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Examples of "yjt"
O'Malley has held senior management and board member positions in a number of IT companies, including Bluenog (December 2009 – present), Nimsoft, Inc. (April 2011 - July 2012), YJT Solutions (July 2012 - March 2015), and VelociData, Inc. (September 2012 – present). He has also founded Christopher Ventures LLC established in July 2012.
In addition, a group local to the Bay St. George area, consisting of concerned citizens and business people with experience in various levels of the tourism/transportation industry have been gathering support via a Facebook group called; "Land Porter Airlines in Stephenville, YJT" in an effort to illustrate the demand for increased air service at Stephenville Airport. The specific intent of the group is to attract Porter Airlines and add service to Halifax and/or Toronto (likely via Halifax due to the use of shorter range Q400 aircraft which make up Porter's fleet).