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It was announced in mid-June that members Kazuya Kamenashi, Koki Tanaka and Yuichi Nakamaru would star in this year's "Dream Boy" musicals as the leads, shows will commence from September 3 to 25.
Former members Jin Akanishi, Koki Tanaka and Junnosuke Taguchi hosted "KAT-TUN Style" together from April 2006 until March 2012. Yuichi Nakamaru and Tatsuya Ueda hosted "R-One KAT-TUN" every Tuesday from 12am – 12:30am.
Other subsequent performances were on "Utawara" on October 1 and November 26 - the latter being a medley performance of "SIGNAL", "Shorty" and "Understandable" and "Shōnen Club" on November 5, which Yuichi Nakamaru performed alone.
Taguchi Junnosuke also had his own radio show called "Tag-tune driving" and a radio show together with Yuichi Nakamaru called "KAT-TUN no Gatsūn" from April 2012 and ended in March 2016.
Tanaka, Junnosuke Taguchi, Yuichi Nakamaru and Tatsuya Ueda began playing a minute and a half long previews of several tracks of the album on their respective radio shows, "KAT-TUN Style" and "R-One KAT-TUN", from May 21–28, 2008. The songs that were leaked were: "Taboo", "Mother/Father", "Affection: Mō Modorenai", "Hell, No", "Un" and "Distance".
When he was a member of KAT-TUN, he was recognized as the rapper in the group and has a hip-hop-influenced style. Out of the other members, Tanaka was most often paired up with Yuichi Nakamaru and they even formed a comedy duo 'TaNaka'. After leaving Johnny & Associates, Tanaka formed a new rock band, INKT.
Kamenashi and fellow KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka paired up to play the lead roles for the shows held in 2007 and 2008. The pair collaborated once again as the leads for the 2011 shows alongside fellow KAT-TUN member Yuichi Nakamaru. The 2012 shows for the musical began in September, and once again Kamenashi reprised his role as the lead for the musical.
Twelfth single release from KAT-TUN including the song "Going!," theme song of a Japanese TV program, "Going! Sports & News." Regular edition includes a bonus track "Fall Down" and two karaoke tracks. Limited edition A includes a bonus track "Smile" and a bonus DVD with a music video and making-of footage of the single. Limited edition B includes two bonus tracks "I don't miss U" (Koki Tanaka solo) and "Answer" (Yuichi Nakamaru solo). Features alternate jacket artwork.
The mini album "Wedge" was released on November 27, 2013, on J-Storm. The title track "Kusabi" was used as the theme song for the drama "Henshin Interviewer no Yūutsu" starring KAT-TUN member Yuichi Nakamaru and actress Fumino Kimura, while "Gimme Luv" was used in a Suzuki Solio Bandit television commercial. "Kusabi" debuted at the number one spot top the Oricon weekly album chart, selling approximately 168,000 copies in its first week of release. The album is KAT-TUN's seventh consecutive album to achieve number one, putting them in a tie with singer Hikaru Utada for most consecutive album number ones in Oricon chart history.
KAT-TUN members also received a solo track each which they co-wrote themselves, with the exception of Kazuya Kamenashi and Junnosuke Taguchi. The fourteenth track, "You", was not officially released as a single but a music video was shot marking Jin Akanishi's return to the group. The song also served as a theme song to Kamenashi's drama, "Suppli". All rap lyrics featured in the album were also written by Koki Tanaka himself; he also co-wrote his rap verses in "Fight All Night" with Tomohisa Yamashita of NEWS and with bandmate Yuichi Nakamaru for "No Matter Matter".
Regular edition includes two new songs and their instrumental versions. Limited Editions 1 includes "Steps to Love" and "Brand New Day" as B-side songs and comes with a DVD including a promotion video and as well as an original video produced by Yuichi Nakamaru. Limited Editions 2 includes "Connect & Go" as the B-side. Comes with a DVD including a promotion video for "Connect & Go" as well as the music video for Yuichi Nakamaru's solo song. Jacket designs are different between Limited Editions and regular edition.
The single is co-written by SPIN, a frequent songwriter for KAT-TUN who is also known for writing hit singles for Arashi ("Kitto Daijōbu", "Love so sweet", "Pikanchi Double" and "Hero" all reached number 1). The track's music was composed by Shusui, Fredrik Hult, Carl Utbult and additional arrangement was done by Yukihide "YT" Takiyama. The solo tracks featured on the three limited editions are "w/o notice??" (sung by Kazuya Kamenashi), "'" (Junnosuke Taguchi), "LOVEJUICE" (Jin Akanishi), "PARASITE" (Koki Tanaka), "'" (Tatsuya Ueda) and "SMACK" (Yuichi Nakamaru).
