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eisuke              tasuku              yumiko              yuuta              fumiyo              yasuaki              etsuko              mieko              ryunosuke              tokiko              shinichiro              michiyo              miyoko              shuichiro              shunichi              kiichi              narumi              ikuko              rieko              machiko              kumiko              harumi              emiko              saeko              sachio              tomonori              hiroto              momoko              takehito              chiharu              suguru              masayo              fumiko              haruko              kyoichi              kuniko              yukie              akemi              mihoko              katsuo              yusaku              mayuko              miwako              chiyoko              ayano              chieko              chinami              sumiko              shizue              misako             

Examples of "yousuke"
Yousuke Nakanishi (born 30 August 1979) is a male badminton player from Japan.
, , and reprise their roles as Yousuke Shiina, Nanami Nono, and Kouta Bitou, respectively.
Yousuke Ichikawa reprises his role as Hikaru from "Mahou Sentai Magiranger".
During his travels, six months prior to the events of "10 Years Later", Yousuke befriends Tenkai and is forced by Bat Ze Runba to attack Space Union Ninja School branches while stealing his teammates' Shinobi Medals. But with his friends' help, Yousuke frees Tenkai and becomes a mentor to the boy.
McKinney is credited in the American dubbed parody of the popular Japanese television series "Kagaku Sentai Dynaman" as the voice of Yousuke, aka Dyna Blue.
is the leader of the team. Though a bit dim-witted Yousuke's courage and determination make up for his slow-thinking. At age 19, he worked at a window cleaning service. He eventually meets up with Shoichiro "Taisho" Tai, a fellow student in the Air Ninja class, who dropped out after seeing that it was not his place to be a ninja and attempted to make Yousuke quit too. But after seeing Yousuke in action, Shoichiro accepts it and wishes his friend good luck. Yousuke almost gets himself killed to provide the vaccine for Ikkou. Long after the Jakanja's defeat, while aiding the Abarangers and then the Gokaigers, Yousuke became a handyman who travels around the world.
The slang term was used at the Singaporean drama The Little Nyonya on Dai Xiangyu's character, Yamamoto Yousuke, but not as an offensive term.
Rina spends a lot of her time going to a club in Shibuya where Yousuke (played by Masaya Kikawada) is the disc jockey with her friends Hiroko (played by Airi Toriyama) and Emi (played by Hatsune Matsushima). (In the opening scene, Rina has "borrowed" Hiroko's boyfriend for sex, infuriating Hiroko.) Yousuke falls for Rina, but her attitude has a feral edge, and they neck but stop short of having sex.
Suruga,Yousuke - is the main character of the story and wielder of bow of suzaku.he unknowingly sacrificed his future for the bow therefore he has only one year to live.
Hotch Potchi is a Japanese boy band group. The band was formed in 2005. Many of the original members quit, including lead singer Yousuke. They were replaced by new members.
Yōsuke, Yosuke or Yousuke (written: 陽介, 陽輔, 陽佑, 洋介, 洋輔, 洋祐, 洋右, 羊介, 葉介 or 庸介) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
Hiroko and Emi then visit Rina in the hospital ward. Hiroko throws away a love letter from Yousuke to Rina that she was supposed to deliver, then claims that she and Emi had three-way sex with him. Emi acknowledges this (even though it is new to her).
Gamaran is written and drawn by Nakamaru Yousuke. It is serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The manga is relatively young, the first chapter being published in May 2009. There are currently a total of 173 chapters, 77 having been released between May 2009 and August 2010. Currently, Gamaran is only available through Japan’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.
The series follows Yousuke Suruga, a high school student, whose body has been merged with the Bow of Suzaku, a legendary weapon, for breaking an ancient Shinto shrine. To save himself and his hometown he uses the Bow of Suzaku against demons.
At the start of the series, Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Yousuke Koiwai, relocate to a new city with the help of Koiwai's best friend, an impressively tall man nicknamed Jumbo. Yotsuba makes a strong impression on the three daughters of the neighboring Ayase family, Asagi, Fuuka, and Ena. Most of her daily activities and misadventures often originate from interactions with these characters.
In the Channel 8 countdown party, Dai Yangtian's role of Yamamoto Yousuke was ranked as one of the Top 8 Most Likeable Male Characters of the year. Jeanette Aw's portrayal of Huang Juxiang and Yamamoto Yueniang also received similar recognition by placing in the Top 8 Most Likeable Female Characters list.
, also known as from the Kakurangers, appears along Yousuke Shiina with the pretense of being the Ninningers' temporary teacher, but their true mission was to prevent Takaharu from being killed by the Yokai Nekomata, as they saw his demise when he was sent to the past 10 years prior.
The music in "GiFTPiA" is provided via the in-game radio known as Nanashi-FM. The musical score was co-composed by Hirofumi Taniguchi and Yousuke Obitsumi and features over a dozen musical artists on the radio stations. The soundtrack was released on July 14, 2003 by Enterbrain alongside the "Giftpia Book", a 99-page full color guide to the game.
It is the sequel to "Cross Gate", a Japanese MMORPG from 2001. The game was developed by Square Enix and Ponsbic, published by Gamescampus, and run by Nexon and OnNet USA. Yousuke Saito was the executive producer, having previously worked on "". The game shares the "super deformed" character style common in manga comics.
is the older brother. His original goal was to raise Ikazuchi as the greatest Ninja school using "it". Learning of the method his father intended Ikkou ingested Girigiri gas to go insane so Isshuu could kill him. Ikkou eventually regains his sanity and refuses to obtain the Evil Will like that ultimately deciding to abandon this goal and focus on his new goal of supporting the Hurricaneger. He develops a friendly rivalry with Yousuke later in the series as well as gaining a mortal enemy in Manmaruba (who implanted a Space Scorpion egg in the man's body for using him to get into Jakanja's ranks). He attempted to have the egg removed from his body with Ramon's aid a secret–even from Isshu. However Ramon could only hinder the hatching until Manmaruba's Mind Wave made it beyond Ramon's skills. Though told a cure may be found in Tibet, Ikkou refused to leave and it nearly killed him as a result; only stopped by Yousuke nearly killed himself to provide an antidote. Ikkou would later kill Manmaruba soon after the Fangerus crisis. Long after the Jakanja's defeat, aiding the Abarangers prior to becoming estranged from Isshu, Ikkou becomes a member of the JunRetsu singing group. During the events of "10 Years Later", Ikkou helps Yousuke remember the good they did together before helping him save Tenkai. After transforming, Ikkou says .