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hongwei              jiali              jianhua              guowei              jingyu              chunhua              zhipeng              zhihong              guoping              weiguo              xiaoyan              yongqing              jiafu              jiayi              jihong              wenli              weiping              zhixing              yanming              zhixian              yixiang              wenyi              zhenhua              xiaoguang              yanfeng              dezhi              xiaojun              weiying              yuping              xinxin              guoliang              peiyi              xiaoxiao              jinyu              qiwei              wenjie              xiaolong              yunpeng              yunshan              yufeng              shixiang              jingyan              zhiyong              tingyu              yonggang              weiqing              weixing              liping              qiming              xianying             

Examples of "yijun"
Luo Yijun (; March 29, 1967 - ) is a Taiwanese writer.
Yijun (Pixy) Liao is a Chinese born, American photographer.
Yijun Huang appeared as a conductor on the symphony stage.
Yijun County is a county of Tongchuan, Shaanxi, China.
Huang Yijun (; 4 May 1915 – 11 October 1995) was a Chinese conductor and composer.
Yijun (Pixy) Liao was born in Shanghai. Liao currently lives in Brooklyn.
Liu Yijun (; affectionately known as "Laowu" (; born 1962) is a Chinese heavy metal guitarist and member of the band Tang Dynasty.
Zhoushan was also occupied by the British in 1860 during the Second Opium War. Wang Yijun, a leader of the Taiping rebels, attempted to retake Zhoushan from its Qing garrison on 13 February 1862 but was defeated and killed.
"Legend of a Rabbit" was directed by Sun Yijun, president of animation at Beijing Film Academy. It was made over the course of three years, with a crew of 500 animators.
Wang Yijun was a leader of the Taiping rebels in 19th-century China. He was killed in an unsuccessful attempt to retake Zhoushan Island from its Qing garrison on 13 February 1862.
Some Chinese netizens have considered "Legend of a Rabbit" to be a rip-off of the film "Kung Fu Panda". Reacting to this, Yijun denied that the film was fake and said he was confused by the netizens' response.
The SPRi systems are currently manufactured by well known biomedical instrumentation manufacturers such as, GE Life Sciences, HORIBA, Biosensing USA, etc. The cost of these SPRi’s from the above manufacturers start from USD 100k and reaches almost to USD 250k depending on the application, whilst a mini prototype can be even made with a least budget of USD 2k just to witness this technique on a smaller scale that was built by Yijun Tang et al. to demonstrate the same to the high school students. The Figure 13 below is the USD 2k budget SPRi system built by Yijun Tang et al.
Yin Yijun (; born September 8, 1983 in Yangpu, Shanghai) is a Chinese sprint canoer who competed in the mid-2000s. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he was eliminated in the semifinals of the K-2 500 m event, while being disqualified in the semifinals of the K-2 1000 m event.
Feng Yijun (born February 12, 1997) is an American table tennis player. He competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the men's singles event, in which he was eliminated in the first round by He Zhiwen, and as part of the American team in the men's team event.
Zi was born into a scholarly family in Shanghai in June 1930, with her ancestral home in Leiyang, Hunan, the daughter of Tong Yijun (), a Chinese officer, and Zi Yaohua (), a banker and financier who was a graduate of Kyoto University, Pennsylvania University and Harvard University.
Singer and rhythm guitarist Ding Wu, bassist Zhang Ju, and Chinese-American guitarist Kaiser Kuo co-founded Tang Dynasty in early 1989. Kaiser left shortly after to return to America. Liu "Lao Wu" Yijun took his place and, according to Kaiser, went on to become China's first "guitar hero." In 1991, the band released its metal/rock version of "The Internationale" in Chinese.
ChIA-PET can also be used to unravel the mechanisms of genome control during processes such as cell differentiation, proliferation, and development. By creating ChIA-PET interactome maps for DNA-binding regulatory proteins and promoter regions, we can better identify unique targets for therapeutic intervention (Fullwood & Yijun, 2009).
The Xi'an–Yan'an Railway or Xiyan Railway (), is a railroad in Shaanxi Province of China between Xi'an, the provincial capital, and Yan'an. The line is long and was built in 1997 and partially double-tracked in 2007. Major cities and towns along route include Xi'an, Ganquan, Fu County, Huangling, Yijun, Baishui County, Pucheng County, Shaanxi and Yan'an.
The film was produced on a budget of CNY120 million, with 80% of it used for production equipment, while the rest was used for marketing. Yijun said that he was not completely satisfied with the film, but it would still get attention to the Chinese animation industry. He also said:
Shujun is a Chinese god of farming and cultivation, also known as Yijun and Shangjun. Alternatively he is a legendary culture hero of ancient times, who was in the family tree of ancient Chinese emperors descended from the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi). Shujun is specially credited with inventing the use of a draft animal of the bovine family to pull a plow to turn the soil prior to planting.