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qingwei              guowei              zhizhong              lianbiao              zhidong              weiying              yufen              xiaolu              guoping              yueqi              renliang              xianbin              juzheng              yiqing              gongquan              mingjie              fuzhi              kecheng              wenguang              haiqi              chenglong              daoming              fakui              zhizhen              chengliang              zhihong              jigang              chengfeng              wenli              guofu              juezai              zhung              liangying              chaohua              honggen              jiafu              jizhong              qifeng              xiuzhi              mingshu              tingyu              jiuling              zhipeng              qingli              jingwen              guohui              boxiong              zizhou              guangmei              yijun             

Examples of "yitang"
Wang Yitang was executed by firing squad at Beiping on September 10, 1948.
His former name was Zhiyang () and his courtesy names were Shenwu () and Shengong (). Later, his name was changed to Geng () while his courtesy name was changed to Yitang (). He was also known by his art name Yitang (). He was born in Hefei, Anhui.
Back at the present, Xu Ruoqing confronted Liu Li on whether she is having an affair with Zhao Yitang, to which she rejected and explained that Zhao Yitang's company is having a lot of financial issues and she is only maintaining a strict workers relationship with Zhao Yitang. Feeling a mix of emotions of guilt, fear and insecurity, Xu Ruoqing turned to her old friend, who is also a psychologist (Qin Hailu) for consultation on her current situation.
Getting increasingly disturbed by the visions around the mansion, with Zhao Yitang's absence around the house at night, Xu Ruoqing started getting suspicious that Zhao Yitang might actually be having an affair with Liu Li.
On Puluwat in the Caroline Islands, in the context of sacred "yitang" lore, breadfruit ("poi") is a figure of speech for knowledge. This lore is organized into five categories: war, magic, meetings, navigation, and "breadfruit".
After the Xinhai Revolution broke out, Wang Yitang through introduction of Xu Shichang, joined the secretariat of Yuan Shikai. In 1912 Wang Yitang successively belonged to several political parties, Minshe (), Gonghe Cujinhui (), Unity Party (Tongyidang; ) and Republican Party (Gonghedang; ). In 1913 he was elected to the National Assembly as the representative for Tibet. In May, United Party, Democratic Party (Minzhudang; ) and Republican Party merged, becoming the Progressive Party (Jinbudang; ), and Wang Yitang was appointed Director. In May 1914 he was appointed a member of the State Council. In August 1915 he was appointed Civil Governor of Jilin. In April 1916 he became Minister of the Interior, and held that post until the end of June.
In December 1937 Wang Kemin established the Provisional Government of the Republic of China. Xia Suchu also participated in it, and was appointed a director to the Relief Bureau. In next September he was appointed a director to the General Affairs Bureau of the Ministry for Interior, and supported Minister Wang Yitang.
Yitang Zhang showed that there are infinitely many prime pairs with gap bounded by 70 million, and this result has been improved to gaps of length 246 by a collaborative effort of the Polymath Project. Under the generalized Elliott–Halberstam conjecture this was improved to 6, extending earlier work by Maynard and Goldston, Pintz & Yıldırım.
In March 1940, the collaborationist Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China was established by Wang Jingwei, and Wang Yitang was appointed Minister of the Examination Yuan and a member of the North China Political Council (). From June 1940 to February 1943 he served as Chairman of the North China Political Council.
It is conjectured that every admissible "k"-tuple matches infinitely many positions in the sequence of prime numbers. However, there is no admissible tuple for which this has been proven except the "1"-tuple (0). Nevertheless, by Yitang Zhang's famous proof of 2013 it follows that there exists at least one "2"-tuple which matches infinitely many positions.
Following the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Wang Kemin established the Provisional Government of the Republic of China in December 1937. Wang Yitang successively held the positions of Executive Member of the Political Commission (), Minister for Relief, and Minister of the Interior.
