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takehiro              mitsuhiro              kohei              ryohei              seiichiro              takafumi              ryota              nobuaki              katsutoshi              katsuya              katsuhisa              shuhei              shigeki              yoshifumi              shozo              eisuke              rieko              katsuji              hachiro              yosuke              hisayoshi              yasuyuki              hiromichi              hiromasa              tomoharu              masahito              yasufumi              keijiro              shinpei              moriyasu              toshiharu              yuichiro              ikuo              sotaro              tomohiko              mitsugu              tsuneo              ryoichi              katsunori              sachio              tasuku              masataka              takahisa              naohiro              katsumi              fumiya              toshiya              masahide              shinichiro              ippei             

Examples of "yohei"
Yohei Nishimura joined J3 League club Tochigi SC in 2016.
Yohei Naito (内藤 洋平, born July 9, 1988) is a Japanese football player.
On January 3, 2016, Kawato made his debut match against Yohei Komatsu in a losing effort.
Sasakawa died July 18, 1995. He had three sons: Masatada, Takashi and Yohei.
Mom is a housewife. She stays home with Yohei and Chi.
Yohei hurls the gold to the ground, shamed that Azuma should have offered it. Azuma admits her mistake, and instead gives Yohei an under-robe Yojibei had previously given Azuma. Realizing the depths of her love, Yohei instead takes the money, vowing to go to Edo and prosper in the oil trade there; after he makes his fortune, he will return and ransom Azuma so she could be reunited with Yojibei. The two agree to go to a teahouse to drink together before Yohei leaves.
Yohei Nanbu (born December 22, 1976) is a Japanese mixed martial artist. He competed in the Featherweight division.
Yohei Takeda (武田 洋平, born June 30, 1987) is a Japanese football player. He plays for Nagoya Grampus.
Yohei Suzuki (born April 6, 1973) is a Japanese mixed martial artist. He competed in the lightweight division.
Yohei Sakai (坂井 洋平, born April 10, 1986) is a Japanese football player. He plays for Thespakusatsu Gunma.
With the exception of Yohei Kono and Sadakazu Tanigaki, every has also served as Prime Minister of Japan.
In July 2001, Taiki who was known for his live performances met Yohei who was already making songs and they decided to work together. During September of that same year, Taiki's friend from his school days, Shinya, got together with Taiki and Yohei. With an introduction from another friend, the three met Shaw and formed the group 10,000 Promises.
However, Yohei is not the only would-be buyer. Hikosuke has recovered his former spirits and wishes to buy out Azuma's contract as well, as does an old samurai with an extremely valuable antique two-foot broadsword; Yohei is convinced that this old man is Jibuemon.
On his way out, he encounters Hikosuke who is spoiling for a rematch. Yohei stabs Hikosuke in the head, and flees when Hikosuke yells for help – if he were to be captured, he would never make to Edo and so could never help Azuma. Confused as to the identity of his assailant, Hikosuke blames Yojibei, who is speedily apprehended. Yojibei realizes that it was Yohei who is to blame, but he remains silent: he owes Yohei a debt of honor for protecting Azuma, and he will remain silent even though he is in mortal danger of execution if Hikosuke perishes of his wound.
The owner determines that he can't let Azuma be ransomed before she returns. It would set a bad precedent otherwise. Yohei has his two chests brought in, and out spring both Azuma and Yojibei, now restored to his sense. Hikosuke is allowed to leave alive by Jibuemon, as long as he reports to the police that it was Yohei who did it and drops the charges. Yohei ransoms Azuma's contract for only 300 gold pieces, as it has not long to run, and gives the other 700 to various people. Azuma and Yojibei marry, to live happily ever after, although nothing is said of Okiku. Everyone begins to party.
Yōhei, Yohei or Youhei (written: 洋平, 陽平, 容平, 曜平 or 要平) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
Yohei Oshima (大島 洋平, born November 9, 1985 in Japan) is a Japanese professional baseball outfielder for the Chunichi Dragons in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
Yohei is a very small boy who finds Chi when she gets lost. He is cheerful, kind, obedient, and fond of toy trains.
Yohei Nishibe (西部 洋平 "Nishibe Youhei", born 1 December 1980 in Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan) is a Japanese football player currently playing for Shimizu S-Pulse.
No sooner is he gone then it is bruited about that Yojibei has arrived. He learns of the recent events from Azuma and thanks Yohei, proposing that before he leaves for Edo, he spend the night with Azuma and Yojibei drinking and dancing and singing as their thanks to him. Yohei begs off, as his legs hurt from the unfamiliar seating arrangements and his mother is no doubt worrying about what has become of him.