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In 893, she had the occasion to save Zhu's oldest son Zhu Youyu (朱友裕), who was not her son. At that time, Zhu Quanzhong had put Zhu Youyu in charge of sieging Pengcheng, the capital of Ganhua Circuit (感化, headquartered in modern Xuzhou, Jiangsu), then governed by Zhu Quanzhong's rival Shi Pu. Shi repeatedly challenged Zhu Youyu to battles, but Zhu Youyu refused to engage him. When Shi's ally Zhu Jin the military governor of Taining Circuit (泰寧, headquartered in modern Jining, Shandong) made an attempt to relieve the siege in early 893, Zhu Youyu, after defeating Zhu Jin and forcing him to flee, did not give chase. For both of these decisions, Zhu Quanzhong's adopted son Zhu Yougong (朱友恭), who was serving under Zhu Youyu, wrote Zhu Quanzhong secretly and made false accusations against Zhu Youyu. Zhu Quanzhong, in anger, issued a harshly-worded letter to Zhu Youyu's deputy Pang Shigu (龐師古), ordering him to take over the command from and investigate Zhu Youyu. The letter was accidentally sent to Zhu Youyu instead, and when Zhu Youyu received the letter, he feared punishment, so he abandoned his post and fled to Dangshan, to the house of his uncle, Zhu Quanzhong's older brother Zhu Quanyu (朱全昱) to take refuge there. When Lady Zhang heard about this, she persuaded Zhu Youyu to return to Xuanwu's capital Bian Prefecture (汴州) to meet his father. Under her direction, he knelt down and tearfully apologized. Zhu Quanzhong nevertheless seized him and was prepared to execute him, when Lady Zhang grabbed him and tearfully stated herself, "You have left your army and returned yourself to face the consequences. Nothing could show your intentions clearer." Hearing her statement, Zhu Quanzhong understood what she meant and released Zhu Youyu, sending him to govern Xu Prefecture (許州, in modern Xuchang, Henan) instead.
Xu Youyu (, born 1947) is a Chinese scholar in philosophy, a public intellectual, and a proponent of Chinese liberalism.
Youyu () is a county of northwestern Shanxi, People's Republic of China, bordering Inner Mongolia to the north and west. It is under the administration of Shuozhou City.
In 893, with Zhu Quanzhong's son Zhu Youyu (朱友裕) sieging Zhu Jin's ally Shi Pu the military governor of Ganhua Circuit (感化, headquartered in modern Xuzhou, Jiangsu) at Ganhua's capital Xu Prefecture (徐州), Zhu Jin tried to go to his aid, but he was defeated by Zhu Youyu and Huo Cun (霍存) and forced to withdraw.
Elevations are generally higher in the south of the county, in which flows the Cangtou River (); Youyu reaches a north-south extent of and east-west width of . The Great Wall demarcates the northwestern border with Inner Mongolia's Liangcheng and Horinger counties; within the province, Youyu borders Zuoyun County to the east, Shanyin County and Pinglu District to the south.
In 892, Zhu Quanzhong launched another attack on Zhu Xuan, with Zhu Quanzhong's son Zhu Youyu (朱友裕) serving as the forward commander. Zhu Xuan engaged Zhu Youyu and defeated him, forcing him to flee. Zhu Xuan then took over the camp that Zhu Youyu abandoned. When Zhu Quanzhong arrived, he did not realize that Zhu Youyu had fled, and he sent soldiers into the camp with no precautions. Zhu Xuan then attacked, killing a large number of surprised Xuanwu soldiers. Zhu Quanzhong barely escaped with his life, while his deputy military governor Li Fan (李璠) was killed. However, despite this major defeat, Zhu Quanzhong was still subsequently able to defeat Zhu Xuan's and Zhu Jin's ally Shi Pu the military governor of Ganhua Circuit (despite Zhu Xuan's, Zhu Jin's, and Li Keyong's attempts to save Shi), forcing Shi to commit suicide and allowing Zhu Quanzhong to take over Ganhua.
In spring 893, Shi counterattacked and killed Guo Yan at Su Prefecture. With Zhu Jin arriving with an aid force from Taining, Zhu Youyu and another Xuanwu officer, Huo Cun (霍存), engaged Shi and Zhu Jin, defeating them. Zhu Jin fled back to Taining, although Shi subsequently killed Huo in battle. Subsequently, Zhu Youyu again put Xu Prefecture under siege, refusing to engage Shi when Shi challenged him. Zhu Quanzhong's adoptive son Zhu Yougong (朱友恭) thus falsely accused Zhu Youyu of being complicit with Shi and Zhu Jin. Zhu Quanzhong nearly killed Zhu Youyu, but subsequently released him and replaced him with Pang. Pang continued to siege Xu for months and finally captured it. Shi took his family and ascended Swallow Tower (燕子樓), and then set a fire to kill themselves in the fire. Zhu Quanzhong took over Ganhua.
