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yoon              joo              jeong              jang              choi              hwang              woo              kang              hyun              jeon              chae              jae              ahn              seung              baek              kwon              kyung              yong              jung              jin              yun              kwang              myung              seok              suk              seong              hee              joon              dong              chul              soo              eun              hye              byun              kim              hyung              youn              suh              hyeon              hwan              cheon              yeong              seol              chung              koo              hyuk              chun              kwak              kwan              yu             

Examples of "yoo"
Yoo was known, due to his reclusiveness, as "the millionaire with no face." He married Kwon Yun-ja (; born ), the daughter of Kwon Shin-chan, in 1966. He had four children with her: daughter Yoo Som-na (; born 1966), also known as Ennette Yoo, daughter Yoo Sang-na (; born ), son Yoo Dae-kyun (; born ), and second son Yoo Hyuk-kee (; born 1972), also known as Keith H. Yoo.
Jeff Yoo, or Yoo Ji-Young, (born October 30, 1978) is a former association football player.
The accumulated value of the assets owned by Yoo and his family is estimated at over billion (~ million). It includes an estimated billion (~ million) held by Yoo himself, billion (~ million) by eldest daughter Yoo Som-na, billion (~ million) by eldest son Yoo Dae-kyun, and billion (~ million) by the second son Yoo Hyuk-kee.
Yoo Se-rye (born Yoo Hee-jeong on March 16, 1984) is a South Korean actress.
Kang-woo's sister. Hates Ji-yoo very much, always thinks of schemes to remove her from the Yoo family.
Ji-yoo and Kang-woo's son. He was born in secret while Ji-yoo was unconscious. Seo-rin took him away from his birth mother and deceived the Yoo family, claiming Ma-eum is her son with Kang-woo.
Yoo Seong-min (유승민, born January 7, 1958), also spelled as Yoo Seung-min, is a South Korean economist and politician. He is the son of late Daegu court chief attorney and parliament member Yoo Soo-ho.
Kang Ji-yoo is a ballerina, the girlfriend of Yoo Kang-woo, heir of Moseong Group. After a traffic accident, Kang Ji-yoo lost all of her memories, her family using up all their money to pay five years' worth of hospital treatments. To pay for her huge debt, she entered the Yoo family (with no idea about Kang-woo's identity or their past due to her amnesia) to be the nurse & guardian of Moseong Group's chairman Yoo Man-ho (Kang-woo's father).
Yoo made no known public appearances since the "Sewol" sank. The Ministry of Justice banned within the first week of the investigation Yoo, his eldest son Yoo Dae-kyun, and more than 60 other employees in various companies owned by Yoo or his sons from leaving South Korea.
Yoo began her international career as an 18-year-old defender. Yoo made her first appearance selection during 1993 AFC Women's Championship finals against and scored debut goal in same game. Yoo was a part of 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup for . On 6 October 2008, Yoo announced her retirement and started to coach.
Heir to Moseong Group, yoo man ho second wife son and Ji-yoo's boyfriend before the accident. After Ji-yoo "supposedly" died in the accident, he became insane. Seo-rin tricked the distraught Kang-woo into marrying her, making him believe he had cheated on Ji-yoo with Seo-rin, as well as claiming she is pregnant with "their" child.After encountering Ji-yoo again after 5 years, he tries very hard to help Ji-yoo recover her memories so that he can finally marry Ji-yoo and live the happy life that was stolen from him.
Yoo Dong-geun was announced as having signed onto the production in early October. Yoo signed on to portray Kwon Yong-kwan, the unorthodox head of the NTS.
Kim Yoo-jin () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Yoo-jin, and may also refer to:
In 2011, Kim controversially attended the wedding of Yoo Seung-jun (Steven Yoo) in person, who is banned from re-entering South Korea after evading military service.
Later on So-Hee begs Yoo-jin to let her confess but Yoo-jin storms out of the classroom. So-Hee stays behind, and Eon-Joo is seen behind her. She turns So-Hee's head around to look at her and So-Hee screams. Yoo-jin runs back to check on So-Hee, then asks her to go to the church to try apologize. Yoo-jin attempts to take the church key that used to belong to her before Eon-Joo beat her in grades but doesn't find it. Jeong-Eon asks Yoo-jin if she is "looking for this" and holds up the key. Jeong-Eon tells Yoo-jin that she knows she was on the roof with Eon-Joo. Yoo-jin asks how she knows that, and Jeong-Eon responds "Eon-Joo told me, she told me everything!" Yoo-jin hits Jeong-Eon with a statue, knocking her out, and leaves.
The above form is distinct from the homophonous "(du) yoo xh'atángi" “(his) language; (his) speech” which is the possessed form of the conversion "yoo xh'atánk".
A film adaptation also titled "The Crucible" (), was released in 2011 starring Gong Yoo as Kang In-ho and Jung Yu-mi as Seo Yoo-jin.
Yoo-baek realizes that Seol-hee's skill with the sword is similar to Seol-rang's, whom he had once loved. Yoo-baek orders his
The Yoo Pune is a 6 tower project currently under construction in Pune, India. The Yoo Pune project will consist of 35 floors with footprint of around .
The Yoo-mes Bond series is famous for its protagonist, Yoo Jae-suk as Yoo-mes Bond, who is known to use a water gun to eliminate his foes to complete his mission. This series features Yoo Jae-suk against the other "Running Man" members, who do not know Yoo Jae-suk's identity or mission. In episode 38, during the "Find The Guests" mission, there was no guest and Yoo Jae-suk was given the mission to secretly eliminate the other members by spraying their name tag with a water gun. This was the first time Yoo-mes Bond appeared as a character. A year later, Yoo-mes Bond returned for his first anniversary in episode 91, where he faces the members once again. All members were arrested for various crimes they have committed. Yoo Jae-suk was given the opportunity of a pardon, where he must re-imprison the rest of the escaped members by spraying their name tags before they can escape the building. If he is successful in re-imprisoning the other members, he will be free to leave while the other members continue to serve time. In Episode 140, it marked the second anniversary of Yoo-mes Bond, where he was framed for spreading the "anger virus" and infecting his fellow members. He must find that person impersonating him and eliminate them to retrieve the vaccine. At the end of both episodes (91 & 140), the words "Yoo-mes Bond Never Die" appeared, hinting at future episodes in the series.