Synonyms for yueqi or Related words with yueqi

guowei              yingwen              zhengxin              qiuying              qifeng              xueying              shuhai              yufen              xufeng              xiaoyang              pengkai              shaoxuan              haiqi              jianchao              yujian              wenhao              renliang              yinghui              bingjun              leilei              yitang              xiuyun              lianbiao              jiasheng              yafei              jianan              xianying              yanfei              chengliang              xiaobin              zhizhong              guizhen              guisheng              huiqing              shenghao              chengwei              weiqing              wenying              qinan              guobao              benqiang              juezai              yonghao              guoxiang              minyuanyu              shengjun              shouqian              liangying              guoping              jiaqi             

Examples of "yueqi"
Zhao has published over 100 technical papers both at home and abroad so far. He is also the first author of 6 academic books. Zhao has received several honorable and scientific & technological awards for his contributions, among them the Prize for Outstanding Young Scientists of Sun Yueqi Foundation (1994), the Golden Hammer Medal of China Geological Society (1994), National Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (1998), Li Siguang Geological Science Medal (2003), the First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2007), the Prize for Energy Technological Achievements of Sun Yue-qi Foundation (2007), the Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (2009).
Internet discussion of the crime continues since then and became hot topic on major online Chinese communities frequently as a high-profile unsolved case. A hacker who claimed he had hacked into the email account of one of Sun Wei's classmates, revealed communications purporting to be between Sun and several of her classmates, showing Sun Wei was guiding them how to post on forums to declare her innocence and they were preparing for Sun's statement in 2005. Among the Internet users in the discussion, many people speculate that the main suspect has not been charged due to her family connections. Sun Wei's grandfather is Sun Yueqi () who was an important member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference as a senior leader of Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang and her first cousin once removed, Sun Fuling () was deputy mayor of Beijing from 1983 to 1993 and Vice Chairperson of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from 1998 to 2003.
From 1993 to 1995, Zhou Bing made Masters of Chinese Painting (including famous painters such as Zhu Qizhan, Wu Zuoren, He Haixia, Huang Zhou, Zhang Ding, Guan Shanyue, Li Xiongcai, Xie Zhiliu, Wu Guanzhong, Cheng Shifa, Huang Yongyu, Dong Shouping, etc.), Masters of Arts and Crafts (including great masters such as Gao Gongbo, Li Bosheng, Wang Yinxian, Xia Wucailang, Gu Wenxia, Qin Xilin, etc.), and Chinese Scholars (including famous scholars such as Ji Xianlin, Fei Xiaotong, Hu Sheng, Zhang Zhongxing, Ren Jiyu, Yu Qiuyu, etc.). Besides, he directed and produced about a hundred of episodes of Oriental Sons including Bing Xin, Bei Yuming, Chen Ning Yang ( also Yang Zhenning or Frank Yang), Samuel Chao Chung Ting ( also Ding Zhaozhong), Sun Yueqi, Wu Shuqing, Zhou Gucheng, Ye Qiaobo, Li Guoan, Long Yongtu, etc.