"In Fact" is the 22nd single by Japanese boy band KAT-TUN, released in Japan on June 4, 2014, under the label J-One Records. The title track "In Fact" the main theme song for the TV drama series "First Class" starring Yuichi Nakamaru, which premieres April 19. The first-run limited edition and regular edition also contain "Believe In Myself," the theme song for "Going! Sports & News" featuring Kamenashi Kazuya, and the image song for Nippon Television networks Professional Baseball broadcast "Dramatic Game 1844."
, is a Japanese idol, singer, and actor from the Japanese idol group KAT-TUN. Born in Kanagawa in Japan, he joined the Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates in 1998. In March 2006 he debuted as a member of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN and is under Johnny & Associates management. The group's name was an acronym based on the first letter of each member's family name until the departure of Jin Akanishi in 2010, and Koki Tanaka in 2013. Junnosuke Taguchi left the band a well in 2016. After Tanaka's and Taguchi's withdrawal, Ueda took the T's for TaTsuya. As of 2016, KAT-TUN stands for Kazuya KAmenashi, TaTsuya Ueda, and Yuichi Nakamaru. Ueda is very athletic, and his favorite hobbies include Boxing and running.
Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru first performed the song live when they were guests on "Shounen Club" on June 3, 2007. KAT-TUN as a whole went on to debut the song on their own variety show "Cartoon KAT-TUN" on June 6. Other subsequent performances on television include "Music Station" on June 8 and again on June 22. The group also performed "Your Side" during the latter guest appearance. The song was a part of KAT-TUN's 2007 summer nationwide tour set list and can be found on "Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You" DVD which was filmed during their last tour date at the Tokyo Dome. The song was also sung as part of a medley performance on "Music Station" on December 21, 2007.
After he was made a Johnny's Jr. member in 2000, Akanishi was part of a number of groups like Musical Academy Dancing, J2000 and B.A.D., before being drafted into a six-member unit in 2001 with other juniors Kazuya Kamenashi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Koki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru. Though the group was originally meant to only be backup dancers for Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids, the sextet's unexpected popularity led their agency to allow them to expand into a separate group called KAT-TUN, an acronym formed by the first letter of the members' surnames. Despite the group's popularity (they even released DVDs of their live concerts in 2003 and 2005—a first for Johnny's groups that hadn't debuted), they were not allowed to make their bow until five years later in 2006, to immense success.
In July 2007, after five years, Domoto starred as the lead in a drama entitled "Sushi Ōji!". With "kōhai" Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN playing the role of his partner, he played the role of a martial artist training in the art of sushi. In addition, about a month before the release of the drama, it was announced that Domoto would star in the movie sequel to "Sushi Ōji". It was Domoto's first time starring alone in a movie, and his first movie appearance since the 1994 movie "Ienaki Ko". In 2008, it was announced that Domoto would not only reprise his role for the sequel to "Sushi Ōji!", "Ginmaku Ban Sushi Ōji!: New York e Iku", but he would also provide the theme song, marking his first time as a solo artist to sing a theme song for a movie. In April 2008, Domoto's long-running musical "Endless Shock" was awarded the Grand Prize of the 33rd Kazuo Kikuta Drama Awards for theater. Later that month, Domoto traveled to New York City to attend the American premiere of his "Sushi Ōji!" movie, which was screened at the Walter Reade Theatre.
KAT-TUN performed the song live on television for the first time on "Music Station" on November 21, 2008 and returned the week after on November 28 for an encore performance. "M-ste" also invited the group for the third consecutive week on December 5, 2008. The group also performed their song on "Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ" (on December 1), their own variety show "Cartoon KAT-TUN" (December 3) and "Utaban" (December 4). Yuichi Nakamaru paid a visit to "Shōnen Club" on December 14 and performed the song live with NEWS' Keiichiro Koyama and Kanjani∞'s Ryuhei Maruyama as part of a special medley which included "Don't U Ever Stop" and "Lips". The group were invited to perform on NTV's "Best Artist 2009" year-end special on December 16. Other subsequent performances of the song were on the group's own variety show, "Cartoon KAT-TUN", on December 24 and "Music Station" year-end special, Super Live, on December 26 where they sang the song as part of a medley including "Don't U Ever Stop". The last performance of the song in 2008 took place at "Shōnen Club Premium" on December 28.