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Examples of "ylvisaker"
Paul Ylvisaker Award for Public Policy Engagement: The Maytree Foundation
William Townend Ylvisaker (February 25, 1924 – February 6, 2010) was an American businessman and polo player.
To lead the new foundation, Ylvisaker recommended Dr. James Adolphus "Dolph" Norton, his college roommate at Yale University and by 1961 a political scientist at Case Institute of Technology. In February 1961, Ylvisaker contacted T. Keith Glennan, president of Case, to ask him to temporarily release Norton from his teaching duties so he could lead the new foundation. Glennan agreed. Glennan and Ylvisaker also decided to have Kent Smith work with Norton on developing the proposal further.
Additional performers include Doseone, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Nedelle Torrisi, Paul Flynn, Liz Hodson, Andrew McDiarmid, Deborah Ranker, and Jeremy Ylvisaker.
In 2013, she won the Ylvisaker Cup alongside Sugar Erskine, Julio Arellano and Tommy Collingwood against Marc Ganzi's Audi team.
Dosh is a member of Cloak Ox, a four-piece band featuring Andrew Broder, Jeremy Ylvisaker and Mark Erickson.
Jeremy Ylvisaker is a multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a member of the indie rock bands Alpha Consumer and The Cloak Ox.
Political scientist Paul N. Ylvisaker was head of the Public Affairs Program at the Ford Foundation. The program was committed to studying the problems of urban areas and financing pilot project to help solve them. In late 1960, Ylvisaker was in the process of finalizing a $1.25 million grant to the Kansas City Association of Trusts and Foundations (later renamed the Kansas City Community Foundation) to help that body revitalize its research and grant-making agenda. About the same time, Ylvisaker began talking to Harold Clark about how the Public Affairs Program might make a similarly sized grant to a Cleveland-area organization. Homer Wadsworth, head of the Kansas City foundation, urged Ylvisaker to make the grant, so that it would not appear as if the Ford Foundation were favoring Kansas City.
He lived in Wellington, Florida from 1997 to his death in 2010. He was married and divorced three times. He had two daughters, Laurie Ylvisaker and Elizabeth Maren Keeley.
Luther student housing includes residence halls (Miller Hall, Dieseth Hall, Ylvisaker Hall, Farwell Hall, Brandt Hall, Larsen Hall, Olson Hall) and several houses, townhouses, and apartment buildings. Ninety-five percent of Luther students live on campus all four years.
Ylvisaker was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He went to the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. He attended Yale University, where he served as captain of the polo team.
In 2005, co-collaborator Martin Dosh joined Bird's line-up, adding percussion and keyboards to his sound. Jeremy Ylvisaker was later added to the group on bass and backup vocals.
Both in the studio and during live performances, Lee has been accompanied by Michael Lewis (musician) (Bon Iver), Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird), JT Bates, Jakob Hanson, Jeremy Hanson and Mike Rossetto.
In 2011, an EP of 4 of Eyedea's freestyles, previously released in 2010 but only sold at live shows, were made available for 'pay what you want' download. Guitar Party a group consisting of vocalist (and first grader) Mijah Ylvisaker, drummer J.T. Bates (Face Candy, Carbon Carousel, The Pines) and guitarists Jeremy Ylvisaker (Carbon Carousel, Alpha Consumer, Andrew Bird, The Cloak Ox), Jake Hanson (Halloween, Alaska), Andrew Broder (Fog, The Cloak Ox) and Micheal Larsen (Eyedea & Abilities, Carbon Carousel, Face Candy) released a recording of the only live show they had managed to play before Eyedea's death called 'Birthday [I feel Triangular]'
Currently, Matt is a full-time record producer at his recording studio, the Library, in Northeast Minneapolis. Some of the artists who have recorded at the Library include Jeremy Messersmith, John Mark Nelson, Jeremy Ylvisaker with "Guitar Party," and Red House Records artists The Pines.
Andrew Broder was one half of the indie rock duo Hymie's Basement along with Yoni Wolf of Why?. He was also a part of Lateduster with friends JG Everest, Bryan Olson and Dosh. Broder, Dosh, Erickson and Jeremy Ylvisaker are now playing as Cloak Ox. In 2010, Andrew Broder wrote the score for Alan Moore's "Unearthing" as Crook&Flail with Doseone.
Finally, a study conducted by Mark Ylvisaker of the College of Saint Rose and Timothy Feeney of the Wildwood Institute looked at children with executive function impairment. The children had brain functioning impairments affecting motor skills, memory, or the ability to focus. Learned optimism was not taught to the children themselves, but rather to their caretakers, who often are more likely to feel helpless than optimistic in regards to caring for the child. It was found that learned optimism in caretakers of children with brain damage actually led the children to develop more functioning than children without optimistic caretakers. Thus Ylvisaker concludes that the optimism of professional rehabilitators can affect the results of their clients.
Greycoats released their first album Setting Fire to the Great Unknown, produced by Matt Patrick at Two Pillars Studio in 2008. In 2013, they released their second album, entitled World of Tomorrow, which was co-produced by Matt Patrick and Jeremy Ylvisaker at the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis. Their third album, Adrift, was released November 13, 2015 on Ephemera Records and was produced by Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio.
Redfield's music was first recognized in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he released his debut LP, "Ephemeral Eon," in March 2010. Minnesota Public Radio and Cities 97 continue to play its tracks, some of which were co-produced and mixed by Eyedea and feature accompaniment by Jeremy Ylvisaker and Haley Bonar. Redfield was "Picked 2 Click" by City Pages in August 2010 and "Ephemeral Eon" earned honorable mention on critic Rob Van Alstyne's list of the year's best local records.
In 2002, Patrick recorded his first solo CD titled "Change" in several studios in the Twin Cities, including his basement studio, then enlisted Tom Herbers to mix. Some of the musicians on this album were: Adam Levy (The Honeydogs), Randy Broughten (Gear Daddies, Trailer Trash, Cactus Blossoms) on pedal steel, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Bruce Balgaard, Brian Mangum and Chris DeWan who were regular members of his band at that time. His album had received very favorable reviews from national and international press.