
In April 28, 2012, he was transferred to the Hanshin Tigers in exchange for pitcher Ryuji Wakatake, and was assigned the jersey no. 49. His father Yasuaki Imanari, is a scouting agent for the Fighters.
Four Riders, a.k.a. Hellfighters of the East, is a 1972 Hong Kong film directed by Chang Cheh. It stars David Chiang, Ti Lung Chen Kuan-Tai, Wang Chung and Yasuaki Kurata.