In March 892 Zhu led his army in an attack on Yun Prefecture, giving command of the vanguard to his first son Zhu Youyu. Zhu Youyu's career did not get a promising start with Zhu Quanzhong suffering two defeats due to Youyu's failure to link up with the main army. Despite these setbacks Zhu Quanzhong entrusted his son with an independent command and during the following winter Zhu Youyu captured Tianping's Pu Prefecture and then put Shi Pu under siege at Xu Prefecture. However, when inspector-in-chief (Zhu Quanzhong's adoptive son) Zhu Yougong (朱友恭) charged Zhu Youyu with incompetence after a battle with Zhu Jin, Zhu Quanzhong chose to reassign the army to Pang Shigu. In April/May 893 Pang Shigu captured Xu and Shi committed suicide, eliminating one of Zhu Quanzhong's rivals for dominance of the region. (Because of Zhu Yougong's accusations, Zhu Quanzhong nearly had Zhu Youyu executed, but after intercession by Zhu Quanzhong's wife Lady Zhang, Zhu Youyu was spared.)
Chinese classical gardens varied greatly in size. The largest garden in Suzhou, the Humble Administrator's Garden, was a little over ten hectares in area, with one fifth of the garden occupied by the pond. But they did not have to be large. Ji Cheng built a garden for Wu Youyu, the Treasurer of Jinling, that was just under one hectare in size, and the tour of the garden was only four hundred steps long from the entrance to the last viewing point, but Wu Youyu said it contained all the marvels of the province in a single place.
In summer 890, Zhang Yun (張筠), an officer at Su Prefecture, which had apparently fallen to Zhu Quanzhong earlier, expelled the Zhu Quanzhong-commissioned prefect Zhang Shaoguang (張紹光) and reverted the allegiance to Shi Pu. Zhu Quanzhong, in response, attacked Su Prefecture himself. When Shi Pu tried to aid Zhang Yun by pillaging Dangshan (碭山, in modern Suzhou), Zhu Quanzhong sent his son Zhu Youyu to engage Shi Pu. Zhu Youyu defeated Shi Pu, capturing Shi Junhe in the battle.
Xu Youyu responded to this view that conditions for Chinese intellectuals had been considerably harsher than for East Europeans like Djilas; to be fair, Li should be placed in comparison with other committed but "enlightened" communists like Zhou Yang and Yu Guangyuan.
Cui Yuan (崔圓) (705–768), courtesy name Youyu (有裕), formally Duke Zhaoxiang of Zhao (趙昭襄公), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as a chancellor during the reigns of Emperor Xuanzong and Emperor Suzong.
The Latter Five Poets of the Southern Garden () was a Ming dynasty poetry circle composed of Liang Youyu (梁有誉), Ou Daren (歐大任), Li Minbiao (黎民表), Wu Dan (吴旦), and Li Shixing (李时行). They are generally considered to be the most important Cantonese poets of the sixteenth century.
The Latter Seven Masters () was a Ming dynasty poetry circle composed of Liang Youyu (梁有誉), Li Panlong (李攀龙), Wang Shizhen (王世贞)、Xie Zhen (谢榛), Zong Chen (宗臣), Xu Zhongxing (徐中行), Wu Guolun (吴国伦).
Shun's ancestral name (姓) is Yao (姚), his clan name (氏) is Youyu (有虞). His given name was Chonghua (重華). Shun is sometimes referred to as the Great Shun (大舜) or as Yu Shun (虞舜). The "Yu" in "Yu Shun" was the name of the fiefdom, which Shun received from Yao; thus, providing him the title of "Shun of Yu").
In 128 BC, Consort Wei Zifu gave birth to Emperor Wu's first son, Liu Ju, and was created Empress very soon after. Later that year, Wei Qing, who was now officially a trusted member of Emperor's extended family, led 30,000 cavalries from Yanmen Commandery (雁門郡, modern-day Youyu County, Shanxi), killing thousands of Xiongnu soldiers.
In June 2010, Wang and Xu Zhiyong, Teng Biao, Li Xiongbing, Li Fangping, Xu Youyu and Zhang Shihe (Laohumiao), initiated the "Citizens' Pledge", calling for the awakening and improvement of Chinese citizens' civil rights awareness. This event is usually regarded as the start of the New Citizens' Movement (even though it was prior to the coinage of the term).
In China a higher education institution Shang Xiang was founded by Shun in the Youyu era before the 21st century BC. The Imperial Central Academy at Nanjing, founded in 258, was a result of the evolution of Shang Xiang and it became the first comprehensive institution combining education and research and was divided into five faculties in 470, which later became Nanjing University.
Meanwhile, Shi had sent an army south to capture Chu Prefecture (楚州, in modern Huai'an, Jiangsu), which Zhu had taken over. In summer 892, Yang Xingmi sent his officers Zhang Xun (張訓) and Li Decheng to contend for Chu as well, and they defeated Shi's army and then captured Chu Prefecture, capturing its Zhu-commissioned prefect Liu Zan (劉瓚). In winter 892, Zhang Sui (張璲) the prefect of Hao Prefecture and Zhang Jian (張諫) the prefect of Si Prefecture surrendered to Zhu, leaving Shi only in control of Xu. Zhu Quanzhong had sent Zhu Youyu to attack Tianping's Pu Prefecture (濮州, in modern Heze) earlier, and after Zhu Youyu captured Pu Prefecture around the same time, Zhu Quanzhong sent him to Xu to command the siege against Shi Pu.
Liang Youyu (1521–1556) was a Ming dynasty scholar. A native of Shunde (顺德) in Guangdong province, he completed the Jinshi (进士) level of the Imperial Examination in 1550. He was involved in two well known poetry circles "The Latter Five Poets of the Southern Garden" (南园后五子), and "The Seven Masters" (后七子). His most famous work is Lántīng Cúngǎo (兰汀存稿) (also known as Bǐbùjí 比部集).