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gyeong              seon              gyu              seong              woong              kyung              seok              heon              shik              deok              hyung              hyeok              myeong              chul              cheol              beom              kwang              kyeong              gwang              jeon              seol              byung              hyeon              seung              kyoung              ryong              baek              hyeong              joo              pyung              sook              hyuk              keun              hyang              yeon              kyong              cheon              byeong              deuk              hye              byul              taek              jae              suk              hwakim              jeong              heepark              pyong              eun              gyung             

Examples of "yeong"
Suk-yeong is a character in "Dae Jo Yeong (TV series)".
An Yeong-Sik, An Byeong-Seok, Jo Byeong-Hyeon, Choi Tae-Gon, Kim Chun-Bae, Kim Hyeong-Il, Kim Yeong-Gi, Kim Yeong-Su, Go Se-Tae, Baek Jeong-Nam
Ji-woon's father soon finds out about their affair and exposes it to Yeong-jak, unaware that Yeong-jak apparently does not care what his wife does. However, Yeong-jak fails to keep his promise to the postman. The postman kidnaps Yeong-jak's adopted son and throws him off a building to his death. The postman then commits suicide.
Dae Jo-yeong died in 719, and his son Dae Muye assumed the throne. Dae Jo-yeong was given the posthumous name "King Go."
ROKS "Choe Yeong" (DDH-981) (, Hanja: 崔瑩) is a in the South Korean navy. The ship is named after the Korean general Choe Yeong.
Kim Yeong-cheol () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Yeong-cheol, and may also refer to:
During the Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynastys yeong-gam followed one's title, in modern use yeong-gam is used by itself.
Yeong-jak and Ho-jeong are devastated by their son's death. Ho-jeong blames Yeong-jak for starting the chain of circumstances that ended with the murder/suicide.
Park Yeong-hun (, born April 1, 1985), also known as Park Young-hoon and Pak Yeong-hoon, is a South Korean professional Go player.
Her twin sister Lee Da-yeong is also volleyball player.
Yeong-gam was first used as an honorific for a lower level civil servants of the Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynastys, though the first instance of its use is unknown. Nyeong-gam(녕감, 령감), was the first spelling used for this name, it was later changed to yeong-gam. The term yeong-gam comes after public office and peerage titles in a man's name.
ROKS "Choe Yeong" was diverted from anti-piracy operations in the waters off of Somalia to evacuate South Korean nationals stranded in Libya. "Choe Yeong" successfully evacuated 32 South Korean nationals on 4 March and docked in the Maltese port of Valletta. "Choe Yeong" remained on standby near Libyan waters to support "further evacuation efforts."
Min Yeong-chan (1873–?), was scion of the powerful Min clan of the late Joseon period in Korea. Along with his elder brother Min Yeong-hwan, Yeong-chan served in a number of official positions towards the end of the Joseon dynasty. In 1900 he served as Korean commissioner to the Paris Universal Exposition.
The most notable and famous of his children was his eldest, Dae Jo-yeong. Dae Jung-sang had another son, Dae Ya-bal (대야발), and probably also had other children besides Dae Jo-yeong because the Balhae Royal line consisted of two lineages, one from Dae Jo-yeong and the other from Dae Ya-bal.
Criticism KIM Yeong-Chan Ghosts in the Theatre of Criticism
Many computer systems support alternative keys or key sequences for keyboards without the Han/Yeong key. It is absent from the keyboards of most portable computers in South Korea, where the right key is used instead. On the right key of these devices, only "한/영" (Han/Yeong) or both "한/영" (Han/Yeong) and "Alt" are printed.
Kim Yeong-nam joined Seongnam Ilhwa in January 2012.
Han Mi-yeong meets Choi Su-hyeon and falls in love with him. However, unknown to her, he also begins to seduce her two sisters Han Seon-yeong and Han Ji-yeong. The two sisters are captivated by him and are unable to resist him.
During this time, Yeong restricted Hur Jun's career in every way possible, which ended when the brother of the Emperor's favorite concubine suffered from stomach cancer. The doctors in the Imperial Hospital exhausted all possibilities in treating the patient, but to no avail. Hur Jun successfully treated the patient in five days before Yeong could. This ended the restrictions imposed by Yeong.
Noh Yeong-Jin (노영진) was born on February 14th, 1995 in South-Korea. Noh Yeong-Jin or "Gamsu" is the top laner of team Fnatic. He is known for his tanky champion picks, and prefers group-fights over individual combat.