Polignac's conjecture states that every positive even number "k" occurs as a prime gap infinitely often. The case "k" = 2 is the twin prime conjecture. The conjecture has not yet been proven or disproven for any specific value of "k", but Zhang Yitang result proves that it is true for at least one (currently unknown) value of "k" which is smaller than 70,000,000.
Yitang "Tom" Zhang () is a Chinese-born American mathematician working in the area of number theory. While working for the University of New Hampshire as a lecturer, Zhang submitted an article to the "Annals of Mathematics" in 2013 which established the first finite bound on gaps between prime numbers. This work led to a 2014 MacArthur award and his appointment as a professor.
Wang Yitang (; October 17, 1877 – September 10, 1948) was a politician and military leader in the Qing Dynasty and Republic of China. He belonged to Anhui clique and formed the Anfu Club (). Later he became an important politician in the Provisional Government of the Republic of China and the Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China.
In the present, Zhao Yitang has been called by his wife where he was given the option of having a cheque with a huge funds to save his career, only if he agrees to tear up the divorce papers. Zhao Yitang refused, and finally his wife revealed that it's too late for him to do anything now. She has been bribing Gen, agreeing to let him inherit the mansion, on the condition that he changes Xu Ruoqing's medicines with another chemical substance that will cause Xu Ruoqing to hallucinate and these hallucinations might eventually kill her. Meanwhile, Xu Ruoqing are escaping from all the servants who have died in the mansion, and flee with her daughter to the basement of the mansion, managing to find some peace over there. The little girl in red whom her daughter claimed to have encountered previously appeared, revealing that she's actually the daughter of Zhao Yitang and his wife and had been instructed by the wife to dress in red all the time in the mansion and her daddy will come back to her.
The scene flashes back to the present, Xu Ruoqing started having visions around the mansion, and this condition grew worse with each passing day in the mansion. Her daughter has came to her several nights claiming that a young girl dressed in red kept wanting to play with her. Horrified, Xu Ruoqing started asking for Zhao Yitang to come back to accompany her and their daughter for the nights, only to have him rejecting her requests as his company are currently facing funding issues and usually spent the nights with his assistant, Liu Li (Monica Mok) to source out potential investors. Incidentally, Liu Li is also Xu Ruoqing's best friend who was the one who brought the two of them together. Liu Li has pointed out in a conversation that Zhao Yitang was actually still in a marriage with his wife and the divorce papers have not been signed by his wife (Patricia Ha), contrary to what Xu Ruoqing thought.
In 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out, Ni Daolang contacted with Liang Hongzhi, Yin Rugeng, Jiang Chaozong and Wang Yitang secretly harboured the intention of creating a pro-Japanese government. Next July, Ni became the president of the Local Preservation Council of Anhui Province. On November, he participated in the Reformed Government of the Republic of China, and was appointed Governor of Anhui Province.
"Mamenchisaurus" was first discovered in 1952 on the construction site of the Yitang Highway in Sichuan, China. The partial skeleton fossil was then studied, and named "Mamenchisaurus constructus" in 1954, by the renowned Chinese paleontologist Professor C. C. Young. The type specimen had an incomplete neck with 14 vertebra preserved and none of these were complete. "M. constructus" has been estimated around and in length.
The 3D thriller is based on the legendary mansion at No. 81 on Chaoyangmennei Street in Beijing, follows Xu Ruoqing (Ruby Lin), a woman whose presence in the notorious mansion draws up the spirits that have taken residence there. She has recently moved in with their daughter to the mansion with Zhao Yitang (Francis Ng), the boss of a publication company publishing Xu Ruoqing's novels.
Twin primes become increasingly rare as one examines larger ranges, in keeping with the general tendency of gaps between adjacent primes to become larger as the numbers themselves get larger. However, it is a longstanding conjecture that there are infinitely many twin primes. Work of Yitang Zhang in 2013, as well as work by James Maynard, Terence Tao and others, has made substantial progress towards proving this conjecture, but at present it remains unsolved.