Synonyms for yeom_dong or Related words with yeom_dong

woong              kyeong              geun              jung_yoon              kim_myung              jung_hae              lee_seung              yoo_jae              heon              kim_seong              choi_eun              yoon_jung              yoon_ji              beom              jung_yong              byeong              choi_jong              ahn_jae              yeol              kang_tae              ryong              baek_seung              pyung              kang_dae              deuk              cheol              kim_dae              jang_soo              seo_hyun              wook              seo_kyung              seop              jung_soo              choi_hyun              ryul              gyung              choi_jeong              baek_ji              yoo_seung              gyu              choi_seung              choi_jae              jung_hwa              jeong_hee              tae_woong              sung_hoon              hyo              kim_yeong              yoon_jong              kim_tae             

Examples of "yeom_dong"
Yeom Dong-Kyon (born 3 November 1983) is South Korean football goalkeeper.
Yeom Dong-jin(korean:염동진, hanja廉東振, February 14, 1902 – 1950(?)) was a Korean politician, independent artist. Leader of Baikuisa(hangul:백의사), of Korean terrorist Groups. Another name was Yeon Eung-Taik(korean:염응택, hanja廉應澤).
In December 2003, he and Yeom Dong-yeon were indicted for receiving illegal campaign contributions from several businessmen. He was found guilty in an appeal court in September 2004 and was sentenced to one year in prison serving his term at the Seoul Detention Center. Ahn was concerned that his conviction might do harm to the President and declined any political titles during the participatory government to keep a distance from the politics. While looking for a job, he found himself rejected many times but with the permission of Chairman Kang Geum-won, he took the advisory position at the Changshin Textile. 2007 Chairman Kang nominated Ahn as the Chairman of the Standing Committee which organized the Participatory Government Evaluation Forum. In the following year, he made a vow to inherit the political beliefs of two former Presidents: Kim Dae-jung and Rho Moo-hyun, and was elected as an executive committee member of the United Democratic Party. After being elected, he took a leading role in establishing the Better Democracy Research Institute which inherited the functions of the Local Autonomy Affairs Research Institute.