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Examples of "yoyoy"
Butse Kik (also spelled as "Butsikik", "Buchikik" or "Abuchikik") is one of Yoyoy Villame's novelty songs widely regarded as one of his hits in the Philippines, and became a radio staple. The song title was originally released by Yoyoy Villame as Vietcong Palagdas performed by Villame with the Embees and the MB Rondalla Band through Kinampay Records.
Elpidio "Yoyoy" Villamin (born November 7, 1958 in Labo, Camarines Norte, Philippines), is a retired Filipino professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association.
With Bobby Parks as import, San Miguel was able to win the conference and the franchise's first in five years defeating the Hills Bros. Coffeemakers, led by the Bruise Brothers Yoyoy Villamin and Ricky Relosa, in five games.
Incumbent Mayor Bartolome (Omeng) Ramos is term-limited; his son, Barangay Captain Raymond (Rejie) Ramos from Barangay Bagbaguin is his party's nominee. Main opponent for the Ramos' bid is former Vice Mayor Russel (Yoyoy) Pleyto.
In 1987, Alaska Milk changed its name to the Hills Bros. Coffee Kings. After Manila Beer's disbandment, the Coffee Kings acquired Yoyoy Villamin to form a bruising tandem with Ricky Relosa, known as the "Bruise Brothers".
Standing 6'3" on a muscular frame, Yoyoy got his nickname because of Filipino singer-comedian Yoyoy Villame as their surnames sounds exactly the same. In the PBA, however, Villamin earned the moniker "Bicolano Superman" because of his strength and ability to dominate on both ends of the court. He played for Solid Mills and later, Asia Pacific Finance Corporation (APCOR) in the MICAA, where he distinguished himself as a valuable "utility man" for being a very good defensive guard, a driving forward and a high-leaping center.
Max Surban (born Maximo Surban, May 15, 1939) is a Filipino singer in mainly in Cebuano language. He has been given the moniker "King of Visayan Song". Like his fellow Visayan, the Bol-anon singer Yoyoy Villame, Max Surban has also become famous for his singing of so-called "novelty songs" which usually have humorous lyrics and may or may not be set to original music. On several occasions, both Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban have appeared together on stage and even recorded together a few albums.
He is of English, Irish, Swedish, Spanish and Filipino heritage and is known to sing in multiple languages and genres. He has supported artists such as Anthony Castelo, Hajji Alejandro, Hannah Villame and the late Yoyoy Villame, on their Australian tours.
Elpidio "Yoyoy" Villamin was awarded Most Outstanding Pro Player of the year for the 1987 season by the Sports and Columnist Organization of the Philippines (SCOOP). Villamin was also named Most Improved Player for the season by the PBA and he made it to the Mythical five selection, placing second to Alberto Guidaben for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) plum.
Plaka Pilipino was a recording company of Vicor Music Corporation from 1970 to 1981. It released work by famous local artists such as Pilita Corrales, Fred Panopio, Victor Wood, Yoyoy Villame, and Didith Reyes. It focused on folk and native music.
Roman Tesorio Villame (November 18, 1932 – May 18, 2007), better known as Yoyoy Villame, was a Filipino singer, composer, lyricist and comedian. Villame was a native of Calape, Bohol and was the father of singer Hannah Villame. He died of cardiac arrest at the Las Piñas Medical Center in Manila on May 18, 2007.
August 9: Yoyoy Villamin produced his first triple-double performance of 20 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists to power Hills Bros. to a 107-103 victory over Great Taste at the start of the semifinal round in the All-Filipino Conference.
Guidaben, still showing some spring in his legs at 55, fired 21 points to lead all scorers in the Carson City contest. Co and Ronnie Magsanoc pumped in 19 apiece with Jojo Lastimosa adding 16, Yoyoy Villamin 11 and Adornado 10. Meneses rattled in 20 points to pace Toyota, which also drew double-digit outputs from Gerry Esplana and Manny Victorino.
July 14: Yoyoy Villamin scored a career-high 44 points as Alaska beats Great Taste in overtime, 135-122, the Airmen now share top spot with San Miguel and Great Taste, which absorbed their second straight loss, with a 4-2 won-loss slate.
Yoyoy Villame, a Boholano, is dubbed as the Father of Filipino Novelty Songs with his "Butsekik" as the most popular. Villame often collaborated with fellow singer, Max Surban. Joey Ayala, Grace Nono and Bayang Barrios are some of the front-runners of a branching musical subgenre called Neotraditional which involved traditional Filipino instruments with modern rhythm and melody.
Lapu-Lapu is remembered by a number of commemorations: statues on the island of Mactan and the Cebu Provincial Capitol, a city bearing his name, and a local variety of red grouper fish. Kapampangan actor-turned-politician Lito Lapid starred in a film called "Lapu-Lapu", and novelty singer Yoyoy Villame wrote a folk song entitled "Magellan" that tells a humorously distorted story of the Battle of Mactan.
Certain names like these have uncertain origin, or perhaps a purely native origin: "Bang", "Beng", "Bing", "Ding", "Ging", "Ting", "Ming", "Ping", "Pepeng", "Leng", "Weng", "Eng", "Yengyeng", "Bong", "Dong", "Pong", "Tintin", "Tingting", "Tonton", "Bingbing", "Bingbong", "Bongbong", "Dingdong", "Popong", "Kiko", "Kokoy", "Kikay", "Kitkit", "Dada", "Jaja", "Jamjam", "Jonjon", "Jigjig", "Jojo", "Cheche", "Chong", "Choy", "Doy", "Loy", "Ninoy", "Noynoy", "Nonong", "Toying", "Toyang", "Yoyoy", "Vicvic", "Taktak", "Bokbok", "Micmac" and many more.
The following year, the ballclub was renamed Manila Beer and they bolstered their lineup through the acquisition of Crispa players Atoy Co, Yoyoy Villamin and Matthew Gaston. On October 1, 1985, three weeks into the Third Conference, Fernandez was traded to Tanduay for Abet Guidaben. Manila Beer made it to the finals for the second time in the 1985 PBA Reinforced Conference but were swept in four games in the best of seven series against guest team Northern Consolidated (NCC).
During his time as the commissioner, the league saw growth from six teams in 1986 to eight teams in 1992. He was also the author of the league's constitution and by-laws. He also implemented rules to keep the balance of the league, one of which is the protected players list, in which any of the following players cannot be on one team; Ramon Fernandez, Abet Guidaben, Manny Victorino and Yoyoy Villamin.
The Coffee Kings squeeze out the best from import Jose Slaughter and Yoyoy Villamin, who scored 34 points, the highest for a local in this conference, to roll back San Miguel Beer. Slaughter refused to succumb to the pressure when the Beermen threatened at 95-98 in the closing two minutes, four straight points from Slaughter and charities by Frankie Lim and Tim Coloso sealed the win, 105-95, with 28 seconds to go.