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mieko              eisuke              rieko              makiko              miyoko              fumiko              harumi              michiyo              atsuo              yukiko              shinpei              kuniko              etsuko              kiichi              nobuko              tsuneo              yousuke              yasuko              tomonori              takayoshi              katsuo              mitsugu              misako              masako              kazumasa              hisae              fumiya              shozo              hidetaka              masanao              sotaro              ikuko              emiko              seiichiro              takehiro              kayoko              takako              hideko              kazu              yukie              kyoichi              taeko              takahisa              takuji              kazue              masahide              chieko              hiromichi              mayuko              shizue             

Examples of "yoriko"
He was the father of career United Nations staff member Yoriko Yasukawa.
In October 1998, his daughter, Yoriko Asakura, buried some of Fujita's ashes at the bomb site.
He studied singing under the instruction of Yoriko Tanno-Kimmons, who runs a voice studio in Ottawa.
Nyōgo: Fujiwara no Yoriko (藤原頼子) (?–936), daughter of Fujiwara no Mototsune (藤原基経)
Mitsuki Tanimura won Best Supporting Actress at the 2008 Osaka Film Festival for her portrayal of Yoriko Kusumoto.
The group's current line-up consists of synthesizer player and vocalists Wakako Nakajima, Tomoko Fujii, Junko Shiwa, and Yoriko Sano.
Mami Donoshiro and Ai Sugiyama were the defending champions but they competed with different partners that year, Donoshiro with Yoriko Yamagishi and Sugiyama with Kyoko Nagatsuka.
At the end of the summer, Yoriko goes to the town to take Anna home. She gives Anna a photograph of the mansion and says it belonged to Anna's grandmother. When Anna sees Marnie's name written on the back, she realizes that she is Emily's daughter and Marnie's granddaughter, and that Marnie was in fact a ghost. This revelation helps to bring Anna closure about her identity, her unusual blue eyes and most importantly, that she was loved and wanted by her biological family. Yoriko also tells Anna about the government payments for her care, however Anna admits she knew about the payments but now no longer cares about them. For the first time, Anna calls Yoriko her mother. During the end credits, Anna says goodbye to her friends she met in town, before seeing Marnie in the mansion waving goodbye to her, as Yoriko drives Anna back home.
Prince Yoshiaki married Arima Yoriko (June 18, 1852 – June 26, 1914), daughter of Arima Yorishige, the former "daimyō" of Kurume Domain, on November 6, 1869. In 1870, Emperor Meiji assigned him the title of Higashifushimi-no-miya.
She entered politics by running in the 2005 general election for the House of Representatives, in which she was defeated by former foreign minister Yoriko Kawaguchi. She was elected for the first time in the 2007 House of Councillors election.
Notable individuals who were born in and/or have lived in Las Animas include fur trader and rancher William Bent, actor and singer Ken Curtis, and editor and arts patron Mari Yoriko Sabusawa.
Mari Yoriko Sabusawa (July 10, 1920 – September 25, 1994), second-generation Japanese American, was a translator and the third wife of novelist James A. Michener, whom she married on October 23, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois.
He has produced projects for Anri, Mikio Sakai, Yoriko Ganeko, Masako Kawamura, The Voice Project, Kyosuke Himuro, MOON CHILD, Furukawa Ten-sei, Sojiro, harpist Mai Takematsu, Minako Honda and the Yoshida Brothers.
The past contributors for the magazine include: Kenzaburō Ōe, Haruki Murakami and Yoriko Shono. Along with "Shinchō", "Bungakukai", "Subaru" and "Bungei" magazines, "Gunzo" is among the leading thick literary magazines in Japan.
Anna Sasaki is an introverted 12-year-old girl who lives in Sapporo with foster parents, Yoriko and her husband. Anna is distant and unhappy with them, because she finds out that they receive money from the government to take care of her but will not discuss her feelings, leaving her foster parents mystified and worried by her behaviour. One day at school, she collapses from an asthma attack and her parents send her to spend the summer with Setsu and Kiyomasa Oiwa, relatives of Yoriko, in a rural, seaside town where the air is clear, located between Kushiro and Nemuro.
– Following the clash in Yucomo, the United Nations' delegate in the country, Yoriko Yasukawa, said that "the most important thing for us is that they stop the violence as soon as possible. And to remind the authorities that it is their responsibility to stop violence and protect the people."
The Commission is co-chaired by former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans and former Japanese foreign minister Yoriko Kawaguchi. Key goals for the Commission include undertaking preparatory work for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in 2010, including shaping a global consensus in the lead-up to the Review Conference.
An anime soundtrack entitled "Black Cat Original Soundtrack Nikukyu" was released on March 15, 2006 by EMI Music Japan. It contains the anime's background music that was composed by Taku Iwasaki, and the three pieces of theme music used for the series: the opening theme by Yoriko, the first ending theme by Puppypet, and the second ending theme by Ryōji Matsuda.
Michener met his third wife, Mari Yoriko Sabusawa, at a luncheon in Chicago. An American, she and her Japanese parents had suffered internment in camps the US set up during World War II to hold ethnic Japanese from West Coast communities. Michener divorced Nord in 1955 and married Sabusawa the same year. She died in 1994.
He started to exhibit with Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo since 2008. His first exhibition was with Tomoko Kashiki and Manami Koike with the title-`When you switch off your mobile, painting starts to talk eloquently’ in Tokyo which was Curated by Ozawa Tsuyoshi andTsuruta Yoriko.