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susumu_terajima              naoto_takenaka              akira_emoto              takaya_kamikawa              teruyuki_kagawa              takayuki_yamada              masaki_okada              kōichi_satō              jun_kunimura              fumiyo_kohinata              kazuki_kitamura              kirin_kiki              yoshio_harada              yutaka_matsushige              yuriko_yoshitaka              shun_oguri              ren_osugi              ittoku_kishibe              takashi_tsukamoto              hidetaka_yoshioka              shima_iwashita              ken_mitsuishi              keiko_awaji              naohito_fujiki              kiichi_nakai              masahiko_tsugawa              masaya_kato              renji_ishibashi              saki_aibu              tsutomu_yamazaki              kimiko_yo              maki_horikita              ryohei_suzuki              tomorowo_taguchi              takao_osawa              keiko_matsuzaka              tori_matsuzaka              tetsuji_tamayama              masataka_kubota              masami_nagasawa              juri_ueno              shinichi_tsutsumi              mirai_moriyama              hiroki_narimiya              kyōka_suzuki              kengo_kora              katsuo_nakamura              hiroki_matsukata              aoi_miyazaki              mirei_kiritani             

Examples of "yoshino_kimura"
The film's score will be composed by Yuki Hayashi ("My Hero Academia", "Death Parade", "Gundam Build Fighters"). The film's opening theme is titled by Rie Kitagawa while the ending song is titled by Yoshino Kimura.
"Ai o Suru Hito - Orochi's Theme" is Jun Shibata's 17th recut single. It was released on 17 September 2008 and peaked at #13. It was chosen as theme song for the movie "Orochi", starring Yoshino Kimura.
The 1996 Hong Kong film "" directed by Peter Chan features the tragedy and legacy of Teng in a subplot to the main story. The movie won best picture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and at the Seattle Film Festival in the United States. In 2007, TV Asahi produced a TV movie entitled "Teresa Teng Monogatari" () to commemorate the 13th anniversary of her death. Actress Yoshino Kimura starred as Teng.
Jack has fallen in love with Yuri (Yoshino Kimura), the wife of his most valued client, Eiji Saito (Ryo Ishibashi). Despite his deep-rooted fear of the sea, he reluctantly accepts Eiji's invitation to join the couple for a day trip on the Tokyo Bay because he has to work out a difficult legal matter with him. On the trip, Eiji's increasingly erratic behavior begins to worry Jack and Yuri, and finally Yuri reveals that Eiji had married her after his first wife, an emotionally unstable rich woman, had mysteriously disappeared. After some engine trouble, Eiji goes to inspect it and seems to drown. Yuri wants to leave him there, assuming he's dead. Jack, however, wants to try to save him and is appalled that Yuri doesn't want to help. Suddenly, Eiji reappears, soaked and alive. Things become strange when they can't seem to get hold of any of the other boats in the area, despite being in range.
Naoki Shimomura (Kaoru Fujiwara), Student B, becomes a shut-in because he believes he has acquired AIDS from drinking HIV-contaminated milk. He tries to frantically disinfect everything he touches to make sure that his mom will not contract the disease. His mother (Yoshino Kimura), is unaware that he supposedly contracted AIDS and does not understand why Naoki has changed. She notices that Naoki become crazy whenever the new teacher, Mr. Terada (Masaki Oda), known by his students as Werther, visits to try and encourage Naoki to come back to school. After spotting the hidden malicious messages in well-wishes cards from Naoki's classmates, she realizes her son had more involvement in the incident than she previously assumed. Naoki admits to his mother that he intentionally murdered Manami, and that he knew she was alive before he threw her into the pool. Naoki's mother decides to commit murder-suicide to free her son and herself from torment, but in the ensuing struggle, Naoki kills her. The police arrest him for the murder.