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Jung Yoo-kyung (born December 8, 1968) is a South Korean television screenwriter.
The show is based on a novel of the same name by Choi Yoo-kyung, which was published on October 28, 2005.
Seo Yoo-kyung started her career as a kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant for 3 years. Her dream is to become an Italian cuisine chef. She eventually works her way up to become a chef. One day, the La Sfera restaurant newly hires Choi Hyun-wook, a chef who went to culinary school in Italy. Upon his arrival, the female chefs are fired one by one and Yoo-kyung finds herself to be the last woman standing. She's fired several times but comes up with ways to be rehired by Choi Hyun-wook. Eventually she's rehired permanently when she wins a blind taste contest. The newly hired president, Kim San hires his friend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young sabotaged his wine by boiling it to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-kyung feels small and insignificant. She gradually develops feelings for the charismatic Hyun-wook. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-kyung and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.
In January 2013, Apink recorded another single with Beast to promote Skoolooks. On January 5, at the AIA K-POP 2013 concert in Hong Kong, the group performed several of their songs along with other Cube Entertainment groups 4Minute and Beast. In April 2013, Hong Yoo-kyung left the group to focus on her studies.
Yoo-kyung is a Korean feminine given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 62 hanja with the reading "yu" and 54 hanja with the reading "kyung" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.
Kim attended Seoul Performing Arts High School along with fellow Apink members Son Na-eun, Oh Ha-young, and former member Hong Yoo-kyung. She graduated in February 2014. In 2015, Kim was accepted to Sungkyunkwan University's Department of Performance Arts.
Yoo Jeong-yeon (Hangul: 유정연) was born as Yoo Kyung-wan () on in Suwon, South Korea. She is the younger sister of actress Gong Seung-yeon. As a child, she was often teased because Kyung-wan sounded like a boy's name. She legally changed her name to Jeong-yeon when she was in the third grade.
The Thorn Birds () is a 2011 South Korean television series shown on KBS2, where one woman forsakes her love and family for her ambition while another woman embraces with love all that the former had left behind. Fates of a bit part actress Seo Jung-eun (played by Han Hye-jin) and a film producer Han Yoo-kyung (played by Kim Min-jung) who chose success are intertwined and resolved gradually as their mutual stories progress.
The bookstore where Dong-jin works is the Kyobo Bookstore near Gangnam Station. The fitness club where Eun-ho works is the Suwon World Cup Sports Center, behind the Suwon World Cup Stadium. The beach where Dong-jin proposed to Eun-ho is in Jeongdongjin. The Grand Hyatt Seoul is where they have their faux anniversary dinner. Dong-jin's wedding to Yoo-kyung takes place on the Hanriver Land Ferry.
Apink (, ; also written as A Pink) is a South Korean girl group formed by Plan A Entertainment (formerly A Cube Entertainment) in 2011. The group consists of Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young. Hong Yoo-kyung left the group in April 2013 to focus on her studies. Apink made their official debut on April 19, 2011, with the mini-album, "Seven Springs of Apink", along with the title track "I Don't Know" (; "Mollayo"). In October 2014, Apink released their first Japanese-language single, "NoNoNo".
In February 2011, Cube Entertainment announced the first trainee for its new girl group, Apink, was Son Na-eun, who was featured in label mate Beast's "Soom" (; "Breath"), "Beautiful" and "Niga Jeil Joha" (; "I Like You the Best") music videos in late 2010. Park Cho-rong, who appeared at the end of Beast's "Shock" Japanese music video, joined next, as the group's leader. A sub-division of Cube Entertainment, A Cube Entertainment is the group's manager. Still in February, A Cube announced Oh Ha-young as the third member. In March, Jeong Eun-ji was introduced as the fourth member on A Cube's Twitter account through a video of her singing a rendition of Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do". Hong Yoo-kyung was similarly announced through an online video where she was playing the piano. The last two members, Yoon Bo-mi and Kim Nam-joo, were introduced through the group's reality show, "Apink News".