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Examples of "yina"
Danny's daughter, Yina Moe-Lange, is an Olympic alpine ski racer and his son, Jacob Moe-Lange, is a Ph.D. student at Stanford University.
The Mayor of the Borough of Princeton, New Jersey was Yina Moore (D, term ended on December 31, 2012). Members of the Borough Council were Jo Butler (D, 2012), Jenny Crumiller (D, 2012), Heather Howard (D, 2012), Roger Martindell (D, 2012), Barbara Trelstad (D, 2012) and Kevin Wilkes (D, 2012).
RANIA was originally set to debut in mid 2010 as the third generation of Baby V.O.X. However their record company DR Music decided to rebrand them as a new group named RANIA with 8 members: Saem (later known as Yina), Lucy (later known as Jooyi), Riko, Joy, Di, T-ae, Xia and Sarah. T-ae, Riko and Yina were chosen to star alongside former 2PM member Jay Park in his movie Hype Nation, causing DR Music to push back the group's debut. At the beginning of 2011, Sarah Wang made her decision to leave the group and was replaced by Chinese trainee Yijo. Before the addition of Yijo, Thai Korean trainee Data (Song Daeun) and Canadian Korean trainee Minhee (Moon Minhee) were set to take Sarah's place. However, Minhee left due to parental disapproval due to her age (at the time she was 15), and Data left due to homesickness (her family resided in Thailand).
BP Rania (BP 라니아, formerly known as Rania, shortened from "Black Pearl Regeneration Idol of Asia"; stylized as BP RaNia or BP RANIA) is a South Korean girl group formed by DR Music in 2011, created by American Teddy Riley. They debuted as RANIA with their debut mini album "Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia" with title track "Dr Feel Good" released in April 2011. The group's current line-up is composed of Alex, Yina, Zi.U, Hyeme, Jieun, Ttabo & Yumin.
On January 21, 2010, Yina Moe-Lange was selected by the Danish National Olympic Committee to participate in alpine skiing events of giant slalom and slalom at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. On February 18, 2010 NBC affiliate King 5 broadcast a short portrait of Moe-Lange from Whistler, Canada. At the Olympic competitions, she finished number 47 in Women's Giant Slalom in the time of 2:43.67 and she finished number 52 in Women's Slalom in the time of 2:04.70.
Yina Moe-Lange (born May 22, 1993 in Tokyo) is a Danish 2010 Olympian alpine ski racer. She was born in Tokyo, Japan where she skied first time at Mount Zaō when she was 3. Her mom’s job as a diplomat had previously brought the family to Tokyo, Japan. At age 4 she spoke fluently Japanese. That was also the time when her family relocated to California.
Downingia yina is a distinctive, colorful wildflower known by the common name cascade calicoflower. It bears small, easily recognizable flowers up to 1 centimeter in width. Each flower has three fused lower petals which are blue or violet with a central spot which is white with a yellow center. This pattern is attractive to pollinating insects and helps them navigate to the flower's center. The two upper blue petals may fold together to face each other, or stick straight out.
Emperor Taizong of Tang was crowned Tian Kehan, or "heavenly Khagan" after defeating the Tujue (Göktürks). A later letter sent by the Tang court to the Yenisei Kirghiz Qaghan explained that "the peoples of the northwest" had requested Tang Taizong to become the "Heavenly Qaghan". The Tang Dynasty Chinese Emperors were recognized as Khagans of the Turks from 665-705; however, we have two appeal letters from the Turkic hybrid rulers, Ashina Qutluγ Ton Tardu in 727, the Yabgu of Tokharistan, and Yina Tudun Qule in 741, the king of Tashkent, addressing Emperor Xuanzong of Tang as Tian Kehan during the Umayyad expansion.
It is not certain whether the title also applied to the rest of the Tang emperors, or to the empress Wu Zetian, since the term "Kaghan" only referred to male rulers and Empress Wu had started her dominion in the Chinese court after the year 665 AD until the year 705 AD, which is after the title's first use by a Chinese emperor. However, we do have two appeal letters from the Turkic hybrid rulers, Ashina Qutluγ Ton Tardu in 727, the Yabgu of Tokharistan, and Yina Tudun Qule in 741, the king of Tashkent, addressing Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Li Longji as Tian Kehan during the Umayyad expansion.
Kuyayky was founded by ethnomusicologist Jose Hurtado Zamudio and singer/composer Edda Bonilla Peña of the Conjunto de Alma Jaujina, in 1980 in the town of Jauja. Kuyayky's original members are the Hurtado Bonilla siblings: Rubi Indira in guitar and first voice, Jose Luis in the mandolin and fourth voice, Yina in the charango and second voice, Mariluz in the quena, sikus, cajón and third voice, and Candy in the bombo leguero and first voice. They have been known to collaborate with different musicians in distinct musical genres including jazz, bluegrass, rock, punk rock and folk music from Europe and Latin America.
On 23 December, 2016, DR Music revealed a teaser image for Black Pearl and hinted a comeback as a seven-member group. On 24 December, an image teaser for Hyeme and new member Jieun were revealed. On 25 December, Zi.U (formerly known as Seulji) and new member Yumin teaser images were revealed. On 26 December, DR Music revealed teaser images for Alex and new Chinese member Ttabo. It was reported that former member Saem had rejoined the group after 2 years following her departure in late 2014, and she change her name to Yina. On 27 December, DR Music revealed last teaser image for Saem, confirming that she had re-joined the group. On 28 December, Rania released teaser music video for upcoming comeback track "Start a Fire" as BP RANIA.
In January 2015, Jooyi stopped attending live performances with RANIA, to which DR Music claimed that she was simply on hiatus. In April 2015, Sharon Park left the group to focus on her modeling career. In July 2015, RANIA made their appearance with two new members, trainees Seulji and Hyeme. In October 2015, the group announced their comeback as a six-member group on 6 November with their 3rd mini album "Demonstrate". On 3 November, Seulji and Hyeme were revealed as new member and also confirmed that "Demonstrate" would be featuring American Rapper Alexandra Reid, it was possible she became a new member. On 4 November, DR Music confirmed that Alexandra Reid became a new member of the group and also confirming that Yina and Jooyi had officially left from the group. Alex is the first ever African-American woman to be an official member of a South Korean girl group.
The conversions among Temne to Islam began and progressed through the 18th and 19th century. In the northwestern parts of Sierra Leone, close to Futa Djallon, the conversions were near complete and chiefdoms called themselves Islamic. In southeastern parts of Temne territory (central Sierra Leone), states Rosalind Shaw, the conversion of Temne people have been semi-Islamic who have adopted Islam but reinterpreted it into Temne's traditional religious ideas rather than abandoning their traditional theology. These southeastern Temne can be defined either as Muslims or as belonging to the traditional religion, states Shaw. They believe in spirits, divination and ancestral worship, believe that their ancestral spirits reside in a transitional region before proceeding to the Islamic idea of an eternal paradise or hell. Those who are literate recite Quranic prayers, others offer the daily prayers required in Islam. Those who retain their beliefs in old gods now consider them Muslim spirits ("e-yina") while emphasizing the supreme deity "Ala" (derived from Arabic "Allah"). Islam, thus, has not reduced the complexity of Temne cosmology but elaborated it further, states Shaw.
At the end of the 1980s many freelance artists gathered around Fuyuanmen Village, near Yuanmingyuan Palace in Beijing. Within 2 years dozen of artists have moved there such as Ding Fang, Fang Lijun, Wang Yina, Yi Ling, and Tian Bin. Together these artist organize group exhibitions in the village. The easy-going life, the uncertain future, and the freedom drew artists to this place, where it seemed they could realize a romantic dreamland and a poetic ideal. Among their ideals, the artistic spirit seemed to be in direct conflict with financial or material considerations. However, the appearance of the market economy had already transformed the political and social terrain of China, as exemplified by the "silicon valley", Zhongguancun, booming just south of Yuanmingyuan. This place was accruing wealth that was symbolic in China as the center of the information industry and as a casebook of successful economic development. The artists living in Yuanmingyuan confronted this stronghold of the market economy on a daily basis, and most were disgusted by this